January 29, 2010

Anti-fascist assaulted outside BNP court case

Simon Assaf (centre) is dragged away by two of Griffin's group (Pic: Fil Kaler)
An anti-fascist was assaulted outside the central London county court on Thursday while protesting against Nazi British National Party (BNP) leader Nick Griffin. Griffin was in court because he had missed the deadline to scrap the fascist BNP’s “whites only” membership policy.

Two of Griffin’s group grabbed anti-fascist demonstrator Simon Assaf around the throat and head. His glasses were crushed into his face and he was left with cuts around his eyes. Simon was part of a protest organised by Unite Against Fascism outside the court.

Simon Assaf had to go to hospital to have cuts around his eyes attended to (Pic: Fil Kaler)
He told Socialist Worker, “We wanted to show our contempt for Griffin’s racist views. He came out of the court to make a statement to the press. I moved forward shouting ‘You dirty racist’. Some of Griffin’s group went for me. They tried to drag me away so that Griffin could speak to the press uninterrupted. But protesters managed to drown him out.”

Griffin scuttled away quickly by car.

Simon had to go to hospital to have the cuts around his eyes attended to. He added, “We did nothing wrong. Griffin has been found guilty of Holocaust denial and has been tried for inciting race hatred. The BNP thinks it can attack and injure people who are exercising their right to protest. If it does this in front of the press, I hate to think what it when no one is watching.”

The judge gave the BNP a further two weeks to amend its constitution before facing a possible court injunction.

Socialist Worker


Pete Green said...

More thuggery from the BNP! Anyway, why are they hussling him away - I thought they believed in free speech? Or is that only when it's them?

Anonymous said...

where are his glasses

Anonymous said...

Are you sure they're assaulting him? It looks to me like they're trying to recruit him as a member.

Anonymous said...

"Griffin scuttled away quickly by car"

If "scuttling away quickly by car" was an Olympic event, Griffin would get the gold medal!

Anonymous said...

where were the police ?

Anonymous said...

When will griffins thugs be arrested for their violence?

Anonymous said...

maybe they are going through his pockets for much neeeded donations !
also found this new blog , i do hope its all true !

Anonymous said...

Looks like a love struggle to me God its yunks since I was in a love lock.
. Paul/Man Uni.

Anonymous said...

has anyone seen the new griffen video where griffen is begging for money otherwise the fash go bust?

tone said...

I bet the police didn't press charges against Griffin's BNP.

In this way, they show great similarity to the EDL.

Sputnik said...

Are Porky's minders regulated by The SIA? I would love to find out.