October 24, 2010

Departures leave BNP future in doubt

The British National Party’s communications officer has left the party, following the abrupt departure of its fundraising and management guru Jim Dowson.

Paul Golding was the BNP’s sole district councillor in southeast England. His exit leaves the racist party with only 23 councillors compared with the 28 it had after the May elections.

The two walked out following a major fallout between them and senior party staff, in particular its moronic national organiser Clive Jefferson and Patrick Harrington, leader of the rival Third Way party, who has wormed himself into a position of growing influence in the party, upsetting several employees and members in the process.

Golding’s BNP membership had briefly been suspended in summer for writing a nasty blog attacking Eddy Butler, who unsuccessfully challenged Nick Griffin for the party leadership. The move was widely seen as an attempt by Griffin to appear “fair” between his own supporters and those of Butler. But later, when many of Butler’s suspended supporters were expelled, Golding was reinstated.

The departure of Dowson and Golding leaves the BNP with no one capable of writing the begging letters that have brought in large sums in donations during Dowson’s three years at Griffin’s side. The party will also be unable to exploit its “Bring Our Boys Home” recruitment campaign by turning the 25,000 names on petition forms into voters and members. People signed anti-war petitions at the BNP’s stalls in shopping centres around the country, not realising that they were sponsored by the BNP, but despite the party’s claims to use cutting-edge technology, Jefferson is incapable of transferring the information into a usable electronic format.

Butler reports that Dowson rang to tell him that his departure was complete and immediate. Dowson is known to have texted and phoned numerous other people.

Quite where this leaves the BNP’s Belfast call centre and administration centre is unclear. The office is run by Dowson and Griffin’s daughter Jennifer Matthys, who is also a director of Dowson’s main front company, Adlorries.com. Dowson is believed to have alternative Belfast premises for any new venture he undertakes.

Dowson was in charge of obtaining the secret four-star venue for the party’s annual conference to be held somewhere in Derbyshire over the weekend of 10-12 December. Stories are circulating that as he was about to dump the party Griffin offered him £10,000 to complete the arrangements, which he rejected. There must now be doubt over whether it will go ahead. If it is cancelled, members who have already paid the up to £299 cost of attending are likely to lose their money.

Dowson believes the party will not last beyond the end of the year, leaving those who have forked out £395 for life membership in its current special offer receiving very poor value for their money.

Searchlight / HOPE not Hate by Sonia Gable


Anonymous said...

golding only been back , what a year at most

iliacus said...

Sad, innit?

:-) :-)

John P said...

Anonymous said...

golding only been back , what a year at most

8:50 PM, October 24, 2010

A bit longer I think. It's got to be getting close to two years since he was elected.

Anonymous said...

Opps another one bites the dust.
Corsham councillor Mick Simpkins resigns.

For these reasons I am resigning my membership of the British National Party with immediate effect. I will retain my place on Corsham Town Council until the end of the current term in 2013 and reconsider my options then.


Anonymous said...

actually, golding has not resigned from the BNP. Your facts are wrong.

Anonymous said...

Which ever way you look at it Dowson is a business man and not a politician, he is crafty enough to recognise the business of the BNP is over.

This is now the drawn out tale of the "Titanic" or even better the Marie Celeste"


Anonymous said...

This is now the drawn out tale of the "Titanic" or even better the Marie Celeste.

After reading this comment

I notice the editor of 'Freedom' is now 'Steve Johnson', what's happened to Martin Wingfield ?. Someone did tell me 'Steve Johnson' was in fact Steve Brady, however, I'm unsure if this is true.
Interestingly, the photo on the front page of the new edition of 'Freedom' features members of Crawley & Horsham Branch selling poppies, not only has this branch now packed-up (it was the largest in the SE), I know for a fact at least half the people in the photo are no longer BNP members !

Anonymous said...

The troops petition brought in over 75.000 names jefferson has not managed to convert more than 5000 (Dowson probably did those)Dowson and Golding alias the spice boys brought in 90% of every penny raised alleged by them to be over 1 million this year. They must have been well paid for this so why did they leave? or is this a clever plan? I think it must be unless some really bad shit has went down between the gang.