January 16, 2010

BNP election launch off to a bumpy start

Scuffles with demonstrators marked the official launch of BNP leader Nick Griffin's national election campaign

About a dozen protesters broke through a police line and ran at Mr Griffin as he was being bundled into his waiting car by minders. One activist was dragged to the floor by police, while another reached the BNP leader's vehicle before being hit by a bodyguard. There were no arrests, but 16 uniformed and plain-clothes officers had to form a protective cordon as Mr Griffin sped from the scene.

The far-right party chairman travelled to Stoke-on-Trent yesterday to unveil his General Election strategy. Demonstrators waving anti-fascist placards chanted "Nazi scum" as Mr Griffin arrived at the Meir Community Education Centre, 90 minutes behind schedule, surrounded by his security staff.

The protesters, led by Staffordshire University's Students' Union president Assed Baig, pictured below far right, were clearly audible from inside the tiny classroom throughout the 15-minute press conference.

Mr Griffin told supporters that his party has its best ever chance of winning a Parliamentary seat in the Stoke Central constituency. He said: "For the first time I can honestly say that the party is in with a serious chance of winning seats, including here in Stoke, without a shadow of a doubt. I want us to make the Parliamentary breakthrough here, and I think it's possible."

But he tried to play down the revelation in yesterday's Sentinel that former city BNP group leader councillor Alby Walker is standing against deputy party leader Simon Darby for the Stoke Central seat.

Mr Griffith said: "I think it's highly likely that Alby Walker will be standing in Abbey Hulton as an independent councillor, but it's highly unlikely that he will be standing against Simon in Stoke Central. I have spoken to Alby and I know that he has got a few family issues to sort out, and he has been under a huge amount of pressure.

"He is torn because of the support he has received from residents, but if he feels that standing as an independent councillor is the only way he can carry on in politics then he should do so. My advice to the local BNP is that they should not stand against him and that they should back him as an independent councillor."

But he also said: "It will be unfair if he does stand against Simon, as he had said he didn't want to do it. Obviously it will be a blow to us if he does stand, but I hope that he won't."

Mr Darby also initially said there was no chance of Mr Walker standing against him, saying: "I spoke to him last night and he is not going to be standing in that constituency."

However, The Sentinel has learned that Mr Griffin called Mr Walker straight after the launch event to try to persuade him not to stand. Mr Walker said: "Nick rang me afterwards and said how disappointed he was to read in the paper about my decision to stand against Simon. He was hinting that I should retract what I had said, but I wasn't willing to. I told him I was disillusioned with the BNP and the state of the city, and that I just need to find at least £500 to fund my campaign."

Stoke Central Labour MP Mark Fisher, has dismissed Mr Griffin's claims that his seat is vulnerable. He said: "It looks as though the wheels are coming off their election campaign already, as it seems to be falling apart before it has even begun. I don't think it says much for the BNP's chances if they can't even hold on to the former leader of their party in the city."

The Sentinel


irishtony said...

Never mind Stoke on Trent or even Dagenham. My worst fear is if the BNP choose Marlene Guest as their GE candidate for Rotherham.

That woman is sure to win a seat.
Her devasting good looks are only surpassed by her fantastic intellect.

God forbid Marlene Guest should appear on question time!!!

Anonymous said...

Check BNP TV, "Simon Plonker Darby" looks sick as a pig when questioned by the press on Albi Walker standing against him the little weasel squirming.

Anonymous said...

must be some photos of this.

would love to see griffins cowardly face bet it wiped the smug grin off his chubby chops

which minder did the punching for him thoght he was a former boxer

Anonymous said...

I think its time for Griffin to head back to his pigs, and roll around in the mud with them. Naked

dave said...

Isn't it funny that Griffo's thugs can get away with violence, and are never arrested.

Talk about the state loving The Cyclops!

Anonymous said...

The BNP's National Election Launch in Barking today was a total wash-out!

Ben Trunch said...

Just watched that squirm-fest on BNP TV. The Porcine Leader talking about Muslim terrorists when one of his party's members was getting 11 years bird for terrorism offences...

Seems like there were few journos there, mostly BNP sheeple lamely applauding the Large One, as he unnecessarily drew attention to the crowd outside.

Best to ignore em, Nick but you are way too stupid and immature to see that one!

Anonymous said...

That woman is sure to win a seat.
Her devasting good looks are only surpassed by her fantastic intellect.

Are you sure you don't mean Tina Wingfieild, or Emma Colgate even? I'm sure you don't have anything to worry about. They would 'completely' show themselves up on Question Time. lol

Anonymous said...


the pressure grows...

Anonymous said...

On the video, it sounded like a load of market traders outside, couldn't here what anyone was saying.

irishtony said...

Does anyone know if Marlene Guest is married??

An MEP candidate,possibly a MP candidate and a bit of a stunner.

Her comments on the holocaust were beyond the beyond.

Not sure about anyone else but I'm seduced.

A woman like this is a rarity.No wonder the BNP rate her so highly

Anonymous said...

The decision to choose a spy as the BNP candidate for the Knowsley seat at the next General Election seems to have been well received by the Merseyside branch.Say what you like about the BNP but putting forward a known UAF agent as a BNP candidate in the second most easily winnable seat in Britain does indicate that they have a very strong desire to prove they are being inclusive and tolerant!

Anonymous said...

Her comments on the holocaust were beyond the beyond.

She might be able to get you discounts for dentistry and cosmetic surgery...