November 20, 2008

BNP's former top Scot denies list leak

A former Scottish secretary of the BNP has denied he is responsible for leaking the membership list which has triggered calls for some members to be sacked from their public sector jobs.

Kenny Smith, who lives in Falkirk, last night said: "There is absolutely no purpose for me in publishing a membership list. I spent my life protecting that information. I value the BNP members and I would never do such a thing. I haven't got the faintest idea who did do it, I honestly don't. I think whoever did it is despicable."

Mr Smith, who was expelled along with several other prominent members of the party last December, said he had been ousted for exposing incompetence and unprofessionalism within the party.

Publication of the 12,000-strong list – which includes around 450 Scots – yesterday led to the departure of Rod Lucas, a TalkSport radio DJ, and an investigation into alleged BNP links of a police constable in Liverpool. In Scotland, the BNP counts a doctor, ex-servicemen, a retired chief inspector and a driving instructor who offers discounts to fellow party members among its supporters.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown's own constituency, Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, has a smattering of activists, while numbers are stronger in Glasgow. Two members of the Black Watch are also named on the year-old list.

The leak will worry those whose names are on the list, regardless of whether they work in the public sector or not. While it is legal to be a supporter of the party, its views ignite strong passions and private firms may be embarrassed to find their staff named as supporters of the party. There were reports that members had received abusive phone calls after the list found its way on to the internet.

The NASUWT teaching union said no member of the BNP should be left in charge of a classroom. Chris Keates, the union's general secretary, said: "I believe that the release of this list is nothing more than a cynical attempt by the BNP to present themselves as victims and to gain publicity for their vile agenda."

A ban is already in place on BNP members joining the police force or prison service, for fear of harming race relations. But Downing Street last night refused to be drawn on the position of public sector workers who had also been revealed as BNP members.

"This is really a matter for the relevant public sector professions. In relation to the police, membership of the BNP is prohibited," the Prime Minister's spokesman said.

Meanwhile, the party said the human rights of its activists had been breached. Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, said dissident former party executives suspected of leaking the organisation's membership risked going to prison. However, the National Union of Journalists accused the BNP of "staggering hypocrisy" over claims that the publication of the list of its members had breached their privacy. Jeremy Dear, the general secretary, said the BNP failed to condemn other websites which sought to intimidate journalists who exposed racist views of BNP members.

"We have never heard a single condemnation of this gross breach of privacy or unlawful harassment and intimidation from Nick Griffin or the BNP," he added.



Cyclop's Double Bogey said...

Complain to Oswestry Golf Club via their website about one of their golf professionals Scot Carpenter who teaches young golfers (including Under 18s), being a BNP activist: -

OSWESTRY GOLF CLUB, Aston Park, Queens Head, Oswestry, Shropshire. SY11 4JJ

Main Office

Secretary/Manager: Mr Peter Turner

Tel: 01691 610535


AA class P.G.A. Professional: Mr Jason Davies

Tel: 01691 610448


Anonymous said...

Lee Barnes is priceless:

Give us your money - the BNP online donation system is secure and 100 % confidential and can be used to give us the money we need to take on this corrupt system.


Anonymous said...

I just love the comment from Cyclops on the BNP website - the so called "silver lining" for the BNP is that they have secured free legal assistance should any members need to defend their right to keep their employment following the leak. Silver lining....... is he mad? Oh sorry, no just a crushing idiot! Would anyone really want to use lawyers used by he BNP?

irishtony said...

Feckin hell

I have been away for 4 months since my little boy was born. We were involved in endless trips to the hospital and specialists but he is OK now Thank God.

Needless to say i have,nt been around in ages and look what happens when I leave you lot alone!!

BNP list online (Proving my previous comments about membership been low !!)

Considerable failures by the BNP to win any local elections.

Dicky making an idiot of himself on the GLA

The truth truck?? Jeez you coud,nt make it up

Well done for not showing the membership list, it shows great integrity, however here is a little gift for all my mates on here

God its great to be back


Anonymous said...

Give us your money - the BNP online donation system is secure and 100 % confidential and can be used to give us the money we need to take on this corrupt system.

True, it is secure and confidential. It just gets syphoned off into other peoples bank accounts.

Dicky Barnbrook (Artist) said...

I have often felt that the Scottish were fine fellows.

I have known a Scottish person or two and always it amazes me that not one of them has ever battered my head sensless like the awful Welsh chap did a few months ago.

Being an artist, I appreciate the gruff, rough goings-on of the Scottish type.

They are real mem.

Anonymous said...

Secure donation system?

You'd have to be REALLY stupid to believe that!

Why doesn't he just say "I'm sorry we let most of your personal info get published on the net, but can we have your credit card details now?"

Landale said...

At the mention of the Lie Lorry earlier - its trip round the country seemed to be extordinarily rapid - even for the £11k they said was needed.

The BNP 'plus ca change' !

Anonymous said...

Hi irishtony, its good to have you back, i do hope little one is ok now and you are enjoying being a dad.

you have been missed.


John P said...

Welcome back Irish Tony

Antifascist said...

Nice to see you back, Tony. Great to hear the lad's okay. :-)