November 29, 2011

Two Nazi EDL Thugs in Portsmouth Courts in One Week!

Hyland (left) and Silvester: racist EDL thugs
Two members of the far-right English Defence League have found themselves up in Portsmouth Courts in the same week for racially-aggravated harrassment and breach of bail conditions for violent assault

Jacob 'Jake' Hyland is one of the more active and extreme fascist members of Portsmouth EDL and the hilariously entitled ‘Pompey EDL Youth Division’. He has even been on the Portsmouth Anarchist blog under the name ‘pompeyagainstanarchists’ arguing that the EDL are not racist. The 18-year-old, of Mayridge, Fareham, been given a restraining order by Portsmouth Crown Court (15/11/11) for religiously-aggravated harassment after making abusive phone calls to Abbas Rahim at the Al Mahdi Centre in Fareham in October and November of last year.

Following the court appearance of baby-faced Nazi Jacob 'Jake' Hyland earlier in the week, a second Portsmouth member of the extremist EDL also had his day in court (or should that be YET another day in court, following his previous convictions?!) .

Blaise Silvester, 21, of Stubbington Avenue, North End, was given a two-month curfew and told to do 100 hours of unpaid work after attacking peace protesters at a demonstration outside the Jami Mosque in Victoria Road North, Southsea. A group of football hooligans, neo-nazi extremists and local youths formed to hurl racist abuse, bottles, bricks, fireworks and roofing slates at members of the peaceful Portsmouth muslim community and many others from the local area who had gathered to defend the Mosque.

Sentencing him in June, Judge Graham White said the 21-year-old could normally have gone to jail. But a mistake by the probation service meant the judge’s hands were tied and he had to hand Silvester a community order. Silvester was given a 12-month community order and told to do 100 hours of unpaid work in the community. He also had to wear an electronic tag and stay at home everyday from 9pm to 6am for two months. Silvester should have been offered rehabilitation by the probation service for a previous offence but because he wasn’t, the judge said he couldn’t jail him.

Rather than counting himself lucky and getting on with the unpaid work, Silvester breached the order. On one occasion he shouted and swore at the officer in charge and another time he failed to turn up, Portsmouth Crown Court heard.

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Booga Loo said...

"Blaise Silvester" sounds like a sequin-covered 1970's disco star, and not a hard-man of the extreme right.

No wander he hides his face from public view with his shades, as his Wetherspoon-swilling he-men frends in the EDL would more than likely give him endless homophobic abuse if they discovered his real name.

Perhaps he should have changed his name like Tommy Robinson.

B31 Antifascist said...

And the social networkers strike again, this time at Man Citys' English player Micah Richards...

Bloo said...


So tightarse like is Caxley Lennon racking in all the cash from rank-and-file EDL Nazis, he has put up banners on the EDL Extra Blogspot asking supporters to buy them a drink.


the "Buy Us A Pint" banner's towards the bottom of the article).


B31 Antifascist said...

Another couple of mouthy chavsworths with small willies, eh?

tom said...

The "buy us a drink" scam links to a paypal account for the EDL.

Didn't paypal fucking well ban the EDL?????????

Does anybody remember PayPal banning the EDL about a year ago?

Have they been reinstated since?