November 22, 2008

Some people think you should resign for failing to protect this data, Nick

The question was simple.

"Are you apologising to your members, whose details you failed to protect?" asked Channel 4 News anchor Krishnan Guru-Murthy.

Taken by surprise, and being unused to making apologies to BNP members on any account, Nick Griffin blinked and quickly uttered "Yah" as if the word was something indigestible sticking at the top of his gullet, and he couldn't get it down fast enough.

Recovering in another blink, he cleverly shifted the unwelcome but all too pertinent focus on his own culpability in the leaking of the BNP membership list: " - We're - we're very sorry for people who may have problems as a result of this," he said in barely suppressed agitation, going on to notice that most BNP members would not have any problems, and that if anybody came to be sacked from their jobs on account of their political beliefs then they would be entitled to "massive compensation".

With his personal apology reduced to a rapid and grudging "Yah", his own responsibility subsumed into a corporate "we're", and questions answered that were never asked, Griffin was fixed to continue in his evasiveness, but an unimpressed Guru-Murthy was having none of it.

"Some people think you should resign for failing to protect this data," he interjected. "Are you considering that?"

Following some self-serving waffle that "we" have done all "we" can to prevent this leak and that "we" have changed the "policies" which led to it and sacked the people responsible for it, Griffin's predictable answer was, "I won't resign" - which is more than a little curious when we recall the number of occasions, some very recent, on which Griffin and his spokesmen have called for ministerial heads to roll when lowly departmental minions in the pay of the government have lost similar data in far less dubious circumstances.

Clearly, the buck doesn't stop with Griffin, the man who directly appointed those he now blames for the BNP's predicament, and who therefore bears the heaviest responsibility of all.

Nothing daunted, Griffin continued: "If my members wish to vote me out - we're a very democratic party - we have an election available every year, and if they want to elect someone else in my place that's fine."

Except, of course, that it's anything but fine, as our readers are well aware and those sidelined and expelled members of the BNP who have attempted to unseat Griffin know to their cost. Krishnan Guru-Murthy, more usually concerned with higher matters than the internal affairs of a squalid collection of racists and fascists, cannot be expected to know that Griffin's comment stands the facts on their heads, and so made no intervention as an increasingly confident BNP leader talked of "an appalling witch-hunt by a liberal-left media and by rival political parties", mostly for the benefit of his own watching members and in the cause of further distancing himself from any personal culpability.

To that end Griffin switched his focus to the recent BNP gain on the obscure Boston Borough Council, a tactic mirrored on the main BNP website, knowing that until news of the leak broke on Lancaster Unity the membership continued to bask in the warm after-glow of the Boston result, in which a grand total of 279 people voted BNP.

At the end of the five minute interview Griffin executed a perfect about-turn in the matter of who leaked the BNP membership list. Having begun by saying that he had sacked those responsible (the Decembrist rebels), he now claimed: "This was leaked by our political opponents, this is a big campaign by supporters of the Labour Party to try to damage and intimidate the British National Party because they know that we're creeping up on them in election terms."

Ever since the leaked membership list entered into the public domain the BNP membership has switched smoothly into familiar victim mode, loudly protesting about their rights being infringed, of the danger they are in, and making frequently preposterous claims to have received death threats.

On our side of the fence we naturally take a rather jaundiced view of this unedifying self-pity, knowing, as we all do, that for years the normal method of transmitting the names, addresses and photographs of the BNP's opponents to the Redwatch hate site is through the BNP's active membership.

Nor do we have great sympathies with their shrill wails that Muslim organisations and websites have come into possession of the list. This community has for so long been vilified, lied about and insulted by the BNP and its army of bloggers and keyboard warriors that there is a certain sense of justice being done at last if the BNP hate brigade spend so much as one sleepless night kept awake by stray noises in the dark as penance for the vituperation and indignity to which they have subjected this community.

The police are now investigating the matter of the leak. The leak came from within the BNP, despite Nick Griffin's contradictory claims. It wasn't leaked by Lancaster Unity, it wasn't leaked by the Labour Party, it wasn't leaked by Searchlight, and it wasn't leaked by the fairies at the bottom of the garden.

It came from within the BNP and nowhere else - and it will be the BNP itself which is subjected to police investigation. What subsequently happened to the list is another matter entirely.

If the membership of the BNP had but a fraction of the backbone they claim to possess, they would not be crying like little girls who have had their pig-tails pulled by the school bully. They would be demanding the immediate resignation of the man ultimately responsible for their predicament, the man whose incompetence was responsible for putting in place the "policies" which led to the worst debacle - bar none - yet to have befallen the BNP.

They would tell him to go, to do it now, and to rid himself of any thoughts of severance pay.

Do they have the guts? Do they even have the wits to see that their own worst enemy is the man who, when given the chance to apologise to his members on Channel 4 News, gobbled down his feeble "Yah" as if it would make him sick?


wikiepedia sucks said...

Sadly the Wikipedia article has been edited by the BNP themselevs to put a positive spin on the membership leak.

The "article" even plays up the fake trade union Solidarity, stating they will help out everybody on the list with legal respresentation.

Wikipedia sucks cock!

Anonymous said...

A class action brought against the BNP in respect of its failures as Data Controller under the Data Protection Act would separate out those "data subjects" wrongly caught up on this list who are not BNP supporters and those who really are. If the case was brought in a savvy way, it could make a huge hit on their finances.

Just a thought...

Darby's A Dud said...

The BNP themselves leaked the info to get their own back on the December refuseniks for very publically "refusing Nick". Probably Simon Darby on behalf of Gri££in.

That's why the occupational details only held by 5arby were fused with the 2006/7 membership list several months back.

Look at all the publicity NG has gotten out of this. It's an inside PR job to help get Cyclops elected to Europe. We hope you can see this too as its blindingly obvious from our side of the fence.

Anonymous said...

The leaking of the list was Nick Griffin's cynical attempt at free publicity coupled with his bullying of the rebels.

Sy Kick said...

I wander if psychic mind reader Christopher Forster of St Johns Road, Richmond, Surrey, can read the mind of his hero Nick Griffin.

The universal spirit world must be sick of his dabbling in devisive race hate. Planetary harmony and karma balancing is hardly achieved through a whites only "political party" led by a Holocaust denier and a paedophile who loves to see black and gay people die of AIDS.

Looks like a thousand more educational life cycles when it's reincarnation time, Mister Forster, lol lol lol

Anonymous said...

Griffin, Collett, and Paul Golding leaked the list.

Only 3 people were ever privy to the name and address of a mans story that was published today, and those 3 people are named above.

Anonymous said...

Yes just seen the list on david ickes forum.

Ex BNP fundholder said...

He has lost the plot. He still blames people who he sacked nearly a year ago but the leaks have continued in their absence. He's running out of scapegoats. Time for the men in white coats to take him away.

LMHR friend said...

Please Ketlan and Denise can you post this story as a seperate article, now the names from the list are legally in the public domain.

You are firm supporters of Love Music, Hate Racism, so we know you will do this justice: -

"Vote for Enoch Powell", came the counsel from a stage in the West Midlands. "Stop Britain from becoming a black colony ... Get the foreigners out ... I used to be into dope, now I'm into racism".

These were the words of Eric Clapton, followed hot on the heels by David Bowie's unbelievable admiration of Adolf Hitler.

Since then, thanks to Rock Against Racism and lately Love Music Hate Racism, musicians have been relunctant to become involved with fascism.

Sadly, also hailing from the West Midlands, a popular clubbing DJ /promoter/producer in the midlands has been exposed as being a BNP activist. A 21 year old speedcore DJ called "Crazy2nr" was listed on the BNP membership list as a racist activist for the far right party.

Sadly, "Crazy 2nr" is a highly paid resident at the Blueprint Nightclub on Alfreton road, Nottingham. (see the following review in the national newspaper The Metro): -

DJ Crazy2nr (AKA Mr Shane Coxhead of Stanwick Alfreton, Derbyshire), has been using regular events at the Blueprint Nightclub in Nottingham to reach out to young fans with his message of race hate.

Sadly the promoters of this event which are a company from Holland do not realise that one of their resident DJs is a nazi - not merely a silent member but a BNP activist - and performs alongside DJS from the whole of Europe. Someone like this, must not be allowed to become famous so they are able to use their infamy to pollute impressionable minds.

Lancaster Unity is a regular supporter of Love Music Hate Racism, so it would be fitting if this blog could alert clubbers in Nottingham (and their parents) that weekend clubbings sessions are being used as fascist propaganda sessions.

Anybody who is concerned for the mental and physical wellbeing of young people should contact the company behind the Rigormortis events, asking them to sack the (allegedly) white supremacist DJ.

Rigormortis productions can be reached at: - 07999 695250

Blueprint bar and nightclub - Official website:

509-511 Alfreton Road
tel: 01159422050

How many black, Asian, gay and Jewish clubbers know that there is an active nazi in their midst, spinning records to an increasing number of fans?

Coxhead (Crazy 2nr) is part of Nick Griffin's concerted efforts to reach out to a younger audience just like the National Front tried to achieve through Eric Clapton and David Bowie through bars and nightclubs.

Concerned clubbers and parents should contact the venue direct, insisting that the venue stops hosting the event is Coxhead isn't fired from his Rigormortis residency.

It is worth remembering that it is the prerogative of club promoters to decide who they will and will not pay to perform, and normally DJs do not often sign legal contracts of employment.

Getting rid of a (seemingly) neo-nazi DJ from a nightclub is an ethical choice that most clubbers would support, given the black music origins of popular electronic music.

House music began in a Chicago nightclub called the Warehouse, which was popular with a young, vibrant black and gay audience, and house music was an offshoot from disco, whih came from funk and soul, with beats that came out from Africa.

Hopefully, with the help of your readers you can assist the campaign to rid the dance music scene of racial hatred. We're not just talking Nottingham, but emerging DJ Shane Coxhead has also played at large parties in Holland, the country where Anne Frank died.

Hopefully, if promoters are made aware of his fascist activism, Cockhead's (sic) bookings will dry up overnight.

P Doe Boy said...

(According to an article in the Daily telegraph:)

"In the same week that the list was leaked online – reportedly by an aggrieved party activist – two BNP members from Blackburn, both of whose names appear in the document, were jailed for a total of five years and three months for sexual activity with under-age girls. Ian Hindle, 32, and Andrew Wells, 49, plied two 14-year-olds with alcohol before taking advantage of them, Preston Crown Court heard".

Sounds very much like Collett and Hannam.

Was this story about BNP paedophiles reported on this blog?

If not, why not????????????????

luvvaboy said...

Nick Griffin's the biggest liar since time began. If he claims he wants to know who leaked the data, he has only to look in the mirror with his functional eye.

smirnoff small said...

I seriously think Nick Gri££in's gone way beyond giving a shit what everyone else says, even the advice of his friends. Like idol Adolf Hitler bunker awaiting crossed with a racehorse, he's got the winning line in his sites, and he'll stop at nothing to get into europe for the ultimate payday, the evil toerag.

Anonymous said...

Will Cyclops get away with pulling a fast one on the entire BNP membership?

Abbatross said...

Most BNP members are scared of NG.

Thats why they stick by him no matter what he does to them.

"Members subs are like dinner money paid to the school bully in return for not being punched and kicked, not that bribing the bully will spare you a beating".

If youve ever had the misfortune to sign up to the bnp you will know what Im saying.

Angry ex-fundholder said...

Gri££in has shown himself unfit for purpose over this whole affair. No member has received any help from the HQ about how to deal with the flood of spam, threatening calls. It's all well for Gri££in and Darby who live in the middle of Wales and have protection of security who might be useless but provide some degree of piece of mind. What about those who in your typical mixed council estate. I know many BNP people who will not renew after this mess. Two F's in Griffin but theres no f'in leader.

Anonymous said...

The leaking of the list was Nick Griffin's cynical attempt at free publicity coupled with his bullying of the rebels.

7:10 PM, November 22, 2008

Yes, and that proof will become evident in the next by election if the vote rises above the BNPs norm. Griffin is evil, but he's not stupid.

Anonymous said...

It should be noted that Nottingham Speedcore DJ Crazy2nr has done the decent thing and admitted the error of his younger days.

He says "Yes i was a member of the BNP, however that was two years ago and never renewed my membership as i don't whole heartly agree with a lot of their issues, also i was young and thought i'd try and get my head around the politics however far too mind boggling."

He continues:
"Never have I BEEN or INTEND to be a RACIST, i have strong views on this country but no way are they racist views, I have many ethnic friends who i have known for many years and have total respect for."

The general feeling of contributors to the Notts Indymedia article from which this whole issue has spawned is that he was misguided but apologetic and hence no longer deserving of the abuse and harassment that might more appropriately be apportioned to real and ongoing racists.

See the full debate at (Search for "Right of Reply to open publishing" as there are, so far, over 50 comments!)