November 03, 2008

High IQ Greens, Low IQ BNP voters

The Guardian has got hold of the following academic research:

"On a party-by-party basis, the average (childhood) IQ scores for 2001 voters were:

Green - 108.3
Liberal Democrat - 108.2
Conservative - 103.7
Labour – 103
Plaid Cymru - 102.5
Scottish National - 102.2
UK Independence - 101.1
Did not vote/None of the above - 99.7
British National Party - 98.4"

Tory Diary


Jim Jay said...

Well, normally I don't agree with IQ testing... but maybe there's something in it after all.

Anonymous said...

2001 voters! Why cant we have more up to date figures?

Hexapla said...

BNP = shit for brains.

Anonymous said...

2001 voters! Why cant we have more up to date figures?

Who cares? It's funny!

landale said...

As far as the stats are concerned it is pretty much in the noise. But the positions of the Greens and Lib Dems are likely to be by people who are more used to thinking rather than accept dogma.

Anonymous said...

"Low IQ BNP voters"

Like we didn't know.

Anonymous said...

Surely a joke, this? By definition, the average IQ is 100, and, by the way scores are done, half of people are above the average, half are below it.

The BNP and the didn't vote block would only be about 25% of the population, and were the only below average groups. Which means that these results are statistically impossible, unless taken from a very small sample of non-representative candidates.

I would like to know where thse figures came from, beyond 'obtained by the Guardian'.

Antifascist said...

If you'd followed the links you'd have found the origin of the research.

woken up to griffin said...

Anyone with a brain (or half of one) has either been kicked out of that 'party' or have fucked off anyway of their own accord when they realised what a joke it is, (and continue to do so, lol!

Long live King Griffin!

Green Gordon said...

Election Turnout in 2001 was 59.38% meaning that 'didn't vote' + 'BNP' = in excess of 40% much more than 25%, but hey with my background in natural and social science I tend to trust the statistical methods of Journal-published articles over random mutterings.

Genetic Sludge said...

I confess that I am a BNP supporter, ergo I must have a fairly low IQ. However, I thought I'd at least help you out with a proper link: Click here for original article.

Anonymous said...

Really funny - the BNP (and of course the brillant / academic Mr Kemp) will quote IQ till the cows come home to "prove" that non-whites have a low IQ (One of Kemp's favourite reference books is the Bell curve!) but will never admit that their supporters are drawn from the "below par" group as this would tend to support.

Green Gordon said...

@Genetic Sludge, no but you have proved that you don't understand statistics, logic or how to copy and paste a URL so that it links to the desired page.