November 23, 2008

BNP leader Nick Griffin bleats like a lamb

BNP leader Nick Griffin treated us all this week by hilariously whingeing about members of his party facing “discrimination”.

Aw, diddums.

To anyone who has been away from the world this week, a list of BNP members was posted on the internet. The confused flag-wavers first blamed a disgruntled ex-activist for the leak, but now say it’s all probably Labour’s fault.

Moaning Griffin claimed it would be illegal to sack BNP members from their jobs for party membership, saying: “In the highly unlikely event of one of our many thousands of members being exposed to their employers and suffering discrimination as a result, a substantial compensation pay out will be on the cards.”

Tragically, the Oxford grad, who sadly lives in Wales, could be right. Professor Hugh Collins, law head at the London School of Economic and Political Science, thought it would be “clearly unfair” to dismiss someone “just for being a member of a political party”. Surely workers in responsible jobs shouldn’t be in the BNP because they can’t serve people indiscriminately?

But what I really don’t get is why a group of people who dub themselves “British Lions” don’t have the courage of their convictions? They seem only too eager to hide behind a veil of anonymity rather than stand up for their beliefs. Listen to those “lions” roar.

Wales Online


I make troughs for Griffin's snout said...

These hacks are bloody lazy. If they did their homework properly they might make a more convincing case. Gri££in is NOT an Oxford grduate as this article wrongly claims but from Cambridge. If the hack cant yet basic facts right then it raises doubts about the rest of his material. Doesnt alter the fact that Gri££in is acting like a bungling buffoon. Will he come clean and tell the members who pay his wages that the CURRENT members are just as in as much danger from a further leak because the encryption measures which were apparently put in place by Smith, Blake,Graham and Dawson are not being used because organisers find it "too difficult" to use encryption software. Any half brained pillock who is a regional organiser and theres no shortage of pillocks and who uses a Hotmail account should be fingered as the idiot who might be the source of the leak of the next list, a much more up to date list. If I was a say a BNP member who joined in 2008 and was worried about my job I'd be asking some questions to my branch organiser and up the ladder to the data protection officer just what measures are in place to make sure my details dont appear on the Net in a few months, weeks or even days time.....who knows just what the opponents of the BNP have got in store. As it is highly likely the 2007 list was intercepted in email transmission and that 2007 version was securely encrypted but has now been decrypted after months of trying the existence of an unencrypted 2008 version might just be of interest to be released into the public domain by Labour supporters/BNP for thought hey and let's just say "watch this space"..............

Anonymous said...

Can't you see that this is one of the reasons that Griffin leaked the list. This publicity will run and run in the BNPs favour untill the euro elections. The papers will be flooded with tales of persecution.

Anonymous said...

Griffin won't mind. Anyone using Civil Liberty or solicitors recommended by Griffin will have to pay the BNP a share of the compensation.

Anonymous said...

Why oh why do this lot suffer from such a victim attitude? It seems that they are incapable of accepting blame for anything and no matter what there is always someone else at fault - who, by the way, is the "data protection officer"?