January 20, 2010

Anti-extremist protesters jailed for Luton rampage

Richard Myers and Tony Griffiths were both jailed at Luton Magistrates Court
Four men have been jailed for going on the rampage during a march against Muslim extremists in Luton. The event on 24 May was held after a protest by Muslim demonstrators during a homecoming parade for the Royal Anglian Regiment earlier in the year.

James Butley, 18, of West Sussex, Tony Griffiths, 27 and Simon Hattle, 21, from Luton were jailed for 16 weeks at Luton Magistrates Court. Richard Myers, 21, from Luton was sentenced to 28 weeks in prison.

The "March for England" through Luton town centre last year saw up to 400 people take part in a peaceful protest, police said. But a group broke away and smashed windows at an Asian-owned fast food shop and an Asian man was attacked. Police officers were goaded by a mob who hurled placards at them, the court heard.

CCTV footage was played in the court which showed a small group running across a dual carriageway where they attacked a car containing three Asian men.

District Judge Carolyn Melanby said: "People who behave in this way will lose their liberty."

Three other defendants who were due to be sentenced had their case adjourned because reports were not ready.



Anonymous said...

There are moves to give the vote to prisoners. If they turn out to be successful then given the rate of attrition caused by imprisonment for EDL and BNP members I think Griffin would be best off standing in Broadmoor or Rampton. He'd be the perfect MP for them and wouldn't have to claim expenses for a 2nd home if he had his own cell.

Anonymous said...

Strange, the guy of the left could pass for an Asian.

Mr Fister said...

Happy Birthday Ketlan!


John P said...

Why don't the media think that these idiots are extremists as well?
Everywhere report I've seen about this story over the last couple of days has these idiots labeled as anti extremists.

Antifascist said...

'Happy Birthday Ketlan!'

Cheers, Mr F. :-)

Anonymous said...

whats mr f stand for ,is it mr fister lol

Paul said...

Members of the non-racial, non-violent, non-nazi EDL are now serving a prison sentence for being violent racist nazis!