December 02, 2009

Salutes at BNP event 'racist act'

Nazi salutes given by two men to people protesting against a British National Party festival were a hostile act referring to genocide, a judge has found

Deputy District Judge John Miller made the point as he found Saville Davies and Hayden Gough guilty of racially aggravated harassment yesterday. He accepted that the pair were provoked by protesters at the party's annual Red, White and Blue festival, in Denby. But he said the salutes could not be seen as anything other than hostile towards the non-British and non-white people and "those associated with them" in the 1,000-strong protest group.

He said: "It (the Nazi salute) is a reference to Nazi party dogma, which, as we know, involved racial discrimination to the most extreme degree – that is genocide based on race."

Southern Derbyshire Magistrates' court heard how, on Saturday, August 15, an argument started when protesters passed a small group of people in Codnor-Denby Lane as they walked away from holding a rally near the festival entrance. Between 10 and 15 people, including Davies, 25 and Gough, 18, were asked to move out of the way by police as the protesters approached.

When the protesters arrived Davies, who had a shaved head and was wearing braces and jeans, said he got into an argument with a man he believed threatened his son. The court heard how protesters shouted slogans like "Nazi scum" and "Master race you're having a laugh" and threw objects such as fruit. Davies, who was on his way to the festival at the time, said, as he moved away, the taunts got louder and he turned to give a Nazi salute.

Gough, who claimed he was following the protest "to get his face on TV", said he gave three Nazi salutes when interviewed by police.

Both were caught on CCTV taken by a police surveillance team. Davies was arrested at the scene and Gough was arrested later that day after officers had studied the pictures. In September, Davies and Gough pleaded not guilty to racially aggravated harassment. Yesterday, they pleaded guilty to behaviour causing harassment alarm or distress but continued to deny it was racially aggravated. They were found guilty of the earlier charge.

Both said they were not members of the BNP but Davies said he been to one party meeting. Davies, of Holywell Avenue, Codnor, was ordered to pay a fine and costs totalling £315, and Gough, of Church Street, Riddings, £390. Both were bound over to pay £250 if they caused harassment, alarm or distress to the public again within two years.

Derby Telegraph


Paul said...

Why the merry fuck did the EDL nazi saluters get away with it lock, stock and barrel when they were caught on camera, and very often were seen by police and not arrested?????

B said...

What a pair of tossers.

Adam B said...

"Both said they were not members of the BNP"

"Davies, who was on his way to the festival at the time"

Funny, that. You can't get into the Red, White and Blue unless you're a fully paid-up member.

Anonymous said...

"Funny, that. You can't get into the Red, White and Blue unless you're a fully paid-up member."

True but they were ordered to deny being members if they were asked. That's standard for anyone in the party who is nicked.

Anonymous said...

"Both said they were not members of the BNP"

Has anyone checked the membership list?

Anonymous said...

"Has anyone checked the membership list?"

Have you?

irishtony said...

They are both members

NewsHound said...


Very Puzzled said...

Following that EDL story in the Nottingham newspaper are dozens of neo-nazi troll postings supporting the EDL, which all seem to have the worst ever spelling from so-called "defenders of England" who obviously can't speak the native language: -

(check out the bullshit pro-EDL posts for yourself)

Does anyone know why fascist scumbags can't usually spell?

Is it par for the course with the far right?

I was just wandering?

Anonymous said...

One of the pro-fascist posts on

"EDL have every right to be there relegion extreamists is there target audience especially if it is them who are being allowed into the country or who can be send away why should they be allowed to breath the queens air"......

It makes me giggle how extreme English nationalists just can't speak bloody English themselves.



Anonymous said...

You have to be thick to be a typical fascist or football hooligan. It's written in the job description!

Anonymous said...

The EDL was co-founded by BNP activists Chris Renton and David Cooling, NF activist David Tull, a self-confessed former drug-dealer called Paul Ray (who openly expresses support for UVF murderer and former Nazi rock guitarist Johnny "Mad Dog" Adair) and a convicted football hooligan called Jeff Marsh, who was jailed for STABBING two Manchester United fans.

EDL work in close alliance with a website called Casuals United, set-up by Jeff Marsh. Casuals United organised "Welsh Defence League" demos in Swansea - where they chanted "BNP, BNP, BNP" and were shown in The Daily Mail giving Nazi salutes and burning an anti-Nazi flag, and in Wrexham - where their demo was attended by skinheads Liam Pinkham and Mike Heaton from the openly Nazi "British Freedom Fighters" gang - who admitted on Stormfront that in the EDL Wrexham group they recognised supporters of the Nazi terror group Combat 18.

Anti-Nazi Harrow

Preston Man said...

From the casuals united website, the neonazi EDL plan to march in Preston next year:

"December 5th sees the EDL travelling to Nottingham and December the 13th sees the group Stop Islamification of Europe return to Harrow. Our lads are free to support these events if they see fit.

In the new year demos will be announced in various South Coast towns, Plymouth, Portsmouth and Southampton are likely due to massive support we have in these towns.

More northern demos also planned, with a return to Brum likely, also Stoke, Preston, Oldham, Bradford, Newcastle, Sunderland and Hull being discussed. See this site and the Facebook groups for details as announced".

Why Preston???

Gord said...

The nazi troll comments on the Nottingham newspaper website are getting worse and worse. Sadly the far right rule the roost when it comes to logging into the internet to post multiple identity comments in favour of fascist groups such as the BNP or EDL.

Anonymous said...

"Funny, that. You can't get into the Red, White and Blue unless you're a fully paid-up member."

Oh yes you can. I got in this year, and last, and im not a paid up member


Raymond said...

Preston Man-

Suppose the surrounding areas of Preston have a Muslim population but one I can't understand on the list is Plymouth which has few minorities of any kind. These type of protests are made in order to intimidate local muslims in order to get a retaliation surely?