August 13, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Police will have special powers at Denby BNP festival

Police have invoked special legal powers to help control and potentially arrest protestors at this weekend's British National Party festival.

 More than a thousand anti-BNP activists had at one stage been expected to protest outside Red, White and Blue in Codnor-Denby Lane, Denby, on Saturday. But Derbyshire police now have Government permission to limit the number of campaigners and their activities using the Public Order Act. The protest must now involve no more than 700 people meeting at Codnor Market Place at 9am.

 From 11.45am, activists will be allowed to march along the A6007 Heanor Road to its junction with Codnor-Denby Lane, where the procession will halt. A "designated protest point" will be set up outside the festival for up to 30 anti-BNP protestors between 1 and 4pm.

 A police spokesman said: "The procession will be marshalled and accompanied by police officers. If there are more than 700 people and they don't stick to the designated plan we will negotiate the organisers. If they don't listen, protestors will potentially be liable to arrest."

 After the 30 have broken away the remaining number will return to Codnor Market Place for a rally.

 Assistant Chief Constable, Peter Goodman, said: "We are trying to find a balance between allowing legitimate protest and maintaining public safety and minimising inconvenience to people who live or work in the affected area. We hope that people will abide by the law and enjoy the opportunity of voicing their opinions in safety."

 Saturday's protest has been organised by trade unions, Unite and Unison, Derby Racial Equality Council, and national groups Unite Against Fascism, Love Music Hate Racism and Stop the BNP.

 Red, White and Blue will run from Friday to Sunday and has been described as a "family event" by the BNP.

Derbyshire Evening Telegraph


Anonymous said...

"up to 30 anti-BNP protestors"

Fucking hell. Let's not show the opposition eh.

Anonymous said...

This is a joke, isn't it/ Only thirty people will be allowed to protest near the site? What kind of a rule is that?

Anonymous said...

Still, 700 aint so bad. Could be a great demo. :)

Anonymous said...

Seems like sense to me. Voicing opposition is all that can be done any trouble directed towards a festival that has women and children attending, which has passed by relatively peacefully in the past, is only going to put us in a bad light.

whitburn lad said...

Anon 12:14

There shouldn't be children attending. Like any parents the BNP parents have a duty of care not to take their children into a dangerous situation. In fact they should be prosecuted for child neglect.