October 25, 2010

Corsham councillor quits BNP

A longstanding British National Party activist in Corsham, Wiltshire, has quit the fascist party over its failure to pay its creditors, accusing it of committing a possibly criminal act.

Michael Simpkins, who was first elected unopposed to Corsham Town Council in 2007, is the third councillor the party has lost this month.

Announcing his resignation from the party, Simpkins, who works as a self-employed taxi driver, declared: “I am disappointed to hear that The British National Party is not paying its bills. I know from personal experience of two local printers who had to wait six months for payment and that was only after a lot of badgering to Head Office by myself and other officials to get them paid.”

Earlier this month Jim Dowson, who has himself just abandoned his role as the party’s fundraising and management consultant, wrote to the many businesses waiting for payment from the BNP, offering 20p in the pound “by way of debt compromise and in full and final payment of all your outstanding invoices relating to the supply of goods and services” to the party. If they did not accept the offer, explained Dowson, they would “inevitably … end up with nothing at all”.

An outraged Simpkins said: “These are businesses like the two mentioned before that risked all doing business with the BNP and supplied the goods or services on trust that they would be paid. More importantly they will undoubtedly be British businesses, the kind of business we claim to support and encourage.

“These businesses may well suffer financial hardship because the BNP has dried up their cash flow and their families will go without. They may even go out of business and certainly won’t do business with us again. It is not the way I do business.

“As an honourable businessman I cannot stay with any organisation that puts other businessmen out of business or their families in financial hardship. More importantly it is a breach of trust and may even be criminal if the intent to pay was never there in the first place.”

Simpkins, who remained loyal to the BNP leader Nick Griffin through the recent splits, says he will continue to serve on Corsham Town Council until the end of his current term in 2013 and reconsider his options then.

Last week it was reported that Meirion Bowen, a Llandybie community councillor, had left the party in the interests of his family, employment and personal safety. Yesterday it emerged that Paul Golding, a district councillor in Sevenoaks and the party’s communications officer, had quit after a fallout with other senior party staff.

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Barbara said...

Three councillors in a month, oh dear, what a pity, still, never mind eh?

was once bnp said...

I always knew Gri££in’s edifice of shit would soon come splattering down around his ears. I can’t express the pleasure I gain from reading articles like this one. I love to imagine that vile man stomping around his little bunker like Hitler in his last days, waving his arms around, blustering and blaming all and sundry for his own pathetic endless list of mistakes.
Of course while he’s doing this his sour-breathed wife sits there quietly and reminisces about the large portions she used to get off of half the NF.

The day Gri££in purged me from the BNP two years ago (via someone else of course, the coward) he actually handed me back my life, but at the time I never realised it. The idea that I’d have remained a member for that time fills me with almost as much dread as brushing Charles Bronson’s moustache with a shitty wire-brush.

Gri££in is without a doubt a perfect example of a sociopath in action; he has only brought pain, discomfort and disappointment wherever he has gone.
The best way to destroy him is to let him carry on and finish the job for all our sakes. However, lets all continue to ridicule, point at, prod and torment this nasty little squirt to help him along.

Anonymous said...

Just how many more liferafts are there on this ship????


Anonymous said...

“These are businesses like the two mentioned before that risked all doing business with the BNP and supplied the goods or services on trust that they would be paid."

Serves them right. No sympathy with businesses who trade with the BNP.

Anonymous said...

No-one will miss this silly,little, jumped up man anyway.

Contributed nowt, was a councillor by default and can't even speak coherently - bad luck Simplekins!

What though for his mate "Shrek" Howson - all alone now heh?

Anonymous said...

BNP locked out of Belfast Call Centre

Reports coming in that Dowson has locked the BNP out of the Belfast Call Centre, which is supposed to be a BNP centre not a Dowson owned one.

John P said...

Anonymous said...

BNP locked out of Belfast Call Centre

Reports coming in that Dowson has locked the BNP out of the Belfast Call Centre, which is supposed to be a BNP centre not a Dowson owned one.

7:09 PM, October 25, 2010

That would be hilarious.

Anonymous said...

That Harrington is even a worse Fascist bastard than Dowson & Co, if this horrid man is now Griffin's chief henchman expect big trouble, he is a violent, scheming psycho in the same mold as Lecomber.

John P said...

Apparently it's true.

Anonymous said...

Apparently it's true.

John ive just heard it from a very good source indeed.Looks like this could be an interesting week indeed any info i get will be posted as it certainly seems the great fuhrer is about to fall.

-BIZ- said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha....i almost feel sorry for that fat, wonky-eyed, slimey bastard! After a hard day's work, even an episode of Only Fools & Horses wouldn't make me laugh as much as this! Happy days!

Anonymous said...

The one eyed leader of the blind is not having a good year, abandoned by those around him and loathed by all. I wonder if he'll write a book next?

Anonymous said...

Re Dowson & the Belfast Office

This is an interesting development. That means that Dowson has a office stuffed with BNP databases & financial records.The 'crown jewels'of the party if you like.

This is disasterous for Griffin - he'll have great difficulty explaining to the 'dwindling band' he gave their membership details to a rogue loyalist basketcase. Furthermore, dowson will know about the money side. Who knows he might spill a few beans?


Anonymous said...

While I'd laugh long and loud at the BNP's demise, one thing does worry me - what will replace them? The fash may decide elections are never going to work so they'll go en masse down the streetfighting road of the EDL. And we still don't know who, ultimately, pulls that lot's strings.

Anonymous said...

While I'd laugh long and loud at the BNP's demise, one thing does worry me - what will replace them?

I wouldn't worry too much. Although I wouldn't write the BNP totally off just yet, it will take any BNP successor group years to bed down and get name recognition. A lot of BNP votes will go to UKIP (who haven't fallen part), or even back to Labour. The EDL are purely street based, centred around hooliganism and I can't see them making the transition to a proper political party (their people would find electoral work too mundane and boring). British politics are still dominated by the electoral process and British Nationalism looks to be at a point today that it was in the early eighties. I expect it to get more 'radical' and more violent as its vote dwindles.

The gremlin said...

Gri££in is a monumental walking fuck-up, and this will bother the State (Establishment) somewhat. The State never envisaged Gri££in driving the BNP into the floor with quite as much enthusiasm as he has.
This could leave a void ready to be filled with individuals that may have once perceived that the BNP was worth supporting as the one last hope for the UK, before adopting a campaign of ‘Direct action’. (The EDL fall into a separate group – vocal and up for a punch-up, but no real risk to the State and its individual players).

‘Home-grown’ Direct action against the State by individuals are extremely difficult to stop for a whole host of reasons, one of which is that unless a person has‘previous’ for anti-establishment activities, they can pop-up from nowhere, because they aren’t on the State’s radar. This is what the State will soon be worried about, why do you think that the fat one-eyed pig has got away with so much for so long?

Anti-terrorist units are already stretched to breaking, and now they face the very real possibility of having to deal with an upsurge of domestic threats and actions without extra manpower and funding.
Maybe the BNP will suddenly find itself with an ‘out of the blue’ millionaire benefactor to prop up Gri££in’s world of shit? Or will it simple cease to exist and the State will simply cross its fingers and hope? We live in interesting times.

Anonymous said...

The state sponsor the EDL which is its new state-approved fascist dusbin for racist psychopaths. They have no need for the BNP which is why Griffin is salted in his own slime.

UK Fightback said...

The Times did a massive feature on the EDL the other day in which Yaxley-Lennon admitted the EDL were being "funded", but he omitted to say by whom. My guess is it's the oil billionaires who've been exposed as the puppet-masters behind the Tea Party in the USA (and the EDL have the cheek to pretend they represent the "working class"). Funding Islamophobia obviously helps maintain public support for military dominance of oil-rich nations, and ('scuse my language, but) I wouldn't be surprised if these c***s were funding that other c**t Anjem Choudary as well

Talking of funding, the EDL's interest in attracting Jewish support has far more to do with the racist movement's perception that Jews = Money = Funding, as it has to do with wanting to come across as anti-racist.