November 15, 2008

Bexley Liberal Democrats call for help to defeat BNP

This weekend the BNP will be holding their second consecutive Action Weekend in the East Wickham ward of Bexley. Last weekend the BNP hit team from across London, Kent and Essex delivered the whole ward. They will do it all over again this weekend.

East Wickham is a ward that the Liberal Democrats held right through the period of joint control of Bexley Council. And it was the last ward we had a council presence in. In recent years the ward has had Liberal Democrat, Labour and Conservative councillors. It is also in Welling, site of the BNP shop and headquarters in the 1990s.

Following the recent death of a Conservative councillor there will soon be a by-election here. We haven't got a date yet, and the by-election may well not be until February, but this by-election will be won or lost by what we can do before the election is formally called.

Don't be mistaken, the ward will be a strong fight between all 4 parties! Over the next few weeks we will be establishing our presence in the ward, before going in hard on the BNP. In the recent by-election just up the road in Christchurch ward we came second to the Tories, with the BNP just behind us, and Labour behind them in 4th. So you can see this will be a close battle. It will very much turn on us stopping the BNP vote.

We have just finished delivering a ward wide Residents' Survey and from this Sunday we have letters available from the by-election HQ, see and we have plenty more good literature on the way.

Our candidate will be former Bromley councillor Grace Goodlad, who is keen to get stuck in as Bexley's only Lib Dem councillor.

You can turn up any time you like, but in particular we will be holding action days every Saturday over the coming weeks - 22 November (delivery), 29 November (delivery), 6 December (canvassing). If you want to go out as part of a team, please turn up at the HQ at 11.30am or 2.30 pm on the action days.

But please, most of all, we need lots of help at all times to ensure we can win, and stop the BNP!

Thank you,

The East Wickham team.

Contact: 07860 187376, 020 8304 1461, 07779 146329.

Bexley Liberal Democrats


Anonymous said...

Best of luck in your campaign!!

Post up some Anti-BNP campaign materials on You Tube

Anonymous said...

What is the betting you will not be asked to destribute anti BNP leaflets ? You will be asked to distribute for the Focus Team !

No! this is a sordid attempt by the Liberals to con Anti Fashists into doing thier election work for them.

Some of us can remember elections and bye elections where the Liberal Democrats were very happy to try and outflank the BNP/NF from the right.

Do the names Cheltenham, Southwark, Canterbury and Rotherham mean anything to you ?

Old Sailor

Anonymous said...

Why don't you guys do something more useful with your time like figure out why people end up supporting the BNP in the first place. It's partly cos they are fed up with the over the top political correctness that is consensus amongst the main 3 parties.

The UAF will only seek to further the popularity of the BNP if you continue to attack them they way you do - it creates a seige mentality for the BNP, and that helps them win support. They might be racists yes, but they are a legitimate political party and if people want to believe in that crap then let them - it aint your job to tell people not to like them.