December 03, 2009

Neo-fascist Jobbik try to gain foothold in UK

Neo-fascist and uniformed Jobbik members on the march
The Hungarian neo-fascist organisation Jobbik intend to spread their racist crap around the Hungarians living and working in England. All anti-fascist organisations should take the necessary steps to ensure that this meeting doesn't take place!

Gloucester Arms Pub
Kentish Town, Leighton Road 59-61, London, NW5 2QH
Telephone: 0871 258 8628
December 6th at 1pm

The details of the meeting are below:
Founding of the British Jobbik Society
On 22nd November a new 'nationalist' group was founded, the 'British Jobbik Society'. Its aim is that Hungarians living in Great Britain 'understand and support the national values and the programme of Jobbik'.

Zoltan Fuzessy - head of cabinet for Csanad Szegedi MEP, International Secretary
Tamas Feher - head of the British Jobbik Association
Tel: (44) 07852 357206

More on Jobbik here and here.


Anonymous said...

Something needs to be done to stop these Eastern Europeans coming in here and stealing our racism!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I bet Nicholas "Cyclops" Gri££in will be speaking at the event.

A chance to egg him from a passing car as he enters the pub, as the police won't be sending many officers to police the meeting.

PG said...

At this first public meeting on Dec. 6th when MEP Csanád Szegedi will speak, the the organisers will collect donations for the banned Hungarian Guard.

( ( /)

As collections will be made for an illegal cause, the police of Great Britain must step in and arrest the fundraisers on behalf of the Hungarian government.

Anonymous said...

Simon Darby is also attending this fascist fundraising meeting!

Anonymous said...

"Its aim is that Hungarians living in Great Britain 'understand and support the national values and the programme of Jobbik'"

I thought one of Jobbik's aims was for all Hungarians to return to the Hungarian homeland and help expand the national boundaries of Hungary (a greater Hungaria). What are Jobbik supporters even doing residing in Britain?

Anonymous said...

LU attacking forgieners never thought l'd see the day .l thought u'd support these migrant workers ? daily mail/LU

Indeed! said...

According to their chat sites and the Hungarian internet radio station "Sszent Radio" they have hijacked to broadcast their propaganda overseas, they are holding the meeting to raise money to resurrect their Hungarian Guard.

The Hungarian Guard were recently banned and made illegal, so the money is most clearly going to be used for illegal terrorist purposes, much like Noraid in the USA during the days of the IRA.

Forget the returning to Hungary idea. Cash-strapped Jobbik now view middle-class Hungarians overseas as a valuable source of funding, as their earnings are far greater than average Hungarian wages.

I thought under recent anti-terror leglislation, funds going to support illegal organisations overseas could be confiscated. If so, the Metropolitan Police can indeed confiscate the funds.

petr said...

szent korona announced 1956 commemorations in London, which began at the very same drinking hole. Sadly Jobbik helped organise these celebrations, hijacking Hungarian Nationalism in the same way as the BNP has hijacked the Union Jack.

The pub is now a hub of both the London Hungarian community and Hungarian fascism, which is extremely worrying.

Anonymous said...

Illegal fundraising event for banned Hungarian paramilitary army...

Notts Stop The BNP said...

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE STOP the BNP (NSBNP) has organised a Unity Rally in Nottingham on 5 December against a planned 'protest' in the city by the nationalist, racist English Defence League (EDL).

Nottingham, Socialist Party members
Where the EDL has reared its head in other cities, it has been opposed by local community activists, trade unionists and anti-racist campaigners.

NSBNP's Unity Rally congregates outside the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham at 10am on 5 December. See for more information

The EDL's claim to be non-racist and only against "Radical Islam" is a cover for whipping up racism against Muslims. Wherever EDL has surfaced, there has been a vile racist atmosphere. Footage exists of anti-Islamic chanting and Nazi salutes, with racist attacks occurring during and around their events.

The Nottingham date chosen by the EDL - 5 December - is also the date of a 'derby' football match in the city and a military parade by an army battalion that recruits in Nottinghamshire.

Socialists within NSBNP oppose the war in Afghanistan and call for all British troops to be brought home, but the NSBNP stress that their rally is against the EDL and not linked in any way to the military parade. The EDL on the other hand repeatedly use the plight of British troops in Afghanistan to try to fuel their racist propaganda, and might do so again on this occasion.

Knowing that they are completely unrepresentative of British society, the EDL have tried to keep their congregation point secret. NSBNP's campaign has included public meetings to build for a large counter-protest.

Unfortunately there have been reports of the police meeting various Nottingham institutions including colleges. The authorities in Nottingham seem to be trying to discourage a counter-protest. The police presence on the day will be boosted by reinforcements from other counties, seemingly to facilitate the EDL's rally and possibly a march.

Some people argue that it is better to ignore the EDL. However, allowing them to organise on our streets would give them confidence to continue their divisive, racist activities. NSBNP is determined to expose and oppose them, by organising a large, well-stewarded, peaceful counter-event.

Local politicians from the main political parties are silent on the EDL's appearance, probably because they have no alternative to offer that would cut across division by raising living standards for all communities of whatever background.

This shows the importance of the Campaign for a New Workers' Party, in raising the urgent need for a political party that can act in the interests of all working class people, including by taking a lead in opposing the far right.

IN LINE with its policy of opposing all racist and fascist events, Nottinghamshire Stop the BNP aims to show by strength of numbers the extent of community and working class opposition to events organised by far-right organisations.
The group plays a major role, working with local residents, in organising against the BNP's annual 'festival of hate' in neighbouring Derbyshire.
The group successfully stopped BNP leader Nick Griffin speaking in Kimberley in 2007 by mobilising large numbers outside the meeting hall.

peewee said...

Brainless BNP troll said: "LU attacking forgieners never thought l'd see the day .l thought u'd support these migrant workers ? daily mail/LU"

Get an enema, Mister Brainless Troll!!!

Anonymous said...

"Simon Darby is also attending this fascist fundraising meeting!"

Won't it be conducted in Hungarian? It will be like watching a foreign movie without the subtitles.

billy said...

If Simon Darby's undercover MI5 agent as NNW believe, he's probably well versed in foreign languages.

Raymond said...

>LU attacking foreigners never thought l'd see the day .l thought u'd support these migrant workers ? daily mail/LU<

It is fine attacking them (Jobbik members and not all Hungarians) on their own "values". If they believe the Roma don't belong in Hungary despite having a presence there for centuries I don't see a problem in booting them out.

Same sort of hypocritical views of some BNP members who live on the Spanish coast probably speaking limited Spanish then complain about Britain being over run with immigrants.

Surely any immigrant (Hungarians in UK or British is Spain) should be able to empathise with other immigrants who have gone in the other direction?

DisgustedOfTunbridgeWells said...

I thought we had the shittest nazi's.....

"What are Jobbik supporters even doing residing in Britain?"

Same thing far right brits are doing in Spain and the US I'd imagine.

Anarchist said...

One of the most prolific UK internet racists on You Tube calls himself £Charliebigspudz".

He is a leading BNP, a seasoned football hooligan, and a EDL organiser, and likes to use highly offensive racist language such as the word p*ki, and posts racist videos on YouTube, urging EDL supporters to vote BNP.

Hopefully Searchlight and Antifa can track this loser down as he is a hub of UK racism on YouTube, and a serious link between the EDL and the BNP.

wogerino said...

Speaking of immigrants, the BNP has a couple of South African IMMIGRANTS as prominent members. It should be noted that 99.9% of South Africans residing in the UK, white or otherwise, are essentially ECONOMIC MIGRANTS given the significant wage gap between the 2 countries. An educated middle class white South Afican earns less on average than someone working as a menial labourer in the UK. A certain Arthur Kemp of the BNP alledgedly worked as an ILLEGAL ALIEN under an ASSUMED NAME for some time in the USA where he received a monthly payment of $1500 from the National Alliance for writing for their magazine. Apparently Kemp did not have a valid Work Visa and none of this revenue was reported as income to the IRS.

Raymond said...

Even in the mainstream media terminology is highly political and loaded. "Immigrant" is reserved for East Europeans and non whites coming to UK or even those who've been there generations and born there.

West Europeans or from the White Commonwealth as "ex pats" as are white Brits going in the opposite direction. Whites who are not "indigenous" but have live somewhere for generation are called "settlers". i

As much as the BNP and right wing media try and say its all about immigration- it isn't its about race.

Anonymous said...

Jobbik will have a campaign session in the UK: February 28th,
13.00 in London,
King's Head Pub(Acton Town, 214 High Street Acton, London W39NX)
Invited speaker is MEP Krisztina Morvai. see her website