November 30, 2011

Attack of the EDL zombies

Click on image if you're a masochist
Thanks to Paul for the image


B31 Antifascist said...

From the shaven head jeans and bomber jacket to the suit and tie and then back ro the shaven head jeans and bomber jacket. The fascists have a big problem with.....EVOLUTION???????

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ketlan, lol! I couldn't sleep last night after seeing these zombies. They look even more scary than the BNP lot including that ugly woman from Rotehrham.

Anonymous said...

Based on screengrabs by @everythingedl the EDL are intending to harrass striking union members today. Isn't it interesting that the EDL carry out bully boy tactics like this that benefit nobody but the very government that they claim are race traitors? Fucking thick cunts.