November 17, 2008

BNP protester attacked in Blackpool

A man was left with a broken nose when he was attacked after leaving an anti-BNP demonstration in Blackpool. His companion suffered cuts and bruises during the altercation.

It happened after the pair had walked away from a Unite Against Fascism protest held outside the Kimberley Hotel on South Promenade where the BNP was holding its annual conference.

The demonstration itself was heavily policed and went off without any trouble, but the victims had left the vicinity of the hotel when the incident occured.

The Socialist Party, of which they are members, believes the attacker was a far right supporter. But the BNP today dismissed claims that it was someone attending their event.

Blackpool Police has confirmed the attack took place at around 2.30pm on Saturday, but said they could not link it directly with the BNP conference.

Blackpool Gazette


Antifascist said...

Our regards to the poor sod who got his nose broken and best wishes for a speedy recovery. If you read the blog, further information might be useful. Get in touch.

Ramon Mercado Fan Club said...

Unlike the SWP, I'm sure the SP will make sure justice is served.

Antifascist said...

'Unlike the SWP, I'm sure the SP will make sure justice is served.'

I've no idea what that means.

Ronald McDonald said...

This is classic ‘BNP breaking into the mainstream’ activity. As we all know, all the main party’s go around physically attacking political opposition.

This gives us a small taster of what ‘democracy’ means to Gri££in. He gets presented with a peaceful protest and he reacts with his thugs attacking people; no greater example can be found.

Use this small example in the run up to the European Elections against his campaign to get his fat arse into Brussels.

Anonymous said...

It seems that the authorities are once again failing to investigate BNP criminality during their party conference.

How much are they paying them?

Towards A Higher Man said...

Broken noses happen in a revolution. What's all the fuss about?

Joe Owens

Antifascist said...

'Broken noses happen in a revolution. What's all the fuss about?'

You obviously haven't noticed but there isn't a revolution going on at the moment. Wishful thinking perhaps?

Flakey said...

"Broken noses happen in a revolution."

Surely not in "quiet" ones? And that's what the BNP always insist there's is.

Or is it so quiet these days, with votes down all around the country (save Fenside which surprised them as much as everyone else)that the BNP now reverts to form and the type of 'electioneering' Gri££in praised after the BNP won Millwall, something about boots and fists - you know the phrase

Anonymous said...

NWN are saying the 2008 BNP membership list has gone online

Antifascist said...

'NWN are saying the 2008 BNP membership list has gone online'

I know but I'm not convinced. Not until whoever got their grubby little mitts on it sends it to us, anyway. :-)

blackpoolantifascist said...

My thoughts go out to the two who were attacked. I think the attack on Saturday shows the true face of the BNP. And before someone claims the BNP were all in the conference, are they saying they only have about 60 members? How many of the Blackpool or Fleetwood branch were in the conference? Who was the BNP member filming the protest?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm ! Denials from the BNP, has a copy of a previous post from the BNP threatening violence from thier new security section been sent to the Blackpool Police ?

Old Sailor