August 26, 2008

Victim is punched after row over BNP

A fight erupted between two men after an argument about the British National Party, Swindon Magistrates’ Court heard. Philip Owen, 42, from Albion Street in the town centre, pleaded guilty to hitting Sean Enwright at a Swindon working men’s club on June 6 last year.

 The actual bodily harm charge came about after Owen had been talking about the BNP to his friends when he asked Mr Enwright, a former military man, if he would join the group. He did not like the content of the conversation so Mr Enwright, 59, said the Second World War was meant to stop people behaving in the way Owen was acting.

 Owen saw red, saying “I’m going to hurt you,” before attacking him. Mr Enwright suffered a cut to his left ear and was unable to remember how he got to the Great Western Hospital when he regained consciousness.

 Owen, who has a history of ABH incidents on his record stretching back to 1983, did not make any comment to police during his first interview. But he later pleaded guilty to the charge.

 “You hit him and he is a lot older than you,” said Judge Simon Cooper. “You were fired up and shouldn’t have allowed yourself to punch him. But there were no serious injuries and there has been no record of violence for 15 years. I believe this was an isolated incident.”

 CCTV footage captured the incident unfolding, although the judge said viewing the tape would not expand on the facts of the case.

 Owen apologised for the incident and for wasting the courts’ time. He was given a 12-month community order, which will be supervised for the first nine months, in a conflict resolution programme. He also will carry out 100 hours of community service in unpaid work. Owen was ordered to pay £200 in compensation for the injury and suffering to Mr Enwright and £60 court costs. It will be paid in two instalments over the next two months.

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Anonymous said...

Violence - the BNP's answer to pretty much everything.

johnc said...

How great it is to be able to believe that the BNP is no longer a party full of violent thugs - oh no, hang on a minute...

Anonymous said...

On a different matter, just spotted this over on SF. You couldn't make it up. Someone declaring themselves Führer. How very dare they!

It is with sadness that I report to you an open attack upon the British Free Corps organization by a renegade official.

Further details will be available from our alternate website here or in my signature.

Here you will find four of the founding members as well as some other familiar comrades.

The fifth core member who has control of the website has took it upon himself to become Fuhrer and ban all top officials from the site.

Until we assess the damage caused by this renegade we are advising all members to log in to our emergency forum (register if you have not already done so). We are STRONGLY advising AGAINST logging into the main site - anyone who does so we will treat as a renegade too as the charges against the traitor are many and so serious we have no option.

Theft of official NS property and a coup against proven NS members who founded the organization should be dealt with properly - and will be!

The Official British Free Corps team

Lord Haw Haw

Anonymous said...

You ought to remind the BNP of this next time they're placing wreaths. They don't give a fuck about the military or anyone else.

GD said...

This is exactly the sort of vermin the BNP deliberately appeals to, violent and pig-ignorant.

riff said...

Yet another BNP Griffinite thug escapes justice.

Does make you wander why, especially as he has got a criminal record for violence and he knocked the gentleman out with his cowardly attack.

The BNP are favoured by the powers that be, lol.

heens means beans said...

Lord Haw Haw.

Wander if that's Simon Darby.

He does have a tendency to make you laugh.

Anonymous said...


Thought they were a left of centre folk group not a bunch of Odinist scum???

Anonymous said...

Yes, Lindisfarne.

I've heard they have re-released their last big hit, but it's now called Nacht und Nebel on the Tyne.