January 13, 2010

BNP deputy leader abandons ‘own people’

BNP deputy leader Simon Darby
The British National Party has put forward its deputy leader as its general election candidate in Stoke-on-Trent Central, one of its top target seats nationally

Simon Darby will help the party launch its nationwide campaign to withdraw Britain’s troops from Afghanistan at a press conference in Stoke-on-Trent on Friday 15 January. Opposition to the global war against terrorism, in the form of the Afghanistan war, will be the BNP’s primary general election campaign theme, Nick Griffin, the party leader, announced at the end of December.

The press conference will also spearhead the BNP’s campaign for the three Stoke-on-Trent parliamentary seats and its local election effort, where the party hopes to defend three of its nine seats and make new council gains. Two BNP councillors, Michael Coleman and Melanie Baddeley, will stand for Parliament in Stoke South and Stoke North respectively.

Darby’s selection in Stoke Central was unexpected as he had already declared a firm intention to fight Dudley North, where he stood in the last general election. “Dudley North is where I will once again demonstrate my faith in my own people, a constituency where in 2005 I doubled my vote to 9.7%,” Darby wrote on 1 August 2009.

“Even if through their gullibility the people of this historic, English town manage to find themselves displaced, disenfranchised and replaced by the evil ambitions of the Islamo-Marxist monsters I will not have it said that nobody cared enough about them to give them a choice between effectively life or death.”

Darby’s concern for the people of Dudley North appears to have been overtaken by the prospect of greater personal glory in Stoke-on-Trent. He thinks there is “a real chance of a BNP victory here”, especially as the Conservatives have “decided to insult the electorate with a joke candidate – a Pakistani, belly-dancer”. It is unclear whether it is her ethnicity or her profession that upsets Darby more.

Darby claims that his selection for Stoke Central was “agreed some time ago”, but “kept under wraps”. That seems unlikely as Alby Walker had been expected to contest the seat until his sudden decision just before Christmas to quit as leader of the city’s BNP council group.
According to Darby, Walker has offered to act as his election agent and Ken Griffiths, a BNP Black Country activist, will step into the breach in Dudley North.

Hope not Hate


Anonymous said...

Looks like Darby is getting his payoff for loyalty to Griffin.

SDM said...

Stoke will be complicated further when EDL become a fully-fledged political party before the local and general election, and following their well publicised protest in Stoke later this month, they will take a lot of BNP voters with them.

London Caller said...

The London BNP-meeting place, the same fascist pub in Camden that hosted the Jobbik fundraiser is keeping people awake with offensive neo-Nazi Skrewdriver music until 7AM each and every morning.

So much for the BNP's concerns to stop anti-social behaviour when one of their top boozers behaves like this.

Please post this story on your blog, Antifascist:)


Anonymous said...

Darby BNP Robber the members are sick of this arsole sniffler got his head right up Griffins arse!

Anonymous said...

If fascist Darby is willing to lie to his own membership, what will he be like to the electorate? This must be put on leaflets put out prior to the election to discredit this scumbag?

'Simon Darby, the BNP deputy leader, yesterday blamed bureaucracy for the errors and said the party needed to exaggerate because “if we had said we wanted to spend 10p, it wouldn’t do us any good. ... there’s a bit of hyperbole with politics”.'

Anonymous said...

This is from vile Darby's blog, ruin your life, that's what we will do when campaigning against you and you get a crap vote Nazi scum!

"Thanks for all the messages of support with regards the Stoke-on-Trent Central constituency. I've been thinking about it all day and what a sensational achievement it would be if we could gain the seat.Oh how much would I like that even if it did, which it probably would, ruin my life!"

Anonymous said...

i think its more likely that the party is in such disarray that they are having to concentrate on only certain areas now as they dont have enough gullible people to stand anymore , people are leaving the party in their masses .

Anonymous said...

more trouble in little england lol


iliacus said...

The BNP hasn't a cat in hell's chance in Stoke on Trent Central.

What people don't realise is that the BNP 'success' in Stoke (and let's remember they only have 9 councillors out of 60) is concentrated in the south of the city, and even here they don't really have strongholds.

Of course, anything can happen when the people go out to place their crosses, but ......

jakshite said...

The MCB in a statement said the overwhelming majority of Britons, including Muslims, want nothing to do with such extremists and have repudiated their odious messages time and time again. The only beneficiaries of this tiny band of misfits are bigots and Islamophobes with an insatiable appetite to demonise Muslims.
Secretary-General Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari stated: “Our overriding concern should be for the public safety of our citizens, irrespective of their backgrounds. We are concerned that violent protests by groups such as EDL (English Defence League), are still free to cause people to fear for their safety in violation of our laws, yet non-violent groups are at risk of being banned for political expediency.”

It seems there is one law for fascist street fighters who are protected by the state, and another for non-violent religious extremists.

Go figure......

Berty said...

It does seem funny that the state bans Islam4UK and not the EDL.

Even Combat18 was not banned, which goes a long way to inspire all manner of conspiracy theories as having state controlled far right groups functioning as a paramilitary unit will be used to uphold a pro-government breed of nationalism which shores up unpopular foreign policy such as Iraq and Afganistan.

"Hate Muslims, Love Wars Against Muslims", some people are saying.

Anonymous said...

2 thirds of the membership have refused to RENEW due to wholesale FRAUD within the party. They are DOOMED **************

iliacus said...

I note that Darby is very scathing about the Conservative candidate in Stoke Central - because she has worked as a dancer in the past.

Er, a bit like Simone Clarke (or whatever her name was) - the BNP ballerina.

Oh well; never much bothered with consistency in the BNP are they?

Anonymous said...

2 thirds of the membership have refused to RENEW due to wholesale FRAUD within the party. They are DOOMED **************

watch this space in the coming weeks,you are not far off the mark believe me.

Former AC member 2005-2008 said...

As an ex member of the BNP I can tell you 100% that Simon Darby is not only a vile amoral character with no principles he isnt even liked one bit by the BNP members and supporters in his "own" (LOL) region. He had a nice house in Cannock nor far from the main centres of population but in 2007 he funked off to the Welsh border in Shropshire and only just gets to continue to live in WM region by a few hundred yards. What a slime ball and that's being "nice"!

Hope this ba5tard gets whats due to him.

He is hated more than Griffin and that's saying something.

NewsHound said...