December 05, 2009

Violence erupts at anti-Islam demo

Violent clashes have erupted between police and members of the English Defence League (EDL) during a city centre protest. Some 500 demonstrators from the EDL, many of whom had been drinking all morning, marched through Nottingham shouting: "We want our country back."

The hundreds of officers, many of whom had been drafted in by Nottinghamshire Police, surrounded the rally. Officers mounted on horses were forced to keep back some of the demonstrators with batons while some constables had dogs to try and contain the violence. Many of the demonstrators had their faces covered with hooded tops and scarves and shouted: "Allah, Allah, who the f*** is Allah?"

Other protesters had Union Jacks and St George's flags which they either waved or wrapped around their shoulders as a police officer barked instructions at the crowd from a helicopter circling overhead. Some of the group waved placards which read: "Protect Women, No To Sharia" and "No Surrender".

The English Defence League claims it is not a racist organisation, has no links to the BNP and is simply standing against the threat of Islamic extremism. A spokesman said they had planned the demo for Saturday as the Second Battalion the Mercian Regiment was holding a homecoming parade in Nottingham following a recent tour of Afghanistan. Adding to the police workload, Unite Against Fascism decided to hold a counter protest.

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Anonymous said...

Why was JD Wetherspoon PLC more than happy to allow the EDL fascist thugs to get drunk not just inside but in the streets outside the pub, when drinking in the streets of nottingham is illegal?

Also, only four arrests?

Bet if they ad been G20 anarchists instead of nazis, they would have arrested far more people.

pingpingping said...

Well done EDL, dwspite all of the bullshit troll comments on the website, you have shown yourself to be just the rabble of violent nazis we all knew you area.

Hope some photographers have some pictures of the EDL doing salutes to their beloved Adolf Hitler in Notingham.

Anonymous said...

Static march my blessed arse!!!!!!!

Police and local authorities ought to be given special powers to ban EDL events on the grounds of both public safety and protection against racial and religious incitement.

Come on Gordon Brown.

Do something about the EDL!

Len said...

I hope Kelway and chums are lumped with a policing bill for millions of pounds for their violent fascist marches.

Anonymous said...

A lot of news reports including the Daily Telegraph have repeated the interview with the fake soldier, which is sad!

The UAF protest was not against the soldiers, but some people will most surely believe these lies!

one eyed sheeplover said...

Here is the reply to my recent complaint to weaselspoons regarding their relationship with the EDL.

Dear Mr **********

Thank you for your web form of 3rd December 2009 and your feedback
regarding the EDL and their Nottingham Meeting.

We have liaised with both the Area Manager and Pub Manager and can
confirm the following:

We can confirm that the pub concerned has not given their consent for
this meeting to take place on the premises nor have the pub been
contacted by the group.

We have not arranged this meeting and the local Police and Licensing
Authority have been made aware of this event.

Our pubs in Nottingham will remain open with the necessary security, and
will in conjunction with the Police, do everything within our power to
keep a safe environment for our customers.

We would like to reassure you that we do not support any form of racism,
and are without political persuasion.

We trust that the above addresses your concerns and hope you will
consider using our pubs again in the future.

Thank you again for your valuable feedback

Yours sincerely

Customer Service Team
JD Wetherspoon plc

This was in my mailbox this morning. No name at the end . . mmmm

benny said...

"keep a safe environment for our customers"

Presumably two burly pissed nazis jumping up and down on the makeshift veranda roof while it lurches and shakes, is totally safe.

It makes you wander if some of the Wetherspoons shareholders are EDL supporters, as they are the natural home for the EDL.

Seems to be some sort of close relationship going on there, maybe linked to a seret society.

Angry Notts said...

Presumably JD Wetherspoons will sack the manager for allowing its drink to be consumed on the street, and its customers to climb onto the roof like lunatics.

Where were your doorstaff?

I wait with baited breath, Tim Martin.

Anonymous said...

off the subject just had a look at darbys blog,that bloke is definately drinking griffins urine for breakfast in brussels.