October 26, 2010

EDL is Trojan Horse for Nazis

People oppose the EDL because of what the EDL actually is, not because of what EDL apologists say they'd like it to be, and the facts are simple. When the EDL is led by an ex-BNP member it's no surprise the EDL is (whether EDL leaders wanted it that way or not) being used as a Trojan Horse by Nazis. The video shows EDL leader, ex-BNP member and violent criminal Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) photographed with BNP candidate and EDL activist Alan Spence, and shows Alan Spence photographed with BNP chairman and Holocaust denier Nick Griffin.

The video also shows EDL supporters Martin Pugh and Criss Lewis making Adolf Hitler salutes, shows a "Blood & Honour" Nazi called Baggie Totney arriving at an EDL protest in Birmingham, and shows EDL Birmingham and "Blood & Honour" Nazi Wayne Baldwin (Criss Lewis is a folk musician and music teacher from Pontarddulais in Swansea, "Baggie" is a nick-name showing this Nazi supports West Bromwich Albion, and Wayne Baldwin is pictured with Swedish Nazi Janni Hagglund and an EDL Wales supporter who takes his handle "Earl Turner" from "The Turner Diairies" - the book that inspired Nazi terrorists Timothy McVeigh and David Copeland). Other BNP activists who are high-up in the EDL include Chris Renton, Kevin Carroll and Davy Cooling, and BNP activists who support EDL protests include BNP election candidates Charlie Baillie, Grant Rowe, Max Dunbar, Karen Otty, Marlene Guest and Sion Owens, BNP bodyguards Stuart Bates, Jock Shearer and Michael Fritz, and BNP activists Dave Bradley, John Aveyard and Rob Purcell.

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Anonymous said...

I have just seen that well known nutcase Charlotte Lewis has been expelled from the BNP.

ex-fascist said...

The list is impressive but incomplete. Take a look through Eddy Butler's Facebook friends and those of some of his closest supporters and you will see people who through their own choice of names boast of their EDL connections.

UKF said...

Thanks for embedding :)

Anonymous said...

I have just seen that well known nutcase Charlotte Lewis has been expelled from the BNP.

I surprised as I thought that the Croydon Branch (of which she is/was a member) is fairly immune from the explusions and strictures of the leadership. It's always been fairly semi-detached and you could essentially be as racist and Nazi as you like in Croydon and the leadership would leave you alone.

BTW she posts as 'Charlotte2' on Guardian CiF

Anonymous said...

Believe me Charlotte Lewis was NOT expelled from the BNP for being a Nazi - the party stood by her even after she'd been publicly exposed for a/ threatening to kill medical scientists b/ electoral fraud c/ extreme racism, and d/ saying Raoul Moat should have murdered illegal immigrants

BTW this witch phoned up The Wright Stuff once (as "Charlotte from Croydon") and managed to sneak in her tuppence worth about opposing immigration

Anonymous said...

Just read this on the Daily Star online: -

"yesterday’s Daily Star poll found 98% of readers fear that Britain is becoming a Muslim state".

Looks like these neo-Nazi scumbags have been hijacking polls yet again by wasting their dole payments on multiple votes.

NewsHound said...




Anonymous said...

Exit the engineer stage far right. Just Nick the oily rag left

Hugh Muir

The Guardian, Wednesday 27 October 2010

Difficult to do justice to the many twists and turns that confront and confound Nick Griffin in the twilight of his short time in public life. His people are leaving, the finances of his British National party – £500,000 in debt – are unravelling, and he just can't get the Equalities Commission off his back. How to keep up with it all? Observers suggest a BBC News-style ticker. And it would say that these are the darkest days yet because, in recent times, the beleaguered Griffin has left much of the heavy lifting within the party – the fundraising, admin etc – to his very good friend, the virulent anti-abortionist and Orange lodger Jim Dowson. And that was fine. But now that things are getting sticky, Dowson is moving on, it seems. Thus, the BNP operations centre in Belfast, which was run by Dowson, is no longer available. This may be a particular irritant to Griffin's daughter, who was deployed there as his eyes and ears. Dowson was also the mastermind of the party's Troops Out of Iraq petition, which harvested valuable data about potential members. But as he has moved on, there is, sources say, no guarantee that Griffin will see any of it. Reviled, friendless; it wasn't supposed to end like this. But, poor Nick: it seems it will.

Anonymous said...

BTW this witch phoned up The Wright Stuff once (as "Charlotte from Croydon") and managed to sneak in her tuppence worth about opposing immigration

She used to phone the Vanessa Feltz show too on BBC London radio. She used to drone on about how "terrible" it was to be a white woman alone travelling on buses full of Afro-Caribbeans. She came across on radio as a sad oddball of low intelligence.