November 01, 2011

Occupy Newcastle attacked by EDL

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This morning [30th] at about 4am, the camp was attacked by 20-30 EDL supporters [pictured below], who had been demonstrating earlier in the day. I think people are still okay, no one was hospitalised… but protestors where held down and punched and kicked. Bricks where thrown and an occupier was stamped on. The police were called, it took them ten minutes to arrive, by which time the EDL thugs had vanished. The occupiers are understandably fragile today, and attempting to rebuild their camp.

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Anonymous said...

camp was attacked by 20-30 EDL supporters [pictured below]

EDL and/or National Front?

The photo shows Simon Biggs of the National Front. Have they linked up with the EDL in the North East?

paul said...

Sadly the Indymedia post has been trolled by Trevor KKKelway and neo-nazi EDL chums!

Indymedia have stopped moderating the posts there.

Is this cos Indymedia's lazy???