August 20, 2008

'Scottish idiot with money' saved the RWB

As we all know, the BNP swerves between being just generally skint and completely legally bankrupt. While this situation suits some people (Nick Griffin, for instance, who can send out an endless stream of badly-written begging letters on the back of it) the membership appears to be getting a tad pissed off with forever being asked to underwrite Griffin's schemes and scams rather than just getting on with campaigning - which, after all, is what a political party should be doing if it has any real intention of gaining power.

Whether Griffin actually wants the party to gain power or not is a moot point and one that is up for discussion: many people are of the opinion that he is perfectly content to stay where he is and to keep the BNP where it is, futile hope being all that keeps the BNP members throwing money at Griffin.

As we reported here, the party's Red, White and Blue event only happened because it was subsidised heavily to the tune of £5000. Without that money, the whole weekend would have been a financial disaster - with it, the BNP has once more teetered back from the edge of the abyss. Speculation has been rife over which rich idiot might actually have been moronic enough to hand Nick Griffin £5000 in readies.

Glasgow BNP member and Stadium Manager for Hamilton Academicals Walter Hamilton allegedly provided the £5k, though there is a rumour, not heard until yesterday, that there were actually TWO donations. This fact is mentioned in a peripheral way by a poster on another blog, who says;

'I overheard Griffin bragging about "2 Scottish idiots with money" at RWB...'

We only know of Hamilton but we'd love to hear who the other RWB-subsidy was from. Answers via email or the comments section please, if you have them.

One wonders about Hamilton's position within the club staff and how that relates to his membership of the notably racist, homophobic and fascist British National Party. The club's website has a clear Anti Discrimination Policy on its site which doesn't seem to gel much with the views of the BNP.

'Hamilton Academical Football Club is responsible for setting standards and values to apply throughout the club at every level. Football belongs to and should be enjoyed by everyone, equally. Our commitment is to confront and eliminate discrimination or any other conduct that could be deemed as unacceptable whether by reason of sex, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnic origin, colour, religion or disability.'

Perhaps we ought to ask some of the people Mr Hamilton works with. Those with available email addresses include:

Les Gray - Vice Chairman & Director of Youth Development:
Ron McKinnon - Stadium Director:
Scott Struthers - Secretary:
Ken Blake - Associate Director Finance:
Brian Cairney - Associate Director Youth:
Denis Gowans - Associate Director Stadium:
Arthur Lynch - Commercial & Hospitality:
John Vint - Commercial Manager:
Caroline Gray - Children's Programme Co-ordinator:
Ross Hughes - Sports Scientist:
Frankie McAvoy - Academy Director:
Anthony Burns - Community Programme Officer:

Or of course, we could ask Mr Hamilton himself. His email address is

If you do decide to get in touch with Mr Hamilton or any of his colleagues, please remember to be polite, whoever you communicate with and however you communicate with them.


Patrick said...

This money is supposed to be a loan, though I doubt if Walter Hamilton will ever see it again.

Anonymous said...

Griffin is such an arrogant bastard. Somebody saves his poxy party with a donation and all he can do is call them idiots. Still, better than suckers, I suppose - which is what he calls BNP members.

Over the wall said...

What a mug. He didnt even go to the RWB that he was asked to help bail out. Still its small change to this multi-millionaire.

Thick As Two Short Planks said...

Hamilton Academicals, my arse. Shows a lot of unintelligence to give your money away to Griffo and Paedo Boy!

Anonymous said...

As far as I know, he's part of the Stadium company who owns the Ground and not the Football club itself, so contacting the club won't do much good as they can't do much about it.
He's well know for his views in the area and recieves a fair amount of stick from the locals because of it.

Anonymous said...

What area i thought MrHamilton was from Glasgow you seem to know this individual can you furnish us with any more info