December 08, 2009

Racism among white supremacists is getting worse, John Denham to warn

Anti- BNP demonstrators protest against the appearance of
BNP leader Nick Griffin at the BBC Centre in London in October

Racism among white supremacist groups in Britain’s towns and cities is getting worse, a Cabinet minister will warn today

John Denham, the Communities secretary, will give warning that Muslims are not the only group which can breed extremism. Pointing to recent convictions of white supremacists, and a broader rise in overt racism, Mr Denham will say: “It is important that local Muslim communities do not feel that are being singled out if other forms of extremism are a threat in the area”.

The Home Office has already been developing a new programme, called Channel, to support young people who at risk of being drawn into white racist violence. But speaking in Birmingham today, Mr Denham will unveil a new £5million fund to deal with the spectre of rising white racism. He will say that every local area country should, where necessary, have a comprehensive strategy for tackling all forms of extremism, including, particularly white racist extremism.

The warning comes amid growing evidence of racial tension against ethic minorities by whites. Last month it was claimed that white supremacist gangs with names like The Aryan Brotherhood were building up support in British jails.

In September a neo-fascist dubbed the 'tennis ball bomber’ was jailed indefinitely at the Old Bailey today for plotting a terrorist campaign for white supremacy. In August, an American white supremacist was stopped from entering the country to attend a British National Party festival in Derbyshire, after the UK Border Agency said it believed his presence could stir up racial tension.

The BBC also came under fire in October for giving a platform to Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, on the BBC television’s panel show Questiontime.

The cash announced by Mr Denham today will be in addition to the Home Office’s Prevent strategy which targets extremism among Muslim communities through local councils, schools, community groups and police. The Communities Secretary will tell a conference of 1,000 Prevent workers to “completely reject accusations that Prevent is spying on Muslim communities” and insist that the strategy can only work if it is supported by local Muslim groups.

He will say: “Any programme that is surrounded by suspicion or misunderstanding simply will not work. Despite the significant progress and achievements that have been made in the first year of the programme, controversy, criticism and lack of clarity have unnecessarily limited its effectiveness."



Anonymous said...

He needs to do something about the EDl. They might be a joke, but just like cannabis can lead you onto harder drugs, so the EDl can lead young people onto Combat18 or aryan groups.

rOn said...

From the NNW forum: -

"OK we ARE National Socialists but if this is being used against us all the time, then we have to accept reality.
Mandelson only had to add New to Labour to con the electorate.
Why not call ourselves the New Conservatives? We are still National Socialists BUT the two words New and Conservatives do not readily lend themselves to being associated with Nazi like National Socialism.
Play them at their own game?"

So the British far right, in secret DO ADMIT THEY ARE NAZIS but prefer to pretend they are not, whether BNP/EDL/NF or BPP!

Anonymous said...

Ebanks is back posting on the NNW forum, by the way, not that anyone cares less.

Anonymous said...

Ebanks is back posting on the NNW forum, by the way, not that anyone cares less.
Why mention it then you twat.

NewsHound said...


George said...

I just saw the case about the Liverpool Hotelier and Sharon Vogelenzang and his wife who are in court charged with racially abusing the muslim woman on the BBC and noticed a protest by a far right Christian group

The lorry this group were using was the fuckin' lie lorry with yellow christian extremist banners!

Did you see this news report, Ketlan?

The Vogelenzangs are receiving supprt from Tierney, as well as the Christian Institute

Who are the Christian Institute, have they a link to the BNP, and why the merry fuck are they using the Lie Lorry?

Are the Christian Institute the (non-violent) Chrstian version of Al Quaida???

I'm sure they have been in the news before defending homophobia.

bloo said...

Didn't Eric The Fish write something about this group who are active in Liverpool?

Raymond said...

To be honest I disagree hate laws being used for cases like this. It doesn't seem any harm was meant or they are trying to brand all Muslims as violent which would be right to prosecute.

The religious hate laws should be mainly directed at stopping the EDL as it is obvious when they are against Muslims and Islam they are against brown people of any faith and are just using religion as an excuse to bypass race hate laws and go on these marches.

Cases like this will give more ammo to the BNP and maybe get some on the conservative end of Christianity to join them. Looney right wing Christians might be in a minority here but the worry is that they can mobilise large funding from the USA.

Not Religious said...

It sounded nasty and malicious that the hoteliers gave the woman claimed she freceived, but obviously we don't know if the couple are guilty or not. What we do know is that hardline Christians are trying to prejudice the outcome of the trial making full use of Dowson's Lie Lorry.

We are a secular country, thank goodness!

Anonymous said...

bloo said...
Didn't Eric The Fish write something about this group who are active in Liverpool?
....................Yes they are made up of Tramere Rover fans they call themselves "THE GREAT WHITES" nut jobs linked up with EDL.

Anonymous said...

Was the truck used the national Lie Lorry or Tierney's Land Rover driven Trailer which frequents Liverpool. I suspect it would be the latter but if the original poster could confirm what he saw.

Their is also a suspicion that the BNP use this hotel for meetings, and they are supporters if not members of the BNP.