August 18, 2008

Hypocrisy, homophobia and lesbian BNP organiser Donna Hancock

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To add to its distasteful racism, anti-Semitism and residual anti-Catholicism, the BNP is an unequivocally homophobic party. The BNP views homosexuality in the same terms as it views the white working class: both are regarded as internal threats to the purity and strength of the White race and Britain. Given this, it is quite surprising to find married heterosexual and BNP Worcestershire Organiser Donna Hancock not only proclaim herself to be an open lesbian but that she intends to wed her girlfriend and take her to the BNP annual piss-up, the Red, White and Blue ‘festival’. If anything, Donna Hancock is making a big mistake and should brace herself for the inevitable backlash from the BNP rank-and-file.

The hypocrisy

Along with husband Lee Hancock (a BNP candidate), Donna Hancock operates the BNP blog, Worcestershire Nationalist. Despite Donna Hancock proclaiming herself as the BNP’s only open gay organiser, we find the following homophobic statements on the Worcestershire Nationalist blog directed at one of Britain’s leading anti-fascist activists, Denise Garside, herself an openly gay women (in addition to other homophobic writings):

the lesbian Garside”, “Garside a fucking dyke”, “LGPA (Lesbian and Gay Police Association) = Looks Good Patently Aesthetic

BNP Worcestershire Organiser Donna Hancock’s lesbian postings

Posting on the lesbian forum (‘For girls who love girls’), Donna Hancock claims that not only can a lesbian be a raving fascist but that she also plans to take her girlfriend to the BNP’s Red, White and Blue festival:

Hi, this issue bugs me loads. I'm a political animal and when I inform others of this there is often an automatic assumption that because of my lesbian preferences my political leanings must be of a liberal or leftist persuasion. In fact my political views are what could be termed on the right if one uses arguably out-dated political mapping. Anyway, I am planning to attend the BNP's RWB (Red White and Blue festival) in Derbyshire in August. Bet my g/f and I will be the only gay women present (just like last year although we did not go around asking or advertising ourselves as such!!) but why should this be so? Gay women have a lot to offer and this applies across the political spectrum. Please join me in fighting against the political stereotyping of gay women! It's all hands on deck as we battle encroaching liberal-fascism!

Incredibly, Donna Hancock then tries to spin an image of the BNP as non-homophobic:

From what I can gather about BNP attitudes, there are no more homophobes in its ranks than in any other Party and actually, suprisingly enough to anyone who believes that a so-called far right Party would be anti-gay

As we show below, not only is Donna Hancock in denial over the BNP’s homophobia but is either a liar or overwhelmingly naive about the BNP. Donna Hancock goes on to regal us with the colours and styles of pubic hair that she and her girlfriend sport as well as the fascist-inspired tattoos she has on her genitals (she also says that “I am butch and I used to sign off my emails and texts 'the cock' (short form of my surname). Sort of gave it away I guess!”). Donna Hancock also tells us of her plan to wed her girlfriend, something, as detailed below, the BNP are definitely opposed to:

Can anyone recommend a lesbian-friendly wedding planner? I'm in the West Midlands but I suppose my big day could be arranged from a laptop in the Outer Hebrides if need be!

But, Donna Hancock then admits to fearing her family’s homophobia:

I don't think that some of my relatives have even sussed that I am a lesbian ... I can't help but feel sort of gagged as these people are my family and I don't want to fall out with them ... How on earth do you come out to your dearest relatives when you know that they will not accept it in a million years?

If Donna Hancock fears the reaction of her family, then she should defiantly fear the reaction of her fellow BNP members.

The BNP’s pure, unrefined homophobia

The BNP’s only elected member of the London Assembly, Richard Barnbrook, condemned homosexuality in the following terms:

There is a close analogy here with homosexuality. No one knows what causes some individuals to do what the majority of any healthy society places on a scale somewhere between distasteful and abhorrent, but some individuals will behave in that way whatever the bulk of popular opinion ... [in] the present circumstances where such "alternative lifestyle choices" are presented as valid – even superior – by the most powerful behavioural modification programme in human history

This homophobia has been translated in murderous violence. Former BNP member, David Copeland, bombed the Soho gay pub, Admiral Duncan, killing three people in a homophobic terrorist attack. David Copeland said his act was inspired by the BNP leadership. Readers can click on this link for a picture of David Copeland with master homophobe, BNP founder and leader John Tyndall. This is what BNP leader Nick Griffin said about the anti-gay Admiral Duncan bombing in the BNP’s then official magazine, Spearhead (June 1999):

TV footage of …gay demonstrators flaunting their perversion in front of journalists showed why so many ordinary people find these creatures so repulsive

David Copeland is not the only BNP-linked person to have carried out homophobic violence. In an April 2000 interview, BNP Thurrock organiser Dave Strickson boasted of attacking gays and lesbians in what he termed “queer-bashing” in Leicester Square. Further, BNP councillor Ian Meller was arrested as part of an armed fascist gang who attempted to attack a Gay Pride march in Leicester.

Writing in the BNP’s magazine, Identity (December 2003), BNP leader Nick Griffin denounced homosexuality as “form of behavioural deviancy”, “not a valid lifestyle choice” and “homosexuality is wrong” that “needs to be pushed humanely but firmly back into the closet”. Nick Griffin then issues this warning to gays and lesbians: if they continue to “press their aims further” there will be an “almighty backlash” which will result in the imprisonment of homosexuals in Britain. Nick Griffin has even advocated ways of criminalising gays and lesbians:

There's plenty of people making soap operas that present homosexuality as a wonderful lifestyle, which as a matter of fact it very often isn't .. So if you fined or even imprisoned a BBC filmmaker for breaching those laws, then it's not persecuting a homosexual necessarily, it's persecuting someone for breaking those laws

The BNP’s Director of Publicity (and former head of Young BNP) Mark Collett went on to call gay and lesbians: "AIDS Monkeys", "bum bandits" and "faggots" and said the idea of homosexuality was a "sickening thought". Also, that AIDS is a “friendly disease because blacks, drug users and gays have it”. Not surprisingly, a BNP spokesman told the gay newspaper PinkNews that:

Some unfortunate people suffer from homosexuality so we will just have to tolerate them. If I was one I would be ashamed and would remain celibate

The BNP’s founder John Tyndall in his official Dagenham by-election leaflet promised that the BNP would ban all funding to gay and lesbian groups. BNP London organiser Nick Eriksen even went on to claim that gays and lesbians attempt to convert heterosexuals to homosexuality:

"It therefore follows however that I do not approve of those who proselytise in favour of homosexuality or ‘homosexual rights’, or who parade proclaiming their homosexuality to the world"

The BNP’s website also carries the following homophobic policy:

On the other hand the BNP is not blinded or cowed by political correctness and recognises that homosexuality, which affects less than 2% of the population, is not the norm and that homosexual relationships do not produce offspring – essential to the survival of a people and a nation. We therefore believe in a policy of tolerance to all forms of adult sexuality, but homosexuality should not be promoted or encouraged. The BNP ... is opposed to the flaunting or celebrating of homosexuality which ‘civil partnerships’ represent. We believe that the government should adopt a more neutral position towards homosexuality rather than aiding and encouraging it by passing legislation specifically and solely designed to favour it

So, will Donna Hancock still persist in her myopic belief that the BNP will accept gay persons such as herself? When will she stop propagating the lie that the BNP can accept gays and lesbians? Is her hatred for non-Whites so overwhelming that she’s prepared to throw her lot in with an organisation that despises her too? Is this a turkey voting for Christmas?

Donna Hancock and her BNP husband Lee Hancock

The not so 'indigenous White' Donna Hancock and her Jewish roots

On the lesbian forum, Donna Hancock admits to being East European Jewish in origin (not a good thing in the BNP) on her mother’s side:

Tell me about it! I'm jewish on my mother's side ... They even talk about 'nice jewish boys' they want to introduce me to. I hear them 'kvetching' (complaining) ... Oy vey! ... All I want is 'a maidel mit a klaidel'. (trad yiddish for a woman in a pretty dress). Gezundheit to all reading this!

Yet, posting on the Worcester News website, Donna Hancock gives the deliberate impression that she’s 100% White indigenous Briton when she writes:

As to who are the indigenous Britons: The most up to date genetic studies have shown that three quarters of all British people are direct descendants of the first inhabitants of the British Isles that came here at the end of the last Ice Age, around 13,000 years ago, from the Iberian Peninsula .. There were later invasions and less violent immigrations which left a small genetic signal but no individual event contributed even a tenth of our modern genetic mix. So we are in fact an extremely homogenous people and indeed the indigenous, aboriginal people of this land. And as such, we have just as much right to fight for our interests in our homeland as other indigenous people around the world are encouraged and applauded for doing

Donna Hancock dissimulation is further compounded by the following racist statement against Eastern Europeans on the Worcestershire Nationalist blog:

They [Eastern Europeans] may be White, my comrades, but they have a completely different culture. And the hardships they faced in their own countries make them opportunists in ours

One minority attacks another minority

Is Donna Hancock an inconsistent enigma? We ask this question because in the following posting on the Evening Standard website, Donna Hancock seems to be arguing for equal rights for non-White lesbians:

Ken has not done nearly enough for us gay women! Where are the gay women in prominent positions within the Labour Party, let alone in the canteens of London? And there are sizeable numbers of lesbians who happen to be BME [Black and Ethnic Minority] -where are the support network for gay BME women fleeing from prejudice within their communities? After all, there's lots of support for heterosexual women fleeing forced marriages! - Donna Hancock, UK

Yet, in a posting on the BNP’s website Donna Hancock rants against non-Whites as “the advancing dark hordes”:

I’ve always thought that the best way to destroy something is to take the p*** out of it. “The Life of Brian” did a lot to destroy Christianity. I never thought I’d hear myself saying this, but we’ve got to support Christianity against the advancing dark hordes because, in reality, what sounds better to you? The sound of church bells, or the sound of wailing Muslims? We’re talking about the destruction of 2,000 years of religious history here. Not to mention such places as Avebury and Stonehenge. These sites have a huge cultural significance to us all that outweigh any islamic prayers, because these sites are linked to the ancient gods of Europe. Our gods stem from the beliefs of the Germanic people, and the people that built these ancient sites are our people. Anyway, is it just me or does Rowan Williams look a bit/ a lot Satanic? :D

Donna Hancock in denial

Some BNP members claim that Donna Hancock is, like BNP deputy leader Simon Darby, a MI5 agent. It is pointed out that within a relatively short period of time Donna Hancock has been elevated to three senior positions within the BNP: BNP Worcestershire Organiser, the BNP’s national enquires team and the BNP’s membership team. But, we’ve got a more plausible explanation. As we all know, the BNP is renowned for a being a party of slavish political correctness. Indeed, the BNP proudly boasts of its equal opportunities program for marginalised minorities such as married heterosexual, part-Jewish and part-Eastern European lesbians such as Donna Hancock. The BNP must have stumbled across Donna Hancock when they read her post in which she complains about persons like her being grossly under-represented in British politics:

As a gay woman, I would like to know what Ken and Boris plan to do for me - lesbians are terribly under-represented in most fields. And why the stereotype of the left-wing butch dyke (although I'm proud to be a teensy bit butch). My girlfriend and I happen to be right of centre politically

Don’t worry Donna you’ll do fine in the BNP. It's full of misfits like you, so you should feel at home! You're a great advert for the BNP's much touted family values policy. We just hope that you were holding your girlfriend’s hand at the Red, White and Blue festival.

¡No PasarĂ¡n!


BD said...

Donna Hancock is on the BNP payroll receiving £250 in cash each month!

Anonymous said...

Given that Jackie Griffin has a little penchant for the same sex it's not surprising that Donna Hancock has been given roles within the party.

a very public sociologist said...

Oh dear.

Anonymous said...

Strange how Darby fast tracked Mrs Hancock into her position, but, others would say, not so strange...

Anonymous said...

I see that Chris Hall guy from Lancaster was thrown out of the fascist-fest yesterday and is now shouting about it al over the web. What a prat if I were so fascist that even other fascist didn’t want anything to do with me, I’d sure a fuck keep quite about it wouldn’t you?

But I bet he still tries to licking Griffin’s arse even after this.

Dicky's Arse Dildo said...

Like Bumbrook, homophobia forces Uncle and Auntie Toms to denounce their own kind, as with non-practising Jewish fascist Pat Richardson.

While hating their guts in secret, Nick Griffin's BNP will play up their multicultural credentials to (try to) win votes, if necessary, anything to ensure Cyclops remains in power.

Denise G said...

Well, Donna sounds decidedly mixed up.

She seems to be suffused with the zealotry of a religious convert.

Is she really gay, though?

Those of us who have never been otherwise tend to a healthy suspicion of those who have led hitherto heterosexual lives, suddenly announce that they are gay, and run around telling the world about it.

It smacks too much of a lifestyle choice.

Anonymous said...

Not knowing Donna, and she is a name ive not come across before, having read Hexs piece which i compliment as usual. I had a scout around to see if i could find out some more, and certainly read through the postings Donna appears to have made on other blogs.

Because of what i have read im going to have to disagree with Denise on one point. I agree with the "healthy suspicion", but i dont agree with the "lifestyle choice".

I believe that Donna is an attention seeker, if she were a child she would probably be diagnosed with ADD - attention defecit disorder.

Donna craves attention and Donna will nail her flag to any mast that she believes will get her that attention.

Quite a sad old cow really, one to feel pity for.

But some of you are quite right by choosing to "out" herself like this she will find herself soon set aside by the bnp and ridiculed.

While i know you all want to come on here and have a laugh and let off steam, and weve all done it, please bear in mind that some of our community will be gay so lets not cause them offense.


Hexapla said...

It seems that certain BNP members having been attacking BNP organiser Donna Hancock since at least June 2008, way before Lancaster Unity published its article on Donna Hancock today. I found the following three posts against Donna Hancock that seem to be by her fellow BNP comrades:

1) 27 June 2008 posting on BNP blog, NorthWest Nationalists:

Anonymous said...

Anyone heard the rumour that Donna Hancock M15 stooge in the West Midlands is a lesbian?
Google her name doing a UK search only. Talks about dyed pubic hair in Evesham. Go figure.

27 June 2008 23:26

2) 12 August 2008 posting on neo-nazi forum, Stormfront under thread, ‘Re: Jews Who You Probably Didn't Know Were Jews’ by poster called ‘Fuel Leak’:

“Donna Hancock the BNP Worcestershire Organiser has apparently got a jewish grandparent. Looks it too judging by the attached photo. Personally I have nothing against jews and I enjoy woody allen and seinfeld.”

3) 9 August 2008 posting on Lancaster Unity:

Anonymous said...

Donna Hancock, the BNP’s pug-ugly (vomit) Worcestershire Organiser who lives in Evesham has recently become part of the BNP’s membership department, working alongside Tina Wingfield. Hancock is widely believed to be an M15 plant recruited by Simon Darby. Certainly, is it not odd that someone who has been a member of the BNP for barely a year (she was not a member when former political prisoner Kevin Hughes held the position of Worcestershire Organiser) now has access to the entire BNP membership list?

Hancock will no doubt have already passed the personal details of every BNP member to her spook buddies.

1:07 PM, August 09, 2008

Anonymous said...

Just to stop the inevitable screams from the fringe - We are not critisising DH for her proclivity, we are pointing out the complete hypocracy of her and the BNP's position.

Mind you turning to the old Navy Joke (WArning SExist REmark) and based on published pictures, I rather suspect DH & JG would need to take thier turns in the barrel to enjoy any affection at all.

Anonymous said...

New attack on Donna Hancock, again on Stormfront by a poster called 'Vallhala' under the thread, 'Re: Should coloureds be allowed to join the BNP?':

"Not to mention donna hancock bnps first openly gay jewish organiser.
The thread should be .Should we support the bnp in gay march pride.The answer is no. Sorry for being direct"