November 17, 2011

English Defence League Openly Embrace White Supremacism

After their worst week since they were formed, the English Defence League's Facebook admin have turned to white supremacism in an effort to reinvigorate their flagging membership.

Last week saw the EDL threaten to attack Occupy LSX which resulted in 172 members being arrested to prevent violence on Armistice Day. They had gathered in a pub to get drunk near the cenotaph, abused the non-British staff, stole food from behind the counter and started fighting each other.

On the same day, whilst the rest of the country were paying their respects to the war dead, their Liverpool Division launched an attack at trade union Unite's offices in Liverpool.

The EDL managed make the headlines in all the national newspapers for all the wrong reasons, with the Sun describing them as Nazis.

The Times reported:

"Some of the staff aren't English and they were shouting at them, telling them to say 'England is better than where I'm from', and things like that," he said.

Another source at the pub said rowdy scenes broke out as supporters were removed from the venue.

"They did not want to go," he added. "They resisted to the point they were throwing stools at the police and bar staff. It was not an average working day. The EDL decided to use this as a base. They were not happy that a number of our bar staff were not English."

Essex Division leader Paul Pitt turned up to the pub with career Nazi, Eddie Stampton despite already being photographed with him and exposed when they turned up together for a fight with Muslims Against Crusades during the 9/11 memorial service in September.

With nothing left to loose after members have started drifting away, the EDL have decided to take a more hardline BNP/Stormfront/White Nationalist stance and issued the following statement on their Facebook page today.

In the last 66 years we as a nation, as a race have had our national identity stolen from us by politicians who have forced us to accept multiculturalism. They have and still are practicing cultural genocide on their own people, despite warnings that we will not accept it. They have forced us to accept the dilution of our heritage and history by the implementation of laws which will stop us from rising up, even if that’s just to voice an opinion.

Any action which has the aim or effect of depriving us of our integrity as distinct peoples, or of our cultural values or ethnic identities. Any form of population transfer which has the aim or effect of violating or undermining any of the rights of the native or indigenous people. Any form of assimilation or integration by other cultures or ways of life imposed on us by legislative, administrative or other measures is cultural genocide.
And unless we find our backbone and stand up to the ones who are committing crimes against the English people we shall continue to be subjected to slavery by a British elite aided by outside influences whose only intention is to destroy us from within and wipe us out as a race.

Some of the replies to this were very telling and go a long way to quash their claims that they are not racist and are onyl against Muslim extremists. It now seems that the mask has completely slipped.

Philip Endean I agree wholeheartedly with this, but you may be alienating EDL supporters who are not of the indigenous Anglo ethnic group. But again, well said, and said not often enough, good on you for having the guts to say it, but then it makes me wonder why the EDL distances itself so much from the BNP, who are your only real hope for cultural and genetic preservation?

Delbert Alexander Time for a new Oliver Cromwell :-)

Gerard Alderson well said couldnt of put it better im sick im sick of the whole immigration issue im not racist ive got family of differnt race but i say enough is enough been saying it for years now and still they flood in NSE

Susan Alexander It is so awful how they are consuming our heritage because of the do gooders of our society and communities. Same thing is on the move in Australia. They are like a fungus spreading across the world with no cure.

Pete Clemit Perfectly put admin .... anybody who disagrees with this should be hung for being a traitor!! Bout time the EDL and BNP stood side by side!!!

Mel Beasley I've said before, this is a war and the stakes are the survival of the British races. Nothing short of armed revolution can stop what is happening.

Alan Mfc "immigration invasion, islamisation of this country and don't help when our own women are knocking out colored babies and still sponge our benefits.. Country is fucked, but N.F.S.E!!"

Earlier on in the day this was posted which seems to suggest that the EDL wish to cut off food sources for Muslims. Here is how the Nazis implemeted their 'hunger plan' during the 1930's. Earler this year their leader Tommy Robinson was cavorting with French based Nazis Bloc Identitaire. Bloc Identitaire run soup kitchens for the homelesss but ensure there is pork in the soup so Muslims cannot eat it.

Dear Mr Cameron after 3 years of the 'no smoking ban' ten thousand pubs have disappeared... Just imagine what could disappear if you banned Halal meat?!
Something to consider!

695 people like this.

The response to this was predictable.

Tony Coady HA HA HA make them eat pork ! LOL

Christine Mccarthy We have to walk in places and ask if its halal and if it is walk back out. Thats the only way Muslims have forced places to sell it. We have to force it back out by standing up for what WE believe in. NSE!

Denise Benjaminson I say throw pigs blood around

Ryan Taylor want to stop it, don't support your asian takeaways, back to fish and chips for us all :P

Gil Liebersohn Muslem have proved the capacity to mince little girls to Kabbab, so Halal is not that high a priority, now is it?

Martin Frankland May I add if any one comes to my shop and tells me they are EDL I will give you a discount if you tell me you are Muslim then I haven't got anything for you.

Sarah van Santen Just the very thought and sight of their shops sickens me to the stomach!!

Dean Pascoe Halal? More like HaLOLMUSLIMSSUCK, eh? Eh?! EH?!

Jack Morton i do not want halhal meat ,and if i ever find that i have been given it without my knowledge , they will know of it ! it is cruel and barbaric , like everything that islam does . as for fish, i would not be surprised at anything that islamics do . they are savages . they are like the natives you see in king-kong films .those with bones on sticks rattling away . -- in fact worse , they put their evil beliefs in a book .

Vicky Snow Best status I've seen in ages lol xXx

Denise Hunt Halal meat is everywhere in this country - we just don't know it! That's why Tommy went on hunger strike - he was offended at being served Halal meat! Imagine them letting an Islam go on hunger strike - it would never happen - they'd be served Halal in the blink of an eye! Two-tiered system as we keep seeing!

We can only assume that Denise Hunt didn't get to hear that Lennon's hungerstrike lasted about twenty four hours and he hypocritically headed for a Halal Nandos upon his release.

Even the openly racist North West Infidels (no blacks, no jews) have noticed the turnaround with their admin commenting

Looks like the rats on the sinking ship that is the edl are deserting their tokens and the black and white shite to try save tommy's crumbling empire with their latest status. Bit late for anti multiculturalism pro indigenous statements now lads, so stop jumping on our band wagon, you've even called us nazis/racists for similar views. Lmao you top 2 ain't even indigenous to England or Britain neither is Kermit, Moore, your new Canadian Jewish div leader or any of ethnic minority in your ranks It's properly the best anti leadership statement ever hahaha

Their more hardcore members are leaving in droves, to join more far-right extremists, their less hard core are deciding that they do not want to turn up to a jolly day out and get mass arrested because of threats made by leadership, threats their leadership refuse take responsibility for. Many are happy with Sikhs and blacks amongst their ranks as it makes it look not so racist.

So that leaves Tommy and Kev between a rock and a hard place. Go more openly fascist and try and reunite the Infidels (even though they cannot stand Tommy) and get back to the good old days where a few thousand would turn up and get into a fight, or slowly die away as the less hardcore decide that they cannot be bothered with the 'Islamic threat' and halal.

Either way, as winter sets in things are looking bleak for the English Defence League.

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Thanks to NewsHound for the heads-up


Anonymous said...

The first stage of EDL development is over marked by their failure to kick off riots in Bradford, Leicester and latterly Tower Hamlets.

The next will be open racism, open hostility to all immigrants, attacks on the Left and formal linking up with fascist groups at home and abroad.

Although the EDL were always thuggish in practice there was an attempt at the beginning to distinguish its rhetoric from the usual fascist verbiage. That's all gone by the wayside now.

Anonymous said...

English Defence League Openly Embrace White Supremacism

Naturally. They've always been white supremacists.

bloo said...

“They said our reasons were just but obviously it was against the law,” said Mr Lennon. “They put us in a grimy prison for three days.”

Awww! Diddums, Caxley-Lemon.

Why no hunger strike? Is that cos they would have force-fed you gruel in a European prison?

Anonymous said...

Typical Hypocrits. Of those posters moaning about immigrants taking over one lives in Spain and the other moaning about immigrants to Australia (an Immigrant nation)

NewsHound said...


Anonymous said...

Septik Bladder is now flavour of the month with the neo-Nazi football hooligan EDL by saying racism can be brushed under the carpet, the corrupt wanker!

NewsHound said...


football fan said...

Sepp blater is probably one of Paulo DiNazio's best mates, which is why fasciist-saluting DiNazio was nominated last year as an embassador of football.

Anonymous said...

The only Muslim in the EDL - and not for very much longer now that his cover's been blown - fined for sectarian offences.

Federico said...

The NWI comment about Lennon, Carroll, Rafferty etc not being indigenous is actually true. But then the NWI's intellectual, Ryan McGarvey (of Muslamic ray guns fame) is hardly in a position to comment.

B31 Antifascist said...

Hardcore EDL members won't want to listen to Tommy Yobinson for much longer. They see him as a moderate media savvy manipulator - see the first comment on this thread. The dawning of a major EDL split is on the cards for 2012, like the National Front in 1980 and the BNP now.