October 11, 2010

The BNP since May...not performing well!

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There have been 65 local council byelections since the May General Election.

Courtesy of a posting on the excellent Vote-2007 website I can offer a breakdown of the BNP's vote share in those byelections, on a region by region basis. The table below lists the region; the number of byelections held in that area since May; and the BNP's vote share overall in that region.

It makes grim reading for the BNP - and happy reading for sane human beings!

East Midlands 6 - 1%
Eastern 6 - 1%
London 7 - 1%
North East 7 - 2%
North West 11 - 1%
Scotland 1 - 0
South East 11 - 0
South West 4 - 1%
Wales 5 - 0
West Midlands 5 - 2%
Yorkshire 2 - 2%

The dreadful performance of the BNP reflects two elements - the fact that they are failing to field many candidates, and that the candidates who do manage to stand are polling very poor results.



Anonymous said...

No but they will when Michael Barnbrook takes over. You must be bricking it.

Barbara said...

I am enjoying the slow and painful and excrutiatingly public death of the appalling BNP.

Anonymous said...

You must be bricking it

Yeah, an ex-senior copper in his mid-sixties is just what British Nationalism needs!