January 07, 2010

BNP admits lying to raise money

The British National Party’s deputy leader has admitted that the party lies to gain financial advantage

A document filed with the Electoral Commission showed that the BNP exaggerated its spending during the European election, in which it gained two seats.

Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, has often said the party spent more than £500,000 on the campaign, especially when asking his members and supporters for more money. But figures released by the Electoral Commission this week show that the fascist party spent just £282,843, only £54,000 more than it did during 2004.

Simon Darby, Griffin’s deputy, told a reporter from The Times that the party needed to exaggerate because “if we had said we wanted to spend 10p, it wouldn’t do us any good … there’s a bit of hyperbole with politics”. He refused to comment further on the discrepancy, saying that it was not a “worthy question”.

For “hyperbole” read “lie”.

During the European election campaign the party claimed to have met its fundraising target of £390,000. An email on 22 May, two weeks before polling day, announced that the party had only £17,495 still to go. There was also a thermometer-style graphic on the party’s website, which eventually reached the top after unsteady progress. Those who gave in response to the numerous calls for donations will be wondering whether these figures were another lie or, if true, what Griffin did with the rest of the money.

One clue may be the rumour, currently doing the rounds on fascist and anti-fascist forums, that the BNP paid “£336,208 in the first 11 months of 2009 to three Dowson controlled entities”.

We have no way of judging the truth of this figure, to which only a handful of people in the BNP or around Jim Dowson, would have access, but we have long maintained that Dowson, a militant anti-abortion campaigner with a string of criminal convictions, who provides management and fundraising services to the BNP, has “bought” the party. It is Dowson who runs the BNP’s main call centre in Belfast, owns the “truth truck” advertising lorry, which Griffin regularly lies that the BNP has “bought and paid for”, and arranged the printing of the party’s 28 million European election leaflets last year.

Darby, probably realising that his anger at being asked probing questions by the Times journalist, whom Searchlight knows to be highly professional, had led him to speak unwisely, later claimed, amid a string of insults, that she had “twisted and distorted” his words. He and Griffin now refuse to speak to her.

Meanwhile the BNP has tried to divert attention from the lie by claiming that it ran a more efficient campaign than the four bigger parties in terms of amount spent per vote received. Its £282,843 equated to 29p per vote, compared to 51p for the UK Independence Party and higher amounts for the three main parties. Naturally the party failed to explain why it had claimed spending of £500,000, which would have been similar to the UKIP’s cost per vote. And it was no surprise that supporters commenting on the website article also avoided the awkward question and had nothing but praise for the party.

Nor has anyone on the BNP website expressed any concern that the party’s latest accounts, covering 2008, do not comply with the requirements of the Political Parties Elections and Referendums Act 2000, as the party did not maintain adequate financial records. The BNP’s former treasurer may yet face prosecution for this.

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Anonymous said...

I just read this from a EDL member writing on VNN......

"Yes the problem is not just Muslims but the Muslim issue is the one that needs exploiting because it's the one the general public are sympathteic to the most. Talking about Jews and Global Zionism to the everyday bloke will get us know where"...

Says it all!

Anonymous said...

See the BNP's invoices here for the Euro election, nice trip to Gibraltar! Then Griffin says he will give it back to Spain!


Denise said...

Off-topic, but an additional piece of good news from the first local by-election of the year in Woodfield ward (Harrogate BC):

LibDem 688 (62.6)
Con 246 (22.4)
BNP 92 (8.4) - 4.1
Lab 73 (6.6)

2007 (May) result

LibD 910 (58.5)
Con 231 (14.9)
Lab 220 (14.1)
BNP 194 (12.5)

Anonymous said...


accounts leaked here

Anonymous said...

Statement of accounts of the British National Party for the year 2008 - submitted late .pdf file : http://tinyurl.com/yzed9s7

British National Party - Campaign expenditure invoices for the European parliamentary election 2009 .pdf file:


Kev Scott loves The Jam said...


Whats the betting that the Harrogate election will be hailed as a total success as they polled more than Labour!!

Anonymous said...

The BNP raised £45,000 to buy the truth truck. Where did that money go??? Darby/Griffin Robbing members again. It should be called the LIE TRUCK!!!!!! Police should investigate we want prosecutions***

Anonymous said...

If anybody is having problems downloading the 2008 BNP expenses list from pirate bay you can find it here. I bet there will be egg on somebody's face for leaking this?


Anonymous said...

Friday's deadline has come and gone, I hope the Electoral Commission acts on the BNP scum Monday morning pronto?

Anonymous said...

I bet Mr Porky, will use another excuse, "Brons, Dicky and I where pumping iron in the gym, ready for the showdown with Anjem Choudhary, the accounts are the least of our problems. We have more serious issues to deal with, every true patriot is on our side" blah, blah, blah...

John P said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If anybody is having problems downloading the 2008 BNP expenses list from pirate bay you can find it here. I bet there will be egg on somebody's face for leaking this?


8:13 PM, January 08, 2010

If it is real? (I think it is but there's a lot missing)
Why is it being used now is the question that needs asking.

Anonymous said...

Gri££in must be worried his attack dogs Bev and Eddie Stampton on VNN and the disgusting vermin from the C.U.N.T's blog are working overtime to attack the National Front.

Expect to see a big exodus of BNP members soon as the whole lot of these jokers implode again.

Ben Trunch said...

This appears to be a bank reconcilliation speadsheet.

Interesting to see how many bounced cheques they have... Costing them £35 a pop...

They don't seem to be making any PAYE/NI payments and they seem to slush money around unregistered "businesses" - a case for investigation by HM Revenue & Customs pronto!

Eyebrows Darby, PaedoBoy Collett and Boy Bennett do very nicely out of this slush fund it seems...

And now I see they are using their "call centre" to pester snowbound pensioners for "donations" - is there no depth to which the Porcine Leader will not stoop? Probably not!


Anonymous said...

BNP Accounts leaked by whom?
Why didn't the media pick up on this revelation? ......?

Anonymous said...

Now there is a thought. Sending the Nutzies donations of say £10.00and stopping the cheques befor they clear .

Can anybody with up to date knowledge of banking law and practice care to comment ?

Old Sailor

iliacus said...

Cardiff City FC are facing a winding-up order for non-payment to HMRC.

Might it be time for somebody to be chasing up the £20,000+ owed by the BNP in PAYE / NI ?

John P said...

Anonymous said...

BNP Accounts leaked by whom?
Why didn't the media pick up on this revelation? ......?

3:08 PM, January 09, 2010

Because it could be a trap and I think this is a bit of a slow burner. If these accounts are real and the EC decide to go after Jennie Noble I think the fun will start then.

Anonymous said...

I last worked in a bank roughly seven years ago, so don't know if there have been any changes since. However if you write a cheque and stop it you'll be charged as will the recipient. Your charge is likely to be in the region of £8-£15 depending on your bank.

I would caution individuals against bombarding the nutzis with cheques because there is a way of scamming the system by writing cheques, stopping them at the last minute and with the agreement of the recipient splitting the cash -not sure exactly how it works or if it still does but it was a big problem with the bank I worked at. If you were seen to be repeatedly writing cheques to one account and stopping them, you'll come to the attention of the banks fraud team who may cancel your cards and freeze your account etc while they try and suss out what you're up to. In other words it'd hurt you a lot more than the nutzis.

That said if a lot of unrelated individuals were to write a cheque to the BNP once and stop it, that wouldn't set alarm bells ringing with the individuals bank -though the BNPs bank might not be too chuffed.

Technically I think it is an offence to write a cheque you have no intention of honouring but it would be very hard to prove you what your intention was at the time you wrote it.

Personally I used to enjoy sending them junk mail and crayon drawings until the stingy bastards cancelled their freepost address. Maybe it's time to start Operation Insufficient Postage instead!