August 06, 2008

BNP accuses Catholics of “heresy” and “blasphemy”

Having already attacked Christianity as a racist anti-White religion, BNP legal director Lee Barnes specifically targets Catholics with accusations of “heresy” and “blasphemy”. He also claims that the Bible is a Catholic forgery. An examination of the BNP’s website also reveals bigoted anti-Catholic views.

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In the third instalment of our series of articles on anti-Catholic racism within the BNP, we focus on the anti-Catholic writings of BNP legal director Lee Barnes. In our previous article, we noted that in an August 2008 article Lee Barnes claimed that the White Saxon races were forced to convert to the Catholic faith (see link). But, Lee Barnes’ anti-Catholic tendencies go back further, to his two 2007 articles, 'Is it me or are all the religions going bonkers?' and 'Cultural review of the Year'. In those articles Lee Barnes launches an unwarranted and wholesale attack on Catholic beliefs: he accuses Catholics of “heresy” and “blasphemy”. It is therefore understandable why, in 2006, the head of the Catholic Church in Britain, Cardinal Cormac O'Murphy, called voting for BNP an immoral act.

Anti-Catholic statements on the BNP’s website

Before we examine the anti-Catholic sectarianism of BNP legal director Lee Barnes, the following are anti-Catholic statements on the BNP’s official website:

“I have pointed out the history and origins of Catholicism and how it is an intentional distortion, by Constantine, of the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth”

“This country is Christian NOW. Before the Roman [Catholic] Empire INVADED IT, it was a PAGAN COUNTRY. Also, Christianity is a perversion of the message Jesus had. It was created by MAN, specificaly, Constantine [founder of the Catholic Church], rather than being the true message from GOD”

“expecting the Catholic church to sit back and accept it. Quite simply, the [Catholic] church wouldn’t stand for it. It would be the end of their money-grabbing, choir-boy-buggering way of life”

“If you want to look at other shamefull families in religion, look at the Borgias, and the machinations of Pope Alexander VI, and his virtual pimping of his daughter Lucrezia for political reasons”

BNP legal director Lee Barnes claims Catholicism is “bonkers

In his December 2007 article, 'Is it me or are all the religions going bonkers?', BNP legal director Lee Barnes claims that Catholics, owing to their beliefs, “live in ignorance”, “dwell in deficiencies” and “remain 'creatures of oblivion'”. Employing racist stereotypes of Italians and Italian-Americans as gangsters, Lee Barnes attacks the Catholic church and the Pope as a “theological mafia,. and the Pope the eqivalent of Tony Soprano”. Lee Barnes most explicit attack on Catholic beliefs is clear when he makes the following denouncement of the entire body of Catholicism:

The idea that God speaks through only one man or one church is itself blasphemy. The idea that any church or institutionalised religious structure can offer divinity via obedience gto its whims and its rules or holy book is itself a profanity against the eternal Spirit that dwells in the Soul of all men

Lee Barnes further insults Catholics when he claims that their religious practices are “sold to people for financial or political gain ... pimped out by Popes and priests in the neame of God”. He also claims that Catholic concepts of heaven and hell are “alien” to what he considers to be the true White indigenous pre-Catholic beliefs of Europe destroyed by the Christian faith. Lee Barnes goes on to argue that Catholic belief in potential redemption from purgatory is “the greatest tourist scam in history or what !” Lee Barnes, in an act of the pot calling the kettle black, provides the icing on the cake when he says that such a belief in redemption is the “latest bonkers religious idea comes courtesy of Catholicism”. I guess you have to be bonkers in order to recognise someone else who is also bonkers.

Lee Barnes claims the Bible is a Catholic forgery

In his November 2007 article, 'Cultural review of the Year', Lee Barnes damns the Bible as a Catholic forgery:

"The Bible is a political book constructed by Christians in the Roman [Catholic] Church from the time of Constantine to when Theodosius made it the state religion of Rome, and the allegories it contains were put in the Bible to support its own power and influence in the Holy Roman Empire. It is not the story of Christos.

The Church uses an allegorical astro-theological story for the life of christ because the christ the Church worships is not the true Christos of history or the Gnostic gospels. The christ of the Church is a creation of the church designed to serve the interests of the church and the demiurge Jehovah that the church worships, and therefore the christ of the church is a false christ who worships a false god according to the Gnostic texts.

There are fundamental differences between the manufactured christ of the Bible who is a creation of the Church, and the life and teachings of the Christos who actually lived. The former serves the Church and the demiurge Jehovah, whilst the latter serves the Spirit and the God of Amor who was Abba"

Arise O’ Yaldaboath

But, most cryptically and somewhat bizarrely, BNP legal director Lee Barnes implies that Catholic beliefs are “false” in the most irredeemably faux esoteric manner when he pronounces:

For God to contain Souls to hell would be the equivalent of self harming, and such a God is not truly God but a demiurge. Yaldaboath has many faces, each of them false.

Yaldaboath is a fictitious god Lee Barnes, and others within the BNP, posit as a magical deity who will revive the White race from what they see as its current cultural and spiritual oblivion under Christianity. But, what Lee Barnes is trying to imply, with varying degrees of success (although he is more explicit in his other fascist articles), is that this stupendous ‘Yaldaboath’ manifests himself as both a beacon of guidance and misguidance. In other words, ‘Yaldaboath’, almost arbitrarily, misguides those whom he chooses to misguide and guides those whom he chooses to guide. What Lee Barnes means when he writes ‘Yaldaboath has many faces, each of them false’ is that the falsity of Catholic beliefs are evidence of Yaldaboath manifesting his false dimension to misguide Catholics; Yaldaboath exposes them as false only to those endowed with racially-predicated spiritual insight i.e. Lee Barnes and his fellow fascist-Odinist travellers both in and outside the BNP.


In light of racist and sectarian nonsense we read above, can anyone with an adult, rational and sane mind ever contemplate voting for the BNP? For readers interested in our two previous articles on the BNP’s anti-Catholic racism, we refer them to the following:

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¡No Pasarán!


Anonymous said...

Anti - Catholic Racism ?

Bollocks ! Since when have the Catholics been identifiable as a Racial or Ethnic Group.

This is at the same level the BNP use to say Muslim = Terrorist.

Old Sailor

attackpoodles said...

Sectarianism is the word, and the BNP have for a long time alied themselves with Unionists in Scotland and Unionist terrorist groups in Northern Ireland.

And, despite several top BNP people coming from Irish stock, anti-Irish sentiment still provails amongst the BNP suppoters, especially their football hooligan mainstay, which Nick Griffin uses as "attack dogs" when necessary.

"Attack Poodles" would be a more fitting name, seeing that these thugs are easily-led.

Anonymous said...

BNP Nazis insult British sevicemen and women with bogus medals:

Anonymous said...

I often wonder about the sanity of the BNP leadership and its members, but i think that with this blatent attack on Catholics they have taken their insanity to a new and rather dangerous level.

Having served in Northern Ireland during the troubles i believe i have an understanding of the IRA and their beliefs mostly political, but with very strong catholic overtones.

The IRA may be fragmented now and semi legal, but there is and always will be a hard core of very dangerous individuals who will quite happily kneecap anyone if they think they are dissing their faith.

I really, really would not like to be in the shoes of the idiots within the bnp who have come up with this one.