October 25, 2010

Don't Panic! Everything's Fine On Planet Griffin!

The Welshpool Bunker. Earlier today (Artist's Impression)

The BNP is on her deathbed. A few Mourners sit around in the darkened bedroom weeping silently while others, downstairs in the kitchen, discuss the state of the Old Girl's finances and who's going to get what when the estate gets divvied up.

The Priest has delivered the last rites and she's asleep now: A Doctor checks the pulse from time to time to see if She's still with us.

But wait! Something's wrong!

She's still Tweeting! And all is well! She's FINE!!

Have a look:

October 18th.

News reaches us at L.U that the Party is, in effect, insolvent. Jim Dowson's astonishing letter offering Creditors 20p in the Pound to settle up is published.

This, in itself, would be enough to finally proclaim to the World that the Jig Is Up, and the BNP have now ceased to function in any meaningful capacity.

Over on Nick Griffin's Twitter Account, however...

When I think back to the bewilderment when we started I see how far we've come in a year.”

He helpfully adds;

All votes for tomorrow worked out in good time. The team is really effective now.”

Phew! That's alright, then: The mere fact that the Party has no money and is reduced to desperately touting an insulting last-ditch offer around its own Suppliers might, dare one say, worry a lesser man. Nick, however, is made of sterner stuff, and can obviously see The Big Picture denied to we lesser mortals.

Two days later the Party make the National News, with the not-entirely-mystifying revelation that the Derbyshire Police Service would quite like to know just where they're planning on holding their 2010 Conference in December (which, displaying a keen grasp of satire I'd long thought beyond the BNP is subtitled “Moving Forward Together”. Presumably in the same way as lemmings are said to “Move Forward Together” in times of famine).

Quite understandably, Superintendent Gary Parkin would like to have a bit of notice of the Event in order to tell several hundred of his Bobbies where to go and stand; his years of Exemplary Service having given him the insight that several hundred of us will be planning on turning out to yell at the Delegates.

Nick Griffin MEP takes the matter in hand and cuts right to the heart of the Vexed Issue:

Walking round German vineyard on phone gone 1 a.m. Working out admin systems with Nat Organiser.” A couple of minutes later he adds “Actually rather surreal. A very strange life. Good night to all BNP late birds.”

There's Cool for you: This man's Upper Lip must be so rigid you could hammer nails into seasoned Oak with it.

Onto the 22nd. From out of nowhere (well, actually from out of The Guardian's Jobs website – with a few words changed) appears a job vacancy on the BNP's Site.

Specifically, it's Jim Dowson's job. Suddenly vacant.

The specification states that the successful Candidate will be charged with raising £4 Million over the next three years. Not an issue, apparently, as the current Incumbent has been (it says here) raising £1.5 Million a year anyway...

But what of Dowson? Pray tell, Nick, what of the Good Reverend?

Here, the mask slips. Unable to ignore so momentous a piece of news as his Great Industry Expert – the Clyde to his Bonnie, one might say – leaving the Party, Nick can barely keep his moby dry from the tears as he Tweets of Dowson's “sad” decision not to renew his contract;

All in all a remarkable man to whom we owe a great deal and who remains a good friend and true patriot.”

Of course, this isn't all that's occurred over the past week: The BNP have also “lost” (or mislaid?) Communications Director Paul Golding, three more Councillors, and have handed several vital Party functions over to Patrick Harrington (a Leader of rival organisation the National Liberal Party) and dim-bulb Party Enforcer Clive Jefferson.

The BNP Leadership have also been lambasted by ex-stalwart Nick Cass, embarrassed (if such a thing is possible – such a thing could easily be an alien concept within the Party) by Jim “The Bruce” Dowson's bizarre rants and infantile, scatological taunts on various Far-Right Talkboards and, only this evening, we hear that the BNP have been locked out of their own Nerve Centre – the Belfast office owned by (surprise, surprise...) one J Dowson, esq. Who's changed the locks.

All in all a remarkable man to whom we owe a great deal and who remains a good friend and true patriot.”

Griffin, on all these matters, has been silent since Friday.

Interestingly, Paul “Green Arrow” Morris has also remained quiet on his beloved BNP's Demise until now. Only tonight has he finally broken his silence - if only to attack one of the Councillors who has resigned. In the grubby, confused little mind of Morris it being, of course, a far greater crime to resign over the Party's woeful treatment of its Creditors than to continue to fleece Suppliers, Members and Anyone Else Who Happens To Be Passing At The Time And Looks Gullible Enough. Go on, Kinsman: Show 'em the Black Flag.

(One of Morris' Followers adds in the Comments - displaying a level of optimism sure to melt even the stoniest of hearts - "The BNP will continue to grow =)".)

I look forward to reading Griffin's next Tweet.

It'll probably tell me how great everything is for the BNP.

Or maybe how nice Croatia is at this time of year.


Anonymous said...

Eddy Butler confirms the lock-out


Today BNP staff were refused access to the Belfast Call Centre. The locks have
been changed!

As each day passes every warning I have made over the past few months has been
found to be true. Who are the villains of this piece?

Not for once Dowson and Golding! It is clear that they both, belatedly, resigned
over a matter of principle. They had both lost faith in Nick Griffin’s ability.
They both came to see that he is incapable of bringing the Party on a single
step forward and indeed he will drag it backwards. They came to see that his
choice of close associates is dangerously flawed. Just who are his closest
associates now? Clive Jefferson and Pat Harrington (the non member)! No more
need be said.

Jefferson is bragging that Dowson will get none of the money that is owed to him
– not even 20p in the £ is what Jefferson is saying. He is a troublemaker.
Meanwhile Harrington with his officious quasi-unionised waffle has upset staff
relations in Belfast. Another troublemaker.

Dowson and Golding have taken the only decent course of action open to them and
distanced themselves from the dangerous failure that is Nick Griffin. Just as
other people have belatedly had their eyes opened, such as Mick Simpkins in
Wiltshire, but for different reasons. It does not matter what the reason is, it
does not matter how late in the day it is. The important thing is that it

Nick it is time to go. Go now before you totally wreck our Party.

Rather fittingly today is the anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt in 1415.

Nick Griffin will be calling out to his dispirited and dwindling band of
followers ‘Once more unto the breach’ as he tries to get his family members to
access the Belfast Office."

Anonymous said...

That wanker Golding has resigned as BNP councillor ho ho.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile Harrington with his officious quasi-unionised waffle has upset staff
relations in Belfast. Another troublemaker.

Ha Ha - Did Pat Harrington try and get them to go on Strike?

Up the workers, eh Pat!

Mr G said...

"That wanker Golding has resigned as BNP councillor ho ho."

Another one bites the dust, they're falling thick and fast now! :)

x said...

Shock horror- the BBC has seen fit to report the news about Michael Simpkins and the BNPs debts.

AndyMinion said...

We're going to need a News Ticker at this rate.

Happy Days.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile Harrington with his officious quasi-unionised waffle has upset staff
relations in Belfast. Another troublemaker.

I heard he did something like that and might walk in disgust!

Dave T said...

"We're going to need a News Ticker at this rate."

LOL How true.

Anonymous said...

When they come to write the history of the BNP, a special chapter will be dedicated to LU. And historians shall divide the lifespan of LU into BAM (before Andy Minion) and AAM (the glorious years after AM). And 2010 shall be the epoch-dividing year. AM shall be remembered as the poet whose dirges ensured the BNPs slow and graceful demise was accompanied by laughter from all those looking on.

Anonymous said...

Gri££in is like a slug salted in his own slime.

Anonymous said...

One of the few people never to see wrong in Gri££in is Paul "The Cronie" Cromie of Queensbury and his stupid wife of his.

Barbara said...

But who has locked the Belfast offices if not Dowson? Did a BNP officer fly there and get in somehow to lock the offices against Dowson?

All that data is worth everything to the BNP and also to opponents of the BNP. And the opponents to the BNP are numerous, from anti-fascists to BNP Reformists and including disgruntled ex-employees of the BNP and the new party BFP that is directly challenging the BNP.

This is all fascinating stuff.

Anonymous said...

Over the years Ive been reading and posting on here many of the posts have stated that this bnp member or that bnp member are State, allegedly working to bring down the bnp.

Well although its a long lingering death it certainly looks as though the bnp in its form today is taking its last gasps.

But, where or who is the State plant who brought down the house of cards? I have an idea, you may laugh, but, dafter things have happened, WHO through his relentless bid for money, from both members and the public has brought the money in and then as quickly made sure it went into his bank account.

WHO? cut off the bulk of the membership from their call centre and office by moving it across the Irish Sea.

WHO? made sure that the appalling 20p letter to creditors was leaked?

WHO? has never had any financial liability in the bnp as he has never been a member.

WHO? locked all bnp staff out of the office.

WHO? resigned before his contract was up.

WHO? did not have to crush the bnp politically when it could be done financially.

YEP you got it Jim Dowson, the most successful State plant in the bnp ever.

Give that man a medal


Anonymous said...

YEP you got it Jim Dowson, the most successful State plant in the bnp ever.

If he is then well done to the State. Good to see my tax money being well spent by MI5.

Seriously, State or not, the BNP were always punching way above their weight, politically, in recent years and a crash was always on the cards. Personally I think the State had little or nothing to do with it.

Anonymous said...

@ Tulip

Dowson a 'heroic' secret antifascist agent who singlehandedly brought down the BNP?

I think not. He's a low rent shyster with a penchant for militant loyalism & male chauvanism.

The fact is the BNP has been reduced to it's miserable state by grotesque financial mismanagement caused by massive greed & incompetence on Griffins part. When the 'going was good' he lashed £10,000's on pointless projects & trousered the balance. The chickens are now coming home to roost as it were & I'd be surprised if the BNP make it into the new year. Let's not forget the pending winding up petition & the 2 court cases next month. I doubt that Pat Harrington stands much chance against the phalanx of briefs that the EHRC will pitch up to the High Court with & I don't think Trevor Phillips is going to be understanding about the costs. Furthermore, word is that Griffin is on a very sticky wicket vis a vis the 'Decembrist' litigation that's to be heard in Leeds in November.

The irony is that the imminent demise of the BNP has nothing to do with antifascists (who've spent since mid April sniggering as yet another blow crashes into Griffin's ample midrift). This is all Griffins work.


ITK said...

Tom Gower is the state/Searchlight asset.

Anonymous said...

The irony is that the imminent demise of the BNP has nothing to do with antifascists

I disagree slightly. I think the efforts of HopenotHate and the UAF in the General Election did play a part in losing all the council seats in Dagenham and Griffin's failure in Barking.

If the BNP had done well back in May we could be seeing a very different scenario play out now.

The present troubles aren't entirely internal.