November 24, 2008

BNP London assembly member under investigation for YouTube murder allegations

Greater London authority investigates allegation that Richard Barnbrook wrongly claimed that three murders had taken place in his borough

Richard Barnbrook, the BNP's only member in the London assembly, is under investigation by the Greater London authority after he was accused of wrongly alleging that three murders had taken place in his borough.

Barnbrook, GLA member for Barking and Dagenham, claimed in September that a girl was killed within the borough three weeks before. He also claimed that within the same timeframe, two other people were murdered in knife attacks.

He made the claims while accusing Boris Johnson, the London mayor, and councils of failing to do enough to tackle knife crime in the capital.

Barnbrook made the allegations on a YouTube video, posted on his website as part of an attack on local authorities' action against knife crime

The GLA's standards subcommittee decided last month to refer the allegation to the monitoring officer for further investigation after viewing the broadcast. Under section five of the code, London assembly members are warned they must not conduct themselves in a manner which could reasonably be regarded as bringing their office or authority into disrepute.

Barnbrook, also a member of the 11-strong BNP group at Barking and Dagenham council, could be suspended by the GLA for up to six months if the complaint is upheld against him, or face tougher sanctions at the hands of the adjudication panel for England.

Valerie Rush, executive member of Barking and Dagenham with responsibility for safer neighbourhoods and policing, lodged the complaint against Barnbrook with the standards committees of both her own council and the GLA for allegedly bringing his position as an assembly member into "disrepute" and seeking to "damage the reputation of the GLA and its elected members as well as Barking & Dagenham council".

Rush alleged in her complaint that Barnbrook's claim over the murder of a young girl was "an absolute lie".

"He also goes on to claim a further two murders in the borough in the last two weeks, which is also a lie," she added.

Boris Johnson, the London mayor, is a member of the standards committee which will be responsible for deciding Barnbrook's fate if the allegations against the BNP are proven.

Though GLA sanctions are limited up to six months' suspension, the committee has the option from next month to refer the matter directly to an independent judicial tribunal, the adjudication panel for England, which could lead to tougher sanctions up to and including being disbarred for five years.

Barnbrook was discussing knife crime fatalities and the failure of both Johnson and local authorities to "do more" to tackle the scourge of knife crime, when he said: "This year alone, up until now there has been 27 murders of youths between 13 and 17 by knife crimes with several thousand more being attacked by knives," said Barnbrook.

"In Barking and Dagenham alone three weeks ago there was a murder of a young girl, we don't know who's done it; her girlfriend was attacked inside an educational institute. Again two weeks ago there was another attack by knives on the streets of Barking and Dagenham and two people were murdered."

Barnbrook told he had been advised by the GLA not to comment while the investigation was still under way. But blogger Adam Bienkov, who first broke the story, said Barnbrook had told him that his dyslexia may have led him to have "muddled" his account.

"He also said that one of the three murders he had referred to in the video, had actually taken place 'just over the river' from Barking and Dagenham."

Barking and Dagenham police were unavailable for comment.



Anonymous said...

Barnbrook really is a prize plonker, isn't he.

Serves em right said...

Oh dear, its just one thing after another with the BNP. LOL

Spammer said...

Dicky would be the most embarrassing liability for the BNP if it wasn't for Mark Collette. Mind you, ol' One-Eye does a good job too.

dicky's arse dildo said...

Bumbrook's BNP bullshit's finally hit the fan, lol

Bottoms up (hic)! said...

Are you sure Dicky isn't one of your lot? He's certainly a great asset for anti-fascists.

Anonymous said...


Is that a euphemism for being drunk?

Anonymous said...

Is this the same BNP member, representing a ward in Barking and Dagenham, whose address of record in the British Nazi Party list is London SE13 ?

I think we should be told !

Old Sailor

Anonymous said...

Yes Old Sailor!!!!!


Anonymous said...

This was apparantly sent this afternoon to the individual who made the complaint to the GLA about Barnbrook, she has as well been receiving a lot of silent phone calls, as well as the usual abusive ones.

What more can she expect?

Dear Mr Valerie Rush. I hope this e mail is not too daunting for you.??? " 20th November 2008 Labours night of the long knifes. " Richard Barnbrooke BNP GLA member to face Inquisition at Marxist tribunal.!! "BNP members list exposed on the web. !! BNP activists beaten up in Liverpool by labours state police. My Goodness What a lot of busy little bees you trendy liberals have been.! . Does it make any difference to the fact that youths are knifed to death in death in Dagenham or Denmark. The only person at the London GLA to really expose this liberal creation and Push for tougher sentences is Mr Barnbrook. The cause of knife crime is the failure of you bunch of liberals that have ruled the roost for so long that you are glued to it. Has for those labour appointed judges, and home office officials who administrate those sentences the rest of the world is laughing. The mandatory sentence for such crimes should be a lethal injection ,or 3 life sentences the same which is administrated in America " Personally I don't think your type of person gives a rats arse about Knife victims, their family's, or what sentences their killers get . Your target is the BNP. Anyway old people of your age should keep to attending their grand children and their roses, if you took off your rose tinted glasses you would see Britain is changing fast into a backward lawless 3rd world zest pool, try living in it instead of your secluded Ivory tower. I think we all know the fate of Mr Barnbrooke. Do we not Mrs Rush.Copy to Mayor Boris.

Comments welcome only logic and non racist comments will be acknowledged. I joined the BNP because I oppose the cruel method of animal slaughter
kosher and halal.
Nick Barfoot Ex Labour Ex Army. BNP forwards and upwards.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dear, is this Nick Barfoot the same tosser who appears to be the Islington organiser for the British Nazi Party.

Perhaps the recepient should refer this to the Metro Plods suggesting that they look at the phone records and computer hard disc of Mr Barfoot whose address, and phone numbers and E-Mail are so easily available on the net.

Old Sailor.