November 20, 2008

Computer experts on BNP list

Consultants, technicians, engineers and entrepreneurs serving the IT industry are among 10,000 or so BNP members whose personal details have been posted online.

Dozens of computer professionals appear on the leaked list, which cites their email and home addresses, named as activists or members of the secretive far-right party. Some gave their qualifications, skills and services, including Web and system design, databasing, modelling, hardware, software and technical help or maintenance.

Like others on the list - teachers, solicitors, a serviceman, a policeman and a “high profile sportsman,” – the techies fear they may lose their jobs or face other reprisals.

Some people on the list, which is accurate up until last year, told reporters they were not members and had been added out of malice by the person who posted it. The BNP said that person’s identity will be the subject of a police enquiry, in order that the party can take legal action against them for breaching its members’ privacy.

Although still circulating online, the list was removed from the blog it was leaked to after protests by BNP leaders, but members are still receiving threatening messages.

The Information Commissioner is expected to contact the BNP for the full facts of the case in the next few days before deciding whether any action will be taken.

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Roswellian said...

I thought more would have mentioned about Russ Kellett from Filey in the tabloid newspapers such as the Sun newspaper, the man who claims to have encountered alien intelligence while riding a mototbike, became a minor celebrity in Yorkshire, tours universities giving lectures about alien abduction, and joined the BNP because he thought Cyclops had all the answers to the universe and everything.

This is his weird website: -

This is (coincidentally) the very same hobby shared by Legal Beagle Lee Barnes. Both of whom like searching into black holes (Gri££in's arse) for hidden alien life.

This eccentric fool runs the is interviewed regularly on television in regards to his knowledge of flying saucers, and whether or not he is Lee Barnes in disguise, Russ Kellett is as weird a BNP activist as you can imagine, especially as he believes in all manner of weird conspiracy theories as well as the usual New World Order bullshit. The man's a complete and absolute fruitcake.

Nutty BNP activist Kellett believes the New World Order is hiding UFO sitings from the general public, and is just about the biggest loon to be exposed on the list of party members.

Forget the wacky scientists, dodgy vicars, and bent coppers for a minute, and spare a thought for the regular contributer for "Flying Saucer Review".

Programmer X said...


Did you not get my comments earlier?

I sent an intelligent message and you haven't posted it!?

Please for the sake of freedom of speech for everyone will you post my nationalist programmer comments.

Many thanks.

Antifascist said...

'Please for the sake of freedom of speech for everyone will you post my nationalist programmer comments.'

If you want to post your nationalist ravings, go do it on your own site.