November 30, 2011

Andrew Brons - Non-Attached Member

On Monday afternoon I received a message from one of oldest and dearest mates saying that there is a BNP billboard at Heeley Bridge/Bottom a few minutes walk from where I live.
Now my mate is an old political hand and pretty sharp and somebody who I trust implicitly. Somebody who knows the difference between a poster and a big fuck off advertising billboard. I decided to have a wander down and take some pics. I might also have decided to have a few pints in the Sheaf View and Shakespeare on the way home.

The pics are not the best due to the location and my ineptitude with a camera but you should get the general gist.

Now there are several things that are puzzling about the above images and their content.

1 - Brons says he is a Non-Attatched MEP which suggests he has resigned the whip which I've not noticed before.
2 - The incredibly small BNP logo. It may be in the upper centre of the image but it's hardly noticeable (which may be the point)
3 - Ex NF leader with some utterly revolting views using what can only be considered concentration camp imagery.

Anyway, on the way back from a pub in Woodseats I got off the bus and saw this :-


Anonymous said...

I take it that Brond is still collecting his salery ? What Scumbag.

Old Sailor

ex-fascist said...

By "non-attached" could he simply mean that he is not attached to any of the groups in the Euro Parliament?

Otherwise why include the BNP logo at all?

I do prefer the photo at the bottom though. Whoever could have done such a thing?

Anonymous said...

By non-attached maybe he means to reality.

B31 Antifascist said...

Very valid point, ex-fascist. But do Sheffielders really think a vote for the BNP would, as if by magic make the coal fields and steel mills reappear overnight??

It was Thatcher who closed them anti working class hardline right winger and proud and as far as I can see, the party with the manifesto to re-industrialise Yorkshire with sustainable, non corporate dependent small industry and create secure employment in the 21st century are Caroline Lucas and her Green Party.

Anonymous said...

what a rubbish design. what a waste of money.

Looks like something JT used to knock up - and i dont mean valerie. Although that was a mess at times too.

Anonymous said...

Brons has always been non-attached, as has Griffin, because there were not enough nasty fascists in the European Parliament to form an official political group, which requires at least 25 MEPs from at least seven member states. National parties are not recognised.

The very small BNP logo on Brons's poster is consistent with his current attachment to the BNP. In the unlikely event that he succeeds in ousting Griffin, one can expect the logo to grow rapidly.

Anonymous said...

Non-attatched member means he is not alligned to any group within the European Parliment

Anonymous said...

All these euro-fascists hate the EU but are desperate to get on the Gravy train and claim as many expenses as possible.

Anonymous said...

Yes and all the GRIFFPIG Family have there Snouts in the Trough,including Sniff Sniff Jefferscum and Perv Adam Walker

Anonymous said...

The poster fucking is a representation of a concentration camp.