December 10, 2009

Little Bob - hot, cross and well and truly done

The latest full meeting of Barking and Dagenham Council took a most unwelcome turn last night (Wednesday) - BNP Fuhrer Nick Griffin turned up at the assembly and sat in the public gallery flanked by 40 mean-looking knuckle draggers.

And that was just the women.

It seems Little Bob Bailey, London BNP organiser and leader of the BNP group on Barking and Dagenham council had booked a committee room for a meeting to be held straight after the assembly. Griffin's security stood at the doors of the room not letting anyone in. However, Corporate Director of Resources Bill Murphy discovered the BNP were planning to hold a furtive meeting and promptly went in and threw them all out.

During the council meeting Griffin had the pleasure of watching Little Bob turn on Richard "Dicky" Barnbrook. Barnbrook was asking council leader Liam Smith questions regarding the building of council houses. Barnbrook then began regurgitating the hoary old "The Africans for Essex" lie.

This was where the BNP in Barking and Dagenham tapped into concern over a lack of cheap affordable local housing by claiming there was a secret ‘Africans for Essex’ scheme in which non-whites were given £50,000 grants to buy property in the area.

Barnbrook began implying that it would be the Africans who would get the houses.

Dicky was cut short however when Little Bob hotly told him that he was out of order and to shut up. There then followed a typical domestic row between Little Bob and Dicky with Barnbrook insisting that he would say what he liked.

Bailey bluntly retorted: "Not while I am leader."

All this took place in full view of the whole council and public gallery.

Friends on Barking and Dagenham Council tell us that Little Bob has been unhappy for some time. Now we all know that upon Dicky's election to the Greater London Authority he stood down as the leader of Barking and Dagenham Council BNP group and plucky Little Bob stepped up to fill the man in the strange suit's shoes.

It seems he was not consulted when Nick Griffin decided to stand in Barking, and even worse he was kept in the dark when it was simultaneously announced that Barnbrook would be made leader of the BNP group on the council at his expense.

Understandably Little Bob is more than a little cross. Asked who was going to stand against Jon Cruddas in Dagenham he replied: "Dont bloody ask me, they are not telling me anything any more".

It seems the BNP in Barking and Dagenham are in full melt down mode. We shall watch this one very closely.

Reworked from Kirklees Unity


Landale said...

Yey! Such fun you couldn't make it up - and perhaps more to follow....

Their little world really does seem to be falling to bits - just a pity the GE is a little further away so that it could be a heap of dust by the time the election arrives.

portcullis said...

Dicky Bumbrook's well and truly bummed, and his influence has bombed within the BNP also, especially after the billboard poster fiasco.

Anonymous said...

Great story, Barnbrook's ego is nearly as big as Griffin's, this town ain't big enough for the both of them, expect more sparks in the new year?

Anonymous said...

Little Nob is a better name for Bob Bailey.

Anonymous said...

Adolf Hitler used to to promote people within the NSDAP, give them similar job functions and actually promote in-fighting among his minions. The thinking behind it was that while these people were tussling with each other they couldn't turn on him and would look to him to be 'peacemaker' and conciliator, thus strengthening his position.

Maybe Griffin is trying out a similar strategy in Dagenham with Bailey and Barnbrook. However, such tactics could just as easily collapse around him.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, thank you


Anonymous said...

Wasnt this Bob done for drunk driving fairly recently?

Anonymous said...

"Wasnt this Bob done for drunk driving fairly recently?"

Yes, he inferred at his trial that Special Branch/MI5/Mossad were out to get him and instructed the transport police to pull him over on a regular basis. He refused to give a breath test and was convicted after the Court believed the police when they stated that he looked worse-for-wear and his breath smelt of alcohol.

It was interesting that at the trial a court appointed doctor examined Bailey and stated that he exhibited acute paranoid tendencies and had a possible personality disorder.

ratty said...

Yes indeed! Dicky Bumbcrook nobbed by Little Nob. Has a ring to it.