January 23, 2010

BNP man denies 7 charges

David Lucas - yet another lunatic from the BNP
A farmer who is a British National Party activist has denied seven firearms and explosives charges. David Lucas, 49, of South Road, Lakenheath, denied the charges at Ipswich Crown Court.

Lucas, who stood as a BNP Euro-MP last year, denied possession of explosives in suspicious circumstances, possessing an explosive substance without a licence, possessing a prohibited weapon, possessing ammunition with intent to endanger life, two charges of possession of prohibited ammunition and possessing ammunition without a firearms certificate.

Judge David Goodin told Lucas his trial should start on July 26 and last four days.

Lucas was released on bail on condition he lives either at South Road, Lakenheath, or at Black Dyke Farm, Hockwold. His passport will remain with the police and he must have no contact with two named people.

Lucas has previously claimed he made gallows for Third World countries.

Newmarket Weekly News


Anonymous said...

Simon Darby, is having a nervous breakdown because Albi Walker is standing against him in the general elections.

iliacus said...

How convenient that it's put off until after the General Election.

Oh well.

Anonymous said...

2 uaf blood flowing from head in stoke. clashish between edl and uaf outside pub.

Anonymous said...

Only 15 % of bnp members have renewed Griffin in despair. Dont think it will be long before a challenge for a new chairperson.lol

Smiffy said...

The English Defence League (EDL) clashed with police as anti-Muslim protest turned violent. Over 1000 members of the right-wing group started drinking from 11am ahead of Saturday's march in Stoke. There were scuffles with police when members of the EDL tried to break a cordon preventing them from clashing with members of anti-fascist groups. They sang the National Anthem and Rule Britannia, while others waved St George and Union flags while shouting abusive chants against Muslims.

After the main demonstration a group of around 500 EDL marched thought a predominantly Asian area damaging shops and cars, trying to provoke Bradford or Oldham-style riots, the evil nazi bastards.

Anonymous said...

Photographer Fil Kaler delivers once again, protographing the customary Adolf Hitler salute of a EDL RVF member in Stoke!


Please post the picture on your blog, Ketlan!

Anonymous said...

Only 15 % of bnp members have renewed Griffin in despair. Dont think it will be long before a challenge for a new chairperson.lol

and dowsons call centre will be working overtime to find out why.The reason 85% havent renewed is because they are fed up of dowsons call centre staff who are constantly calling and begging,in some cases up to 3 months early for membership renewal.They are also fed up with begging letters and emails and to top it all off their cash goes direct to pay wages to twats such as griffin,darby,dowson,collett,hanham etc.
Sit and watch as griffins greed alone will finish the BNP IN 2010.

Anonymous said...

The bloke looks like he heads the BNP wing of Al-Qaida in the UK!!!