July 28, 2011

BNP councillor in Nuneaton quits to become independent

THE only British National Party member on Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council has defected from the party and declared himself an Independent.

Martyn Findley will no longer represent Barpool ward under the BNP banner but will continue to serve as a councillor until the next election in May 2012.

Explaining his decision, he said: “The BNP has gone backwards.

"I have been involved with the party for more than a decade but the progression has come to a halt and it is not something I could tolerate.

“The decision to quit is something I have been considering for some time.

“I feel I need to be honest, although I will not let my consituents down and will continue to work hard for them.”

Coun Findley was one of two BNP candidates to be elected onto the council three years ago.

His colleague, Darren Hayward resigned in 2009 and his seat in Camp Hill was regained by Labour in a by-election.

He said: “I have not been head-hunted or approached by any other party and will stay on as an Independent councillor for Barpool.

"I have left the BNP as a point of principle and I have not decided what to do about standing again next year.”

Coun Findley now becomes the third Independent sitting on the borough council, following the resignations from the opposition Tory party last year of John Ison and Tom Wilson.

Coventry Telegraph


Anonymous said...

Anders Breivik sent 'manifesto' to supporters of BNP, English Defence League and Combat 18


Anonymous said...

“I have not been head-hunted or approached by any other party"

Now there's a surprise!

Anonymous said...

In other words, he wasn't going to give Griffin the opportunity to expel him. First of many, I assume.

Anonymous said...

sacked by alwyn (nazi boy) deacon, because he was ordered by fat pig griffin to do so.