November 04, 2008

BNP expected to give talk in Kiveton

British National Party (BNP) leader Nick Griffin is expected to give a talk at a Kiveton club in December. The proposed talk by the controversial, far-right party looks likely to be met with very mixed reactions.

Back in May, the BNP gained two seats on Rotherham Council in Maltby as well as seats in Brinsworth and Catcliffe. But John Campbell, who is the chairman of Yorkshire Unite Against Fascism, is very concerned about the prospect of the BNP in Kiveton.

"The BNP are supremacists who want an all-white Britain and this can only be achieved by violence and crushing democracy," he said. "Wherever they have established themselves, racism and division has increased. I'm not in favour of people abusing free speech when they want to abandon democracy if they get in power."

Tory leader David Cameron also spoke out against the BNP earlier this month, describing them as an 'appalling bunch of racist thugs.'

Wales Parish Council chairman Gill Shaw says she is concerned but not surprised by the news.

"It's a bit disturbing but I can see why people are leaning towards it," she said. "We do not like to involve politics in the way we do things at the parish council and prefer to concentrate on community issues."

A 34-year-old man from Kiveton, who does not wish to be named, said he wants to listen to the BNP and welcomes the idea of them giving a talk in the village.

"I went to a BNP talk in Sheffield a few weeks back and I am interested to see what they have to offer," he said. "It's the only party that isn't avoiding talking about current issues. Immigration is a major issue and the BNP is talking about it."

BNP deputy leader Simon Derby told the Guardian that he thinks people have a right to know about their policies. However, he was not prepared to confirm the venue and time of the talk for fear that opposition parties would try to stop the talk going ahead.

"People accuse us of being fascists but they don't extend the courtesy of letting us speak," he said. "It speaks for itself really. We're accused of being extremist but we've already taken two seats in the area so how can we be described as extremists?"

There are already three groups set up on internet networking site Facebook which give details of the talk as taking place at the Proprietors Club on Station Road on Thursday 4th December.

(Dinnington) Guardian

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