August 12, 2008

Meat stolen for Burnley BNP man’s memorial BBQ

A prolific conman stole more than £200 worth of meat for a gathering in memory of a former BNP councillor.

Norman Jones, a former leader of the notorious Burnley Suicide Squad and convicted killer, stole the haul from Tesco before a barbecue for former borough councillor Luke Smith.

Ex-Lanehead councillor Mr Smith, 26, of Brunshaw Road, Burnley was found hanging off Yorkshire Street last month. Like Jones, Mr Smith was a convicted football hooligan and he was forced to resign as a borough councillor in 2003 after allegations of violence at a British National Party event in Sawley.

His funeral was held at St Catherine’s Church, Todmorden Road, on July 29.

Trouble flared following the service, with objects hurled off the Yorkshire Street bridge but no arrests were made by police, who dispersed the mob.

Jones, 58, formerly of Colne but now living in Williams Road, Burnley, admitted theft of the meat, valued at £216, and was given a three-month curfew, from 7pm to 7am, with £75 costs. A district judge told him even if he wanted to give Mr Smith a good send-off, items on the shelves at Tesco had to be paid for and were not for the taking.

Richard Taylor, defending, said Jones, who has a number of previous fraud convictions, had recently been diagnosed with angina and had pleaded guilty at the first opportunity and the property had been recovered. Mr Taylor added: “He is getting too old for this kind of thing and he knows it.”

Jones is banned by the courts from collecting for a fictitious children’s ju-jitsu club after he was caught carrying out a scam in Burnley and Pendle in January. He has previous convictions for falsely collecting money for a fire victim and children’s charities across East Lancashire.

Lancashire Telegraph


Anonymous said...

Bloody 'Ell £216 nicked and all the toerag. with a lot of previous, gets is a gentle slap over the wrist, I mean its not a sharp enough slap to interfere with his sex life.

Some how I don't think that Green Arsehole or Scumfrony will be complaining about the refusal of courts to give meaningfull sentances in this case.

However, on the bright side, it does proove that the Nutzies think so little of the late, unlamented, Smith, that they are not prepared to pay any good money to mourn his passing.

Old Sailor

Dark Poet said...

AS long as the meat was properly hung......

iliacus said...

All the normal rules of civilised behaviour bypassed these people long ago didn't they ?????

Anonymous said...

What a great bunch of lads.

Let's have a wake for Luke and we will invite a convicted killer to come along and get him to steal the food.

My only question is who stole all the booze?

Political Idealist said...

Good luck to him if he can shoplift out of TESCO. These multi national corporations have no respect for the little shop keepers trying to make a living.
As for Luke Smith RIP.
This is one of many young lads who can not see any future in this country.
Some turn to drugs/drink others to left/right politics.

The only way our communities can be saved is if we build from a grass roots level and find out how we can unite more.
Far left and the far right are just full of frustrated people who are looking for peace.
We dont need far right or far left only unity.