December 20, 2009

Christmas chaos hits BNP (again) as Chris Jackson and Mike Easter resign

As one of our readers commented the other day, Christmas seems to be a difficult time for the BNP. It was pointed out that 2007 saw the end of the then high-flying career of Sadie Graham and many others, while 2008 saw the chaos that followed the release of the full BNP membership list.

This year seemed to be following the same pattern, though in a less focused way, with the sudden resignation of Alby Walker as leader of the BNP group at Stoke Council, Dicky Barnbrook's embarrassingly poor apology for being a liar, the laughably appalling accounts (which earned the party a £1100 slap on the wrist for tardiness) and a threat of future legal action from the Electoral Commission, plus a swathe of dreadful by-election results.

Now however, things seem to be coming to a head with the resignations of former contender for the BNP leadership (in a rigged election that he couldn't possibly win) Chris Jackson (pictured), his former campaign manager Mike Easter and someone named Kev Bryan, who was apparently the Rossendale Branch Organiser. The resignations are announced in an open letter posted on the mostly defunct jackson4leader site:
'Disbandment of reform Group

What is the point of the BNP if you admit foreigners?

Sadly we have come to the conclusion that the BNP is breaking up and there is no practicable likelihood of it recovering.

In our opinion the root cause of the failure is the Constitution of the Party. The Constitution, that is the Party Rules, makes the Party Leader a dictator. The current leader rather than reforming the Constitution toward that of a normal English association has (probably illegally) made alterations to the Constitution making his removal virtually impossible.

The Party is now a nationalist party in name only and has abandoned many of the fundamental principles on which it was founded.

A further major problem is that of money. Under the Constitution, all money is controlled by the Party Leader. The Party Leader appoints the Party Treasurer and Party Auditor. The Leader has carte blanche to dispose of the funds as he pleases.

This has never been a satisfactory situation, and now that the Party is alleged to be turning over a million pounds a year, is nothing short of a scandal. There have been four different Treasurers this year and the 2008 accounts are way overdue. The Party has been fined by the Electoral Commission for late publication of accounts. This is a re-run of last year when the accounts were also late and when published were endorsed by the Auditor as unsatisfactory.

A separate, but related, issue is the Trafalgar Club. This Club raises money directly to support the Party Leader. No accounts for this club have ever been published and they have not been appended to the Party accounts, as clearly they should be.

We recommend that no further money be sent to ‘Head Office’.

Whilst the BNP has been going downhill, the National Front has reformed itself and now is led by a group of reliable people and has the Constitution of a normal democratic association. Consequently, we believe that BNP members should transfer to the National Front.

Mike Easter
Chris Jackson
Kevin Bryan'
Regular readers will no doubt remember Jackson's failed leadership challenge back in the summer of 2007. Although resoundingly beaten, the results were not quite what Nick Griffin apparently expected, with Griffin himself receiving a mandate from only 39% of the party membership. Were I Jackson, I would regard that outcome as something of a success in itself - it showing the lack of confidence in Griffin that truly exists even in the BNP. However, rather than follow-up the one successful aspect of his challenge, Jackson chose to keep his head down and say nothing very much for the next two years.

So why resign now? The main reasons are made pretty clear in the letter above - the action by the Equality and Human Rights Commission to force the BNP to open its membership to non-whites and the financial shenanigans of the party leadership, though we suspect the former is the real reason and the latter is just a handy and always-relevant sideswipe at the morally-impaired Griffin.

It was pretty clear from the moment the EHRC began its action, that there would be repercussions from the hardcore racists in the BNP - one of whom is obviously Chris Jackson. There is though a lot of support for Jackson's views within the party and as Searchlight pointed out during his leadership bid, his campaign was backed by some heavy-hitters: five founder-members, two advisory council members, three councillors, eight branch organisers and 20 election candidates came out openly in his support.

There are mixed immediate reactions to the resignations, though I don't doubt we can expect a LOT more. Griffin-loyalists are, naturally, critical of this trio's announcement and stated intention to join the National Front. One surprisingly witty nazi on Stormfront said;
'The NF may have a name, although like a cheap can of Polish beans, they have a fancy label but the product inside is cheap and of little nutritional value.'
The response was less witty, though rather more cogent;
'Ever since June, which was supposed to have been the BNP's moment of greatest triumph, its members and supporters have been simply walking away. Last month, Andrew Brons spoke at a long-planned meeting in Bridlington which attracted fewer than thirty people, even though BNP members had travelled from as far away as Scarborough, Hull and Leeds to attend. If even a MEP and nationalist of AB's calibre can't draw the crowds anymore something is seriously wrong.'
Over at the North West Nationalist blog, the statements were a little more terse;
'The root cause is traitor Griffin !'
'Fingers in the till anyone?'
'Only surprised it took CJ as long as it did to pack it in.'
The NWN forum was a little more informative;
'I rather think that there will be a bit of a deluge over to the National Front here in the North West.'
'Croydon BNP branch has crossed to the NF, and a large group in Southampton joining next week Strong rumours of Stoke BNP and councillors from other branches crossing over to the NF.'
'I do know that both Burnley BNP & Halifax BNP are quite close to Chris Jackson'
'We must leave crook Griffin with the rubbish personnel.'
Like everyone else, I do enjoy a good disaster movie over Christmas - and the BNP generally provides the best. It's a bit late this year but what the hell - I suspect this one will be a biggie and just as much fun to watch as all the others.

Compliments of the season to all our readers and happy viewing. :-)


Jonesy said...

Here we go again....

The BNP - the party of complete and utter fucking chaos!

Anonymous said...

Interesting that these racist twats refer to the BNP as a "English association". It seems that these now ex-BNP members considered the BNP to be an English organisation for White English people only to the exlcusion of the Welsh, Scottish and people of Northern Ireland/Ulster.

Father Christmas said...


Jo said...

"Compliments of the season to all our readers and happy viewing. :-)"

And the same to all at Lancaster Unity. :)

Anonymous said...

"Last month, Andrew Brons spoke at a long-planned meeting in Bridlington which attracted fewer than thirty people"

LOL They should try advertising a meeting WITHOUT Andrew Brons. I bet more than thirty would attend.

Anonymous said...

Members are leaving the bnp in droves due to Simon Darby holding all the key positions in the bnp. including treasury! He is paid from 3 different jobs within the party and it bloody stinks of fraud. Members are demanding to see the accounts.

eastcoastsnowflake said...

The Bridlington BNP group is led by Brons old mate from the National Front, Mr Gary Pudsey and his sidekick Peter Spinks. Both of whom are proper racists and proud of it. Pudsey was on the rebels list last time around, i expect he'll do the same again.From the chatter in the local pubs in Bridlington UKIP appear to be taking away the bnp vote.

NewsHound said...


Anonymous said...

Most of the BNP are pissed off with Griffin at the moment even those on the advisory council. Things such as using BNP staff, transport and money to move his belongings to his new home in Brussels really do not settle well. Continual blunders such as question time are like a kick in the teeth to members on the ground.

Anonymous said...

Ex Halifax BNP councillor Richard Mulhall is about to switch to the NF

iliacus said...


"Members are demanding to see the accounts"

Aren't we all !!!!

Iliacus said...

'Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house
Not a creature was stirring
Except BNP members walking away in disgust!

Happy Christmas to all at, and on, LU - Ketlan, Denise, Atreus, Tulip, Irish Tony, Old Sailor and all the rest of the crew.

And wishing a Miserable New Year to fascists and racists where'er you may roam!

Anonymous said...

According to Lee Barnes, Tom Holmes of the NF resigned yesterday.

Essex BNP said...

"Ex Halifax BNP councillor Richard Mulhall is about to switch to the NF"

That's correct. That's not all. Major disappointment in BNP in this region with Griffin's "lack of backbone" they call it. I;ve also heard from a very reliable source that last weekend a meeting in SE was attended by several of the December 2007 rebels plus some of the recently sacked officials. Robertson, Blake, Mackenzie are all ready to spill beans on Griffin's dodgy dealings but have several court actions and employment tribunals to sort out first. No new party is planned but if this faction which includes some of the most adept and able former movers and shakers in the BNP joins the NF the BNP will be losing deposits where there candidates face NF rivals.

The fash vote will be split, good for us and maybe thats what Griffin wantsjust so he keep his snout in the Euro trough.

Anonymous said...

"According to Lee Barnes, Tom Holmes of the NF resigned yesterday."

Yes, according to the stupid vile racist gobshite Lee Bonkers Brain Dead twat there are alien craft hovering over Medway towns.

Anonymous said...

"The Bridlington BNP group is led by Brons old mate from the National Front, Mr Gary Pudsey and his sidekick Peter Spinks"

Well here's a fact. That ugly scarface git from Morley Chris Bevlery who is Brons's research assistant is a best mate of Pudsey. He was at their wedding. Small world and small brains and all that.

Anonymous said...

Gary Pudsey

The Bridlington Organiser with Skrewdriver tattoos on his arms

A reader said...

I just saw this on NW Nationalists site

"chris turner coventry gone
alex sproule lichfield gone"

I've never heard of these characters but I thought the info might be useful.

Anonymous said...

Chris Turner from Coventry quit a while back after the photos of the BFF appeared in Alwyn Deacons pub.

Turner has told everyone who would listen how disgusted he was that Deacon allowed this to happen.

Anonymous said...

The Bridlington Organiser with Skrewdriver tattoos on his arms

Thats him. Aggressive painter and decorater with union jack on his van. The Brdilington anti fash would love more dirt on him. The BNP are seen selling the vof quite often, and Nick Cass holidays there.

Anonymous said...

Alby Walker is still a councillor in Stoke.

Anonymous said...

Hang on a minute, I happen to know that MEPs have generous moving expenses at beginning and end of their term.
They used also to have 'resettling' and all sorts of other allowances too.
Could Griffin have hired cheapo BNP transport for his stuff and claimed full moving allowances?
I think we should be told.

Anonymous said...

"Could Griffin have hired cheapo BNP transport for his stuff and claimed full moving allowances?
I think we should be told."

Keep digging, you are nearly there.

Anonymous said...

"Keep digging, you are nearly there."

Why don't you just give LU any details you have?

In any case, my guess is that he used the Truth Truck.

Mike said...

"Keep digging, you are nearly there."

Don't be a tease. Tell all.

Barbara said...

MEPs do get moving and resettlement allowances, children's education, travel and other grants too, but I believe that movers have to be accredited movers.
That is, various movers present tenders to the EU, and out of the many a few are accredited.
I doubt the Lie Lorry is registered with the accredited, but Griffin may have found a way around this detail.

Anonymous said...

"'Croydon BNP branch has crossed to the NF"

Is this true? Croydon used to be an important branch in the old NF and the BNP up until the end of the 90's.

"According to Lee Barnes, Tom Holmes of the NF resigned yesterday."

This has the ring of truth about it. It seems Holmes was wearing out his welcome and Ian Edward of Hillingdon (ex-old NF and BNP until he was kicked out by Griffin) may get the top slot in the new NF.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if the NF will stand in Barking next year?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

To the guy who said Northern Ireland/Ulster you are wrong it is not Ulster. Ulster has 9 counties three under the rule of Eire and six under GB.