July 27, 2011


Over the past few of days alleged EDL member Daryl Hobson's name has been mentioned in various media outlets in connection to claims that the Norwegian terrorist, Anders Behring Breivik, met members of the English Defence League and visited the UK in 2010 to take part in EDL demonstrations.

Viewers of last night's (Mondays) BBC flagship programme "Newsnight" will have seen EDL leader Stephen Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) tell the interviewer Jeremy Paxman, that he (Lennon), did not know who Daryl Hobson was and that Hobson was merely a "random" member of the EDL's Facebook group.

Lennon made a number of other claims that the BBC decided not to challenge.

Well, pictured above is a photograph of Lennon with the Hobson himself. Yes, the "random" and allegedly unknown to Lennon, Daryl Hobson.

Lennon is reported to be charging sections of the media £50 for an interview. Let's hope it is on a sale or return agreement. Based on this evidence, he is selling faulty merchandise.


Thanks to Nick Lowles at Searchlight/HOPE not Hate


Anonymous said...

Lennon's newsnight interview was a string a lies.

He's just copied Griffin's tactics when he used to debate with Paxman: just deny any inconvinient points then lie and state the opposite:

Q: "Your members have been arrested on demos?"

A: "No they haven't we are completely peaceful"

Q: "You, yourself, have criminal convictions for violence?"

A: "No I haven't, I have no criminal record"

That's the Lennon interview style: just bullshit your way through and hope the gullible saps in "TV Land" buy it.

Anonymous said...

Lennon is reported to be charging sections of the media £50 for an interview.

Stone Island Duffle Coats don't come cheap!

P.S. I stopped wearing Duffle Coats at around twelve years old!

John P said...

It looks like Daryl has had enough of the EDL