November 12, 2011

Nazi vandal shock in park

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Mindless vandals have daubed a park with Nazi slogans and signs in the week the country stops to remember its war dead.

A shelter in Anchorsholme Park has been painted with swastikas – the terrifying symbol of the German Nazi Party who were responsible for the outbreak of the Second World War – and the Nazi salute of sieg heil, meaning hail victory. The party, led by Adolf Hitler, was the main fighting force against British troops during the war, and with Remembrance Day on Friday, the graffiti has left one resident disgusted with the vandals.

Jamie Young, from Anchorsholme, said: “I think it’s very offensive being less than a week until Remembrance Day. We have had so many problems in this part of town next to the Norbreck Castle Hotel and it has been a problem for a number of years. It almost seems the police and the council are powerless to deal with the issue and it’s most times of the day.”

Mr Young claims the area has issues with school children coming to the area at their lunch and causing trouble. He added: “It was only ten days ago a group of kids had a fight in the park. It’s a nightmare. It used to be really nice round here but it has gone downhill.”

Ian Coleman, president of Blackpool’s Royal British Legion branch, delivered a petition to Downing Street last week to lobby the Government to hand out stronger punishments to those defacing war memorials. He told The Gazette: “They can have no idea about what harm they’re doing if they lived through the war. Millions and millions of people lost their lives under that swastika sign and it should never rear its head again, especially in this country. Now I find out our locals are doing this and I find it abhorrent.”

Mr Coleman is now calling on schools to do more to educate people about the evils of the Nazis. He added: “This isn’t just graffiti, it’s a slight on anyone who died from this country and it’s a slap in the face for anyone who stands up for democracy. It’s a lack of understanding and education, possibly through schools and their own families not passing down what has happened.

“Education is a must because millions of people were killed under that swastika and so many more suffered soul-destroying injuries.”

Blackpool Gazette

Thanks to NewsHound for the heads-up


B31 Antifascist said...

Don't think much of the New Kimberley Hotel's new advertising campaign.

The EDL and Tommy Robinson saying what they haven't got the guts to admit on camera.

Anonymous said...

The irony is that the wankers who did this would probably be considered lebensunwertes leben in one way or another in the eyes of Hitler and found themselves disposed of in Aktion T4.

Anonymous said...

Why the shock from Blackpool gazzette?

Have they never heard of Ian Stuart?!

Anonymous said...

The EDL and BNP both visit Blackpool regularly.

Anonymous said...

It's spelt Sieg not Seig

iliacus said...

Nazis cannot spell shock !!


Anonymous said...

No member of the Master Race was responsible, firstly it is (as has been pointed out) sIEg and also what White person uses the phrase 'mandem'?

Tony said...

"No member of the Master Race was responsible, firstly it is (as has been pointed out) sIEg and also what White person uses the phrase 'mandem'"


You don't have to be BNP supporter David "Stark Raving Nazi" Starkers to know that white people listen to hip-hop and grime and might use words and terms themselves they take from music, and don't give a second thought about them.

The word "boogie" for instance, comes directly from black New Orleans voodoo, an AFRICAN ghost dance of the "Boogie or Bogie Man", but it was white people who reclaimed the word as their own creation.

Same too wuth urban Carribean slang.

The people who did this are evry likely to be young BNP/EDL supporters who are fairly thick, and not too well versed in their ethnically-pure national socialism.

Enough trolling, please!

This is not the Hope Not Hate Facebook wall, lol!

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha, so by that premise, how come the NF back in the 70s when they undertook a prolific graffiti campaign that there was not one single incident of any "Boogie down with the NF" sprayed anywhere?

Mandem, oh do behave yourself!

Anonymous said...

also what White person uses the phrase 'mandem'?

plenty 'round my way.