August 08, 2008

The BNP’s very own anti-White racism

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Like a cross between a broken record and a rabid dog, the BNP and its automated army of online posters attack, hound and denounce their critics as ‘anti-White racists’. But, being thoroughly inconsistent and quite careless with the key ingredient that makes the perfect racist dish, a generous dash of hypocrisy, the BNP likes to, every so often, dip its athlete’s foot into its very own algae-covered piranha-filled pond of anti-White racism.

BNP on the British White Working Class

"White working class scum will be swept away by a future BNP government"

"I'm no apologist for white working class scum"

- BNP councillor Simon Smith, Sandwell

BNP on British White Catholics

“I would include them [Catholics] in the 'foreign white' category, which you seem to have overlooked in my earlier posts - they certainly could not be described as ‘white Britons’”

- Alan O’Reilly: BNP speaker, activist and operator of Cleveland BNP blog

BNP on White Eastern Europeans

“They may be White, my comrades, but they have a completely different culture. And the hardships they faced in their own countries make them opportunists in ours.”

- Donna Hancock (BNP Worcestershire Organiser) and Lee Hancock (BNP candidate) writing on BNP blog, worcestershirenationalist

BNP on so-called 'White Trash'

“The BNP believes in voluntary repatriation. Indeed - there are many people like Bhaskar [an Asian Muslim] whom I'd prefer to remain in Britain than white trash like Cliare or that other reptile that used to disgrace this forum - a certain David Webb if I remember correctly”

- Francis Andrew, BNP activist


Fact 1: If you are White and working-class, the BNP despise you

Fact 2: If you are White and Catholic, the BNP despise you

Fact 3: If you are White and of east European origin, the BNP despise you


Anonymous said...

Donna Hancock, the BNP’s pug-ugly (vomit) Worcestershire Organiser who lives in Evesham has recently become part of the BNP’s membership department, working alongside Tina Wingfield. Hancock is widely believed to be an M15 plant recruited by Simon Darby. Certainly, is it not odd that someone who has been a member of the BNP for barely a year (she was not a member when former political prisoner Kevin Hughes held the position of Worcestershire Organiser) now has access to the entire BNP membership list?

Hancock will no doubt have already passed the personal details of every BNP member to her spook buddies.

Landale said...

They basically, don't like anybody who isn't them.

Anonymous said...

Why are you picking on me? You surely don't believe those who are calling me an M15 stooge and questioning why I have access to the full party membership list after hardly a year in the party?
Yes I was a BNP member before Mr Hughes the previous organiser became a political prisoner, I just forgot to send in my application form. sincerely, D Hamcock

Anonymous said...

Strange that Donna Hancock should be espousing such views regarding fellow whites when I have heard her telling people that one of her grandparents was jewish and that she is very proud of it!