August 04, 2008

BNP claim Christianity is a racist anti-White religion

BNP legal director Lee Barnes claims that Christianity is a non-White religion forced upon Britain and Europe in order to destroy the White race!

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Christianity is dead!

Prima facie it seems that the BNP stands up for Christianity as an indelible aspect of British identity. But, nothing could be further from the truth. Writing on the BNP website, BNP candidate and Uruguayan immigrant Carlos Cortiglia (we exposed him as admitting to have fought against Britain during the Falklands war. See link) claims that:

“I welcome this wake up call of the Church of England and I hope that from now on the British National Party will be welcomed in every husting organized by the Church of England. We [the BNP] have been saying all along that Christianity is being eroded and we are fighting to keep Christian values alive and well in Britain”

But, several days ago, BNP legal director Lee Barnes published yet another rambling article attacking Christianity as responsible for the decline of the White race and Britain. In that article, Odin, Yggdrasil and the death of Christianity and Liberalism, BNP Lee Barnes condemns Christianity as a non-White religion responsible for all the ills of the White race:

“Christianity is a semitic religion, it is creature of the deserts of the Middle East not the forests of the Northern Europe and its symbol the cross is an instrument of torture not of living redemption.”

“the organic religion of the West was replaced with the theological dogma of the East. European Man at that moment became seperated from his roots, and the insane fratricidal wars that have destroyed the West in the name of the various christian cults began.”

“christianity could only be implanted in the West via force, the forces of chaos at war in the world are the way that the archaic spirituality of the West will return.”

“Christianity took power through violence in the West, and as it rotted away its shadow image of Liberalism unleashed through its toleration and promotion of evils such as Islamic extremism, crime, degeneracy and filth the same violence that once empowered christianity.”

“The religion of christianity that preached of peace conquered with war, blood and death. It had turned the natural, organic religions of Europe based on the symbolism of the tree, a living and growing symbol of perpetual life with the dead symbol of the cross - a symbol of horror, violence, torture, obedience and the brutality of Rome and the betrayal of the Jewish Pharisees.The symbolism of the cutting down of the tree of life is a symbol found throughout Europe wherever christianity killed its way to power.”

“Christianity despises the planet - and this is why we are facing the ecologicl crisis of today.”

One of Lee Barnes’ conclusions is that “Christianity is dead”. Can we really believe the BNP when it says that is ’fighting to keep Christian values alive and well in Britain’?

Only through violence can the West be revived pronounces Lee Barnes

In a recent article we noted that BNP legal director Lee Barnes previously condemned Britain as a “sick society” that must be destroyed by the god Odin to make way for a BNP order (see link). It is clear that Lee Barnes has not changed his views. Lee Barnes carries on his fascist-Odinist interpretation when he claims that:

“Today the violence we see in our society is the prelude to a rebirth of the West, a rebith based on ancestral cultures, values and an organic religion of nature.

The violence in our society is the unleashing of the chthonic forces of nature as represented by Nidhoggr, who exists beneath the world tree Yggdrasil. This is the dark side of mans unconscious released on the earth with no moral or social constraints, for with the fall of christianity and liberalism no moral order exists to control European Man.”

Lee Barnes carries on his previous themes advocating the replacement of Christianity with a fictitious pagan religion, Odinism, as the means to revive the White race:

“Odinism on the other hand offers European Man a way to spiritual wholeness in LIFE”.

“In Odinism the God Odin is crucified like Christ to a tree. Unlike Christ whose redemption is found only after his death, Odin SURVIVES his torment on the tree and gains the wisdom of the Runes and thereby unlocks the secrets of the universe ...The roots represent our descent from the Gods and our connection to the Earth, the trunk represents our shared European racial heritage, the main branches of the tree our nations and tribes ...

The death age of christianity and liberalism has led to the age that William Blake regarded as Ulro - the lowest stage of human life possible where mans innate value has been replaced by his utility value. Just as Christianity grafted itself upon the hewn oaks of our heathen past, the new religion that is starting to sprout upon the stumps left behind by christianity and its pimp sister liberalism is a return to an organic and natural religion.”


In light of racist and sectarian nonsense we read above, can anyone with an adult, rational and sane mind ever contemplate voting for the BNP? If people think that Lee Barnes’ anti-Christian madness is a one off occurrence, then they are sadly mistaken. Anti-Christianity is hardwired into the BNP’s ideology. We will be publishing further articles that demonstrate the BNP’s sheer ambiguity towards Christianity. But, we leave the reader with the following statement from the BNP’s founder and leader, John Tyndall in his September 2003 article, Some Definitions: A sample from the 'Politically Aware Vocabulary' series:

What passes for Christianity in this country today can only be described as superstitious sociology; a bland doctrine of welfare-mongering with guilt, humility and self-abasement as its cardinal principles. We can only have contempt for a Church which, in the name of Christianity, facilitates the Islamic occupation of whole neighbourhoods, condones homosexuality, promotes multi-racialism and will forgive everything.

Our race is our religion, and the nation is our church”.

¡No PasarĂ¡n!


BNP taxpayer said...

I am beginning to think Lee Barnes is on the LU/UAF pay role. How much more damage will this dangerous lunatic inflict on the BNP when it is already struggling to stay afloat. Can't someone please shut him up.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the Revd West will have to say to Herr Griffin about this gaffe.

Aberdeen Patriot said...

Lee Barnes is one of the reasons we should support griffin, Thats another 100 members who will not renew subs this year, and maybe another few thousand votes.

Long Live Barnes and his protector Griffin. Its like watching a modern day Laurel and Hardy,,, you can just here Griffin

"thats another fine mess youve got me into Barnes"

imagine if someone gave the two of them a ladder, the slapstick duo would have us all creasing, maybe they will do a double act at the RWB.

Redandblack said...

Loony Lee Barnes is the best thing anti-fascists could hope for. Every time he opens his bloody great mouth hundreds more see the BNP nut jobs for what they really are.

Hexapla said...

Don't worry 'Aberdeen Patriot', you're also the equivalent fascist reason why nobody should support the anti-Griffin BNP faction either. We can do an article on you if you want. Let's see, so far we've done Lee Barnes, Andrew Gatward, Chris Barnett, Alan Girvan, Mike Newland, Malcolm Doughty, Nick Griffin, Carlos Cortiglia, Nick Eriksen and many, many more. A couple more of your BNP mates will also be appearing on here over the next week or two.

Anonymous said...

lee barnes is playing gonzo in the new muppet movie

Go West said...

The Odinists in the BNP can never bleat on about Britain "losing it's Christian soul" when they hate Christianity when they hate the religion so much.

I wander what the rank and file members will say to Mister Barnes come the rwb? lol

Would have been fun to see the Reverend West in attendance, lol

tony said...

Aberdeen Patriot makes a good comparison about Laurel and Hardy, and the behaviour of idiots like Lee Looney Barnes (LLB).

Indeed, I Can't imagine why chumps within the party still insist in supporting gri££in and co. when things go from bad to worse.

Talk about sheepl.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know whether the "Reverend" West will be in attendance at the RWB?

Will he be doing his annual race bashing sermon and blessing the good ship BNP?

It'll certainly be interesting to see the clash of religions at the RWB when the Odinists square up to the Christians!

It's been said that the "Rev" West is no longer a member of the BNP.

Does anyone know if this is true and if so why he went - or was he expelled?

amarxistantiracist said...

Odin was hanged, not crucified. The story of his hanging may have been influenced by the Crucifixion but no one knows. Norse myths are good stories and our common heritage. Don't let the BNP appropriate them for racism.