October 07, 2010

EDL organisers proven Nazis

The EDL pretend they don't tolerate Nazis in their movement, but EDL organiser Jeff Marsh co-ordinates Welsh Defence League activities with Nazis Luke Pippen (in this video with the goatee beard) and Steven White (skinhead, sometimes with beard, sometimes clean-shaven, with Nazi tattoos).

After several WDL Nazis were exposed on-line, the WDL now operate open (publicly visible) and closed (secret) Facebook groups, to hide their activities from public view. The EDL/WDL have argued with some members who refused to stop making Nazi salutes in public, but the EDL leadership's happy to have Nazi organisers as long as the Nazis hide their true beliefs.

Luke Pippen (originally from Bristol, now Brynmawr, Blaenau Gwent), Steven White (from Bridgend?) and Jeff Marsh (from Barry, Vale of Glamorgan) are admins of the closed WDL Facebook group, which they use with Jeff Marsh's Casuals United Blog to recruit support for EDL events. Screen-captures from the Casuals United Blog and Facebook show the WDL hire transport (a minibus) to take EDL supporters from Wales to demos around the UK, with supporters contacting Luke Pippen (by e-mail or Facebook) or Jeff Marsh (using the e-mail of his "Joe Casuals" alias). This video shows EDL organisers Luke Pippen, Steven White and other goons attending EDL demos, making Nazi salutes and showing Nazi tattoos. If anyone has doubts about exposing these people in this way, these morons advocate an ideology predicated on murder and genocide!

Photo 1, 0:05 - (left to right) Stuart Jones, Damian Jones, Ken Davies (vertical stripes, previously used the nick-name Ken Jacks), Unknown, David Powell (red jacket), Luke Pippen (EDL hoodie), Josh Cuggy ("63" shirt), Euge (Eugene?) Jones (EDL hoodie).

Photo 2, 0:10 - Luke Pippen (lager), Kelvin Roberts, Stuart Jones, Criss Lewis (aka Banjo Jones), Michael Saint (aka Mickey Skin), Unknown (pale baseball cap), Bryan Powell, Unknown (black hat), Ken Davies / Jacks (white shirt), David Powell (red jacket).

Photo 3, 0:15 - Luke Pippen (holding sign), Unknown (black jumper), Michael Saint (red jacket); and yes patriotism isn't racism, unless you're a Nazi!

Photo 4, 0:20 - Standing - Unknown, Criss "Banjo" Lewis (aka Banjo Jones, "Skinhead" shirt, boot on table), Unknown (fist), Unknown ("1 Law"), Unknown ("No Sharia"), Luke Pippen (blue shades), Jason "Trigger" Thomas (white jacket), Bryan Powell (blue shirt); Sitting - Unknown (lager), Unknown, Unknown, Wayne Baldwin (Swastika tattoo), Unknown ("Infidel" shirt). Photo taken in the beer garden of the Railway Inn, Landore, Swansea.

Photo 5, 0:25 - same people as photo 4, but making Nazi salutes.

Photo 6, 0:30 - Luke Pippen (Nazi salute with cigarette), Steven White (British Freedom Fighters shirt + Swastika tattoo), Unknown, Michael Saint, David Powell, Unknown, Wayne Baldwin (Swastika shirt). Photo taken outside David Powell's house in Morriston, Swansea, where David and Heidi Powell host Combat 18 meetings.

Photo 7, 0:35 - Luke Pippen photographed in 2006.

Photo 8, 0:40 - Posts from the Casuals United Blog proving Luke Pippen is a WDL organiser (these posts have since been removed from the Casuals United Blog, but Cached versions can still be accessed by Googling for - "Casuals+United+Blog" Cardiff Bolton "Luke+Pippen").

Photo 9, 0:45 - Post by Luke Pippen on the "private" WDL Facebook proving the same as photo 8.

Photo 10, 0:55 - Steven White (SS tattoo on right arm, Blood & Honour shirt), Michael Saint (Skrewdriver shirt), Josh Cuggy (sitting, barely visible). Photo taken inside David Powell's house.

Photo 11, 1:00 - Wayne Baldwin, David Powell ("Skinhead" shirt), Bryan Powell, Michael Saint ("Skrewdriver" shirt), Steven White (red jacket).

Photo 12, 1:05 - Steven White (beach).

Photo 13, 1:10 - Steven White (mask).

Photo 14, 1:15 - Steven White (Hitler salute), Unknown (Sieg Heil + Fosters), Michael Saint (Hitler salute), Unknown (check shirt), Josh Cuggy (thumbs up). Photo taken in the bar of Railway Inn, Landore, Swansea.

Photo 15, 1:20 - Steven White (SS tattoo on right arm + Swastika on chest). Photo taken at the rear of David Powell's house.

Photo 16, 1:25 - Michael Saint, Steven White (SS tattoo on right arm, Swastika on chest, Blood & Honour tattoo around neck). Photo taken outside David Powell's house.

Photo 17, 1:30 - Post by Steven White on the private WDL Facebook proving it's WDL (quote) "leadership" (Luke Pippen and Steven White) who organise transport to and from EDL demos (also talks about poor numbers attending demos and football rivalries).

Photo 18, 1:35 - Post by Steven White on the private WDL Facebook proving Steven White is (alongside Luke Pippen) part of the leadership that organises EDL transport etc, as above.

Names have not been given for persons below the age of 18 in these photos. Thanks to all those who provided info for this video

Thanks again to UK Fightback.


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Another poor BNP performance yesterday in Saxondale ward, Blaby. 7% against 14% last time.

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