November 25, 2011

Cambridge pub landlord sacked by his parents after disgusting racist rant

The manager of The Salisbury Arms has been sacked by his parents after making despicable racist comments on Facebook.

The website EDL News - which prides itself on bringing people the news the “English Defence League will not bring you” - has published the Facebook postings of Ben ‘English’ Green, the manager of the Salisbury Arms in Tenison Road, Cambridge.

Following the online publication David and Angela Green, his parents and licensees of the popular pub, have made a statement on The Salisbury Arms’s Facebook page, saying their son has moved out of the pub where he is no longer welcome.

It reads: “Ben has been sacked with immediate effect as this sort of behaviour can not and will not be tolerated. The management of The Salisbury Arms would like to apologise unreservedly to anyone who was offended and upset by the stupid actions of this young person. He has let us down as employers and parents and he has put our business and reputation under threat. Once again we are so very sorry about this, he has already been moved out of The Salisbury Arms and is no longer welcome in the pub.”

A spokesman for the brewery branded Green’s Facebook page as “disgusting”. She said: “We find the views expressed by Ben Green on his personal Facebook page disgusting and they do not reflect either our own opinions or those of the licensees of The Salisbury Arms. These views cannot and will not be tolerated and we’re able to confirm that Mr Green has been sacked from his role as Manager of the pub and barred from the site.

“We are sorry for the undoubted offence his views have caused and will work with the licensees to restore the faith in the pub that he alone has sought to bring into disrepute and trust that the local community will be able to disassociate the unacceptable beliefs of one individual from the pub and everyone else associated with it.”

As reported by Cambridge First, the thriving pub was crowned the best cask ale pub in East Anglia in the Great British Pub awards in August.

Cambridge First

More on Ben Green at EDL News.

Thanks to NewsHound for the heads-up

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B31 Antifascist said...

Cambridge attracts students worldwide of all races creeds and colours, and I suppose many would be curious as to the 'mysterious charm' of the typically English pub.

Looking for Al Murray or Bet Gilroy and finding Tommy Yobinson!