December 25, 2009

Happy Christmas to all our supporters!

An extremely Happy Christmas to all of our supporters who celebrate it and our very best wishes to those who don't. Whichever you are, let's all look forward to a great (and peaceful) 2010 for everyone. Special thanks from us here at Lancaster Unity to all our friends, fellow writers and readers who have contributed to our success and our phenomenal growth during 2009. Your help and support has been very much appreciated.

We've got a busy and boisterous 2010 ahead of us what with a pile of local council elections coming up - to say nothing of a General Election - so we're taking a couple of days off.

Enjoy the holiday! We'll see you again on the 27th!

Love to all (except the BNP)
All at Lancaster Unity


Jamie Samuel Short said...

Happy Christmas LU and everyone else who comments and contributes!!

I will raise a pint or two to anti fascism today :)

Pete Green said...

Happy Christmas to all at LU. Have a good and relaxing couple of days people.

Barbara said...

Thanks to all the Unity teams for all your hard work.

Merry Christmas, Jolly Winterval and a Happy New Year to all of hope and good will.

NewsHound said...


fighthefash said...

Merry Xmas to all who use this site. To the site runners/poster thanks for posting some great invaluable information about what the trolls are doing.

Jamie Samuel Short said...

@ Newshound

It's Christmas, I think you deserve some time off :)

Anonymous said...

seize fire today.

Anonymous said...

Love to all (except the BNP)

Does that mean you love us at blood & honour, arrr bless ya.

Anonymous said...

The BNP are DOOMED this time of the year most members are due to renew membership. Big problem very very few members are renewing and demand that Darby and Griffin must fuck off before they put another penny in the party. They are the biggest pair of thiefs going.

irishtony said...

I just had an idea for a Christmas money making scheme.

Find a bunch of impressionable people,tell them they will be a minority in their own country soon,tell them they are saving their country,tell them they are "our" last chance and then set up a pseudo political party and insist these new found vulnerables should give you as much money as possible

What a feckin great idea I am so glad no one else has ever thought of it!!

You guys and all the contributors are the best


Jo said...

Best wishes to all at LU and all anti-fascists everywhere!

Anonymous said...

Hi, sorry its a wee bit late, but, they, (the family) hid computer.

So I hope all good friends on here had a great day yesterday, and are takking it easy today.

And just in case my Best wishes to All for a Great New Year


UK Fightback said...

Merry Xmas and thanks for all your great work LU :)