December 03, 2009

Residents hit back at BNP's Wembley video

Brent residents have helped to make a film hitting back at the British National Party for using Wembley as an example of how Britain's immigration policies have failed.

The video was uploaded on to YouTube last week after the South Wales BNP uploaded its own clip, called The True Face of Immigration, using shots of black and Asian people shopping in Wembley High Road. Last week community leaders, religious figures, Brent residents and even the Football Association condemned the BNP's video, which criticises the borough's cultural diversity.

In response Barry Gardiner, Labour MP for Brent North, arranged for neighbours to come together and make their own film. During the video, residents praise Wembley for being culturally vibrant and say how proud they are of their community.

Mr Gardiner said: "It was fantastic. We got a whole host of people involved - a 70-year-old Arsenal fan who has lived here all his life, an RAF pilot, writer and former broadcaster Pauline Webb, and Aisha Benn-Hoda, whose father set up the Muslim Welfare Association in Ealing Road. Aisha spoke very powerfully about how she felt about the video. It was really good to see the community coming together. It doesn't matter what your background is, we value each other in Wembley and its diversity, which we are very proud of."

The BNP video first came to light when a member of the public noticed it on YouTube and contacted Mr Gardiner. Mr Gardiner spoke about the footage in Parliament, describing it as the single most revolting and disturbing thing he had ever seen as a constituency MP. The Football Association, now based at Wembley Stadium, also called for the clip to be removed.

But John Walker, a spokesman for the BNP, told the Observer: "There would be little point in us challenging a seat in Wembley because as far as we are concerned places like that are completely lost, but quite honestly he [Barry Gardiner] can keep it. It is not part of Britain."

Harrow Observer

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