July 29, 2011

BNP - treading on egg shells.

Anybody who has followed the fortunes of the BNP knows they are a dangerous beast when wounded (and full of dangerous beasts) and they should never be discounted.
With their adept leadership, political nouse and intelligent steering of the party they have ended up in a magnificent position that I am sure has left people staring in wonderment.
The sickening, deplorable and beyond comprehension events of last Friday has - rightly - overshadowed what has been an astonishing week within the BNP.
The BNP Leadership Election result that must have scared the shit out of Griffin when he found out he had won by 9 votes. The fallout is going to be spectacular whichever way it goes.

The loss of yet another councillor (Martyn Findley) which takes them down to 9 or 10 out of a possible 22500 ish. My maths is shite and I'm happy to be corrected.

Trafalgar Club bank statement.

The annual event of the accounts not going in on time

The sudden joining of Britain First by the Scottish BNP organiser Gary Raikes and many other things that would usually keep us occupied.

I think it shows the state of the BNP more clearly than anything else that even I'm getting to the point of pity. It's like pissing on a drowning kitten.
London BNP are one of the few bright sparks left for Griffin (in his head) to reignite the fire. Their new organiser stood for election yesterday in Enfield and helped unroll a new campaign that even included expelled members.
Claudia Dalgleish
Steve Squire would like to extend his warm thanks to all the members and activists to helped him in his By-election. You have made us both proud to be members of the British National Party. Your unending support and hard work has made the BNP a household name in Enfield. Thank you.

A household name to 61 voters. The quiet revolution continues.

On a more serious note LU would like to say thank you to News Hound and many other people who have sent stuff through as anon, as either info or stories. I've had a lot of spam and shite to wade through and even though it's not the most graphic, evil or utterly revolting thing LU has received this week it is the one pissed me off the most.

Anonymous said...
I was really upset when i heard he shot young innocent kids.Then i found out they were marxist youths and laughed my arse off.No remorse here as if you lot would care if it was young BNP members killed.

If I ever needed a mental kick up the arse that provided it.

Cheers John P


Anonymous said...

The bnp are finished as a political party,nearly all branches in Britain have closed down. Griffins corruption caused this along with the rife Cronism in the bnp to secure a future for the gri££in PIG FAMILY.

Anonymous said...

You seem worried ha ha ha GOOD are you shitting the bed every time the wind blows the garden gate.

Anonymous said...

Griffins big mistake was to allow Harrington, Jefferson and his daughter to abuse his former consigliere the rancid but capable Mr Dowson. The little marketing man from east of the Bann is a dangerous and vicious advisory who has made several organisations rue the day they fell foul of him and his shadowy outfit. Dowson has let it be known that his mission over the next three years is to totally destroy those he thinks wronged him and his family. Given the guy is a real nut and has the money contacts and experience in the murky world of Ulster politics and the militant anti abortion scene to back up his plan, I think the next few months should be interesting for us and painful for the Griffin clan. “When two tribes go to war”

Landale said...

Well done John for keeping everything up to date.

61 votes to Mr Squire - my, he did frightfully well! Hard to see him improving on it thankfully.

blogdogga said...

In their recent video to an Australian TV station, the EDL's Fuhrer Yaxley Lennon openly claimed that senior members of the British judiciary including an unnamed High Court Judge supported them, which casts doubts on the recent aquittals and suspended sentences of Stephen Yaxley Lennon.

Please watch the following video for Australia's "Sixty Minutes" programme: -


Alan Lake's Final Solution said...


The Hitlerite blueprint of Alan Lake.......

Anonymous said...

61 votes to Mr Squire

Steve "my Grandad was a Blackshirt" Squire humiliated in Enfield!

Looks like we're back to the kind of election results the old 'Political Soldier' NF used to get in 1986-1990.

Someone remind me who were the leaders back then?!

John P said...

Anonymous said...

You seem worried ha ha ha GOOD are you shitting the bed every time the wind blows the garden gate.

10:34 AM, July 29, 2011

I live in a block of flats, so no I'm not.

Ex-BNP said...

In the manner of Mrs Slocombe and your awful reference to kittens I respectively ask you leave my pussy out of this.

Anonymous said...

Have Griffin and Dowson really fell out or are they just pretending to? Does Dowson have experience in Ulster Politics really? As for Britain First - is this a Griffin, Dowson and Golding front and does the Belfast printer supposedly owed thousands know about this? or is the Belfast Printer getting a cut from whatever money they fleece from gullible punters.

Gary Raikes is a Griffin arselicker supreme and he is the new "organiser". Something stinks.

Anonymous said...

Think of it less as pissing on a drowning kitten and more shovelling up and disposing of cockroaches.