July 25, 2011

EDL founder Stephen Lennon 'led fans' in fight in Luton

The founder of the English Defence League led a group of football fans into a street fight, a court has heard.

Stephen Lennon, 28, led Luton Town supporters and chanted "EDL" as they clashed with Newport County fans in Luton, it was alleged.

Luton Magistrates' Court heard that Lennon, of Luton, was "egging on" and "upping the ante" as the two sets of fans fought on 24 August last year.

Lennon denies using threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour.

The court was told he had been at the front of the group of Luton Town fans and gesticulated "come on then" at his opponents.

The case continues.

BBC News


Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of the fans Lennon was having a go at were Muslim. Maybe like his mate in Oslo Lennon talked about sticking up for white Christians before attacking them.

Anonymous said...

Has YL lost his state safety?

Can be now be jailed for his thuggish fascist activities?

Anonymous said...

"Stephen Lennon, 28...had been at the front of the group of Luton Town fans and gesticulated "come on then" at his opponents."

I've overestimated Yaxley-Lennon, he sounds like an incredibly immature bloke. These aren't the actions of someone deeply concerned with defending Western civilisation from destruction by the "fanatical forces of global Jihadism".

Maybe he read somewhere that in 1940 Winston Churchill liked nothing more than getting beered up with his mates and going out for a bit of a ruck in the streets of Westminster whilst German forces massed in the towns and villages of northern France. Or something.

Anonymous said...

Robinson is on Newsnight tonight,

edl scum are crowing, complain to the Beeb on 03700 100222, why should this lowlife get any more publicity?

Anonymous said...

You'll be thrilled to know he's escaped jail once again.