November 26, 2008

Keep Merseyside Fascist Free!

Saturday November 29th
10am Church Street (Bold Street end), Liverpool

Bring banners, placards and people!

called by Liverpool UAF and Liverpool LMHR groups, supported by North West UAF

On Saturday 22nd Nov 2008, 12 members of the BNP were arrested in Liverpool city centre while handing out leaflets spreading their message of racism and hate ( racism cuts both ways leaflets) . The fascist BNP are planning to hold a demo in Liverpool this Saturday 29 November and are asking their activists to bring more leaflets!

We are organising a protest to stop the BNP spreading their racist lies in Liverpool. We are calling on everyone to unite against them and come to Liverpool and oppose the BNP!


Towards A Higher Man said...

I'll be there.

Joe Owens

Anonymous said...

Why have you planned this? The press will turn out if there is any trouble, more free publicity for the BNP?

Antifascist said...

'I'll be there.'


'Why have you planned this?'

Because the BNP must be publicly opposed whenever they stick their ugly heads over the parapet. To ignore them is to allow them to do whatever they want whenever they choose. Ignoring them is not and never will be an option.