October 28, 2010

Don't let the maggot off the hook

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People are now asking - What will happen to what’s left of the BNP once Griffin has finally been excreted from it? After all, something that falls has to land somewhere, doesn’t it? Another question of course should be - Who deserves the medal for helping to rid us of this saggy-arsed crook?

The last question is of course far easier to tackle. Practically 99.9% of people that have ever had the unfortunate experience of getting to know him personally, including his wife (I also speak personally), hate his guts; so you simply couldn’t make that many medals.

The percentage is probably not much lower for people that are simply aware of what he represents. I’m not talking about racism here, and all the other ‘ism’s and ‘ist’s that are part and parcel of the ammunition thrown at the Far Right; I’m going way beyond that and talking about the person he is.

He is without a doubt a sociopath, we know this; I’ve seen him in action and there is no uncertainty with this. In all his blame-casting, crowing, finger-pointing and two-dimensional speeches, he has proven incapable of exhibiting or formulating even the slightest modicum of empathy. As for the rest of the good stuff – justice (moral or otherwise), sacrifice and hard-graft? These attributes to Griffin are like a good sprinkling of salt on the preverbal slug’s tail. Once again, as I heard his wife say, he has never done a single day's work in his entire life. I believe her.

With Griffin it is about control, cash and a total belief that he is simply better and more intelligent than anyone else and therefore deserves the things he wants. He simply can’t see any wrong in what he does or how he operates. He truly thinks he has a higher calling, a quasi-Napoleonic destiny to do great things and save all us poor plebs from ourselves, however perverted the path to greatness may be.

How ever much opposition groups and parties despise Griffin, that loathing is still at a minuscule level compared with the vast majority of the active Far-Right. Much has been written about Griffin’s ‘alleged’ stealing, lying and general gangsterism within nationalist politics over the years, and now it seems it is all about to finally catch up with him culminating with the ignominious coat-turning of the almost equally vile Jim Dowson – a special second-rate Arthur Daley meets Del Boy meets ‘Penfold’ kind of swindler.

Seriously, did Griffin actually scour these Isles to find someone as bent and unscrupulous as himself? If so, was it so that no questions were likely to be asked by a fellow conman, ‘Thick as thieves’ etc? Or was it so that Griffin could pass the buck quickly onto Dowson should things really get out of hand and the membership start asking serious questions threatening police involvement? The bottom line is, that sooner or just a little later Griffin is going to become completely unstuck, an overweight Hitler in his Welshpool bunker with his unemployed daughter and gob-shite wife.

He is certainly squirreling away as much cash as possible now, in preparation for his re-election campaign into Europe; with or without the BNP. It is here that we (we as in everyone that would like to see him finished) need to concentrate our efforts. I speak for many people when I say that it is not enough that he is simply deposed of his chairmanship of what is left of the ruined BNP, he must be well and truly removed from 'potentially' viable politics for good; cut away like a carbuncle that has sucked people dry for so long.

How do we derail his re-election campaign? There are a hundred different ways, but first we need to see what will happen to him and his relationship with the BNP. It’s true to say that it exists now solely to propagate him, this is what he has inflated it into, but just like anything empty of substance and full of useless gas, it can only be short-lived.

So the pitiful and gaseous foul ramblings of a small splattering of sycophantic followers some of which with literally nothing else in their sad lives, will not be enough to hold him in place. Griffin will however, undoubtedly try to keep this small band of internet warrior-goons together in support as he plans an ‘all or nothing’ type grab at re-election. He’ll use everything and anything if he thinks it will improve his chances; he’ll even throw the kitchen sink at it and sell his mother for medical experiments if he has to.

His ‘Ace in the pack’ of course will be how he spins his first tenure as MEP. He is bound to create a series of lies, a fantasy world about how he has, for the last five years, been waving the flag and only he, and he alone, can save us all, blah, blah, blah. This is where he will expose his jugular.

Each and every one of his wild claims needs to be answered, cleanly and accurately with as much coverage as possible across his North West region, cutting him to bits, making him look a fool and a waste of space. The voters need to know that not only is he a liar, he would also sell them out in a flash. The fact that he pushed himself into being the candidate in Barking and Dagenham in the last general election, hundreds of miles away from their region, because he thought it was there for the taking, is an example of what he really thinks about the people of the North West; everyone in that region should be told about this. The fact, and what a beautiful one it is, that he got utterly annihilated in the general election 2010 and dragged the entire local BNP entity down the plug-hole with him, should also be brought to the fore.

Even if Griffin in his hour of desperation has the temerity to spout that he is no less a useless moron than the assortment of other gravy-train riding, champagne-slurping rubber-stamper’s that make up the European Union, North West voters must be reminded of one other fact. Griffin is the only politician in the EU to my knowledge, that has systematically destroyed his own political party while keeping himself at the top of that crumbling edifice in the name of greed, through intimidation, lies and illegal activity. So what possible use can such a person have when supposedly representing a region of nearly 7 million largely decent tax-paying and law abiding people?

We know that it was only proportional representation that handed him the Euro seat, and that same system can also bury him. What about Brons I hear you ask? I say what about him? He’ll soon disappear in good time with or without Griffin, like Robin without Batman. Oops did I just say Robin, or Robbing? (Allegedly eh, Nick)

Thanks to The Gremlin for the article


Rah said...

From Private Eye....

If senior BNP figures are taken to the cleaners, they will earn a unique place in the history of European fascism: the first neo-Nazi party to have been destroyed by the makers of a yeast-extract sandwich spread..

Anonymous said...


We should all by Marmite as a tribute to Unilever!

Anonymous said...

i read that in private eye ,it cracked me up. brilliant